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Wanderlusting: Back to the Mountains I Go


“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!” ~ John Muir

Family Time

Life has been a tad crazy the last couple weeks, and I needed a technology detox. While I couldn’t step completely away from all of you, ( I would miss you to much for that!) I decided to release myself from the pressure I constantly put on myself. It just so happened that my detox coincided with a trip to New Hampshire.

As many of you know my Dad had to have surgery in March, unfortunately he had to have a second one the end of April, which due to scheduling I couldn’t be there for it. As soon as my schedule freed up, I booked a ticket home so I could spend time with him, my Mom, and of course my nephews. Which is who I REALLY went home for, at least according to Carter.

Mother’s Day 

I had a total brain freeze and ended up booking my flight on Mother’s Day. My Mom is usually the one who picks me up so this meant she was spending her day as a chauffeur. Thankfully, she is amazing and was more then happy to do so.

That night, we went out to our favorite restaurant in the valley, Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro. They have the best pasta, salad dressing, desserts, and more importantly cocktails!

Their Espresso martini’s are the stuff that dreams are made of! They are so flipping delicious! Not only did I get to enjoy a great evening with the parentals, but the chef/owner, Vito, himself joined us. It was the perfect way to kick off my trip.


After a morning run, and a stop to get my maple latte fix, I (finally!) got my roots done. It was a major necessity. I was beginning to look like a human skunk with all my inches of root. My hairstylist is a godsend and quickly put me to rights. Thank you Andrea!

Ny nephews had requested I pick them up from school and of course I couldn’t say no to them. They were so excited to see me, though they played it cool and afterwards we went to the park, where I got solidify my cool auntie status.


I started the day with another run, and then met my brother and the littles for a Starbuck’s Date.

We had made plans to go for a hike, but the weather was looking ominous so we decided to do something smaller. My nephews couldn’t wait to impress me with their hiking skills. At five and three, they have already racked up hundreds of miles, and have reached the summit of mountains like Peaked, and Mount Stanton.

While Winniweta Falls is not that strenuous, I was impressed by the munchkins hiking skills. Not only that, but it was an adventure as we got caught in a downpour on our way back.


After another early AM run, I went to my home, away from home, away from home, Frontside, and got some much needed work done as well as feed my maple latte addiction.

That afternoon I picked my nephews up from pre-school and we then went on another Starbucks date.

These munchkins hurt my heart so much.

I am so proud of the little Starbuck’s junkies they are becoming!



I couldn’t come home and NOT go to the beach. It truly is my happy place and as I drove to Maine, I immediately felt my stress dissipate the closer I got.

It wasn’t the nicest of beach days, but that didn’t dampen my sparkle, because I was at the ocean!

I headed back to New Hampshire in the afternoon. To end the perfect low-key day, I met my best friend at at Vito’s for some girl time, espresso martinis and many laughs.


Friday started as a chill day and ended with a bang. I went for a run in the morning and then did some work, before I picked my youngest nephew up from school. We then played outside at my parents house until my brother got out of work.

I then met him at the Vista for a sunset hike up Black Cap.

Black Cap is a quick hike, but the views at the top were so worth it. It was a reminder I really do come from such an incredibly beautiful place.


Saturday was my last day in the mountains. It was also the day of the royal wedding (how stunning was Meghan?!?!) and my Mom had made scones to celebrate the occasion.

I also spent time with my family, saying a tearful good-bye to my little munchkins who asked why I had to leave.


We stopped to grab one last maple latte before my mom and I drove to Portland where I flew back to the city.

It was a trip filled with immense highs, but also some low lows. Since I moved away from my hometown, I have found that many friendships ebb, flow, and either evolve or dissolve. It seemed like this visit, they dissolved, which hurt.

That is life, though. People come and go, and it is the ones who are a constant that truly matter. Those are the people we need to focus on. I am immensely grateful for my family, especially my little munchkins, who are always teaching and reminding me to never lose my inner child. I am also incredibly lucky for those friends who are that constant through thick and thin.

Part of living is deciding how we want to live, and how we approach each situation. Whether we focus on the bad or choose to honor the good. Going back home always reminds me of how much I have grown, but also how much I still have to learn. Life is a journey one that isn’t always smooth, but with the right people always bearable.


What have you all been up too? 

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