Wanderlusting: Blustery Days on Cape Elizabeth

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.” ~ Dwight L. Moody

Saturday Morning

After going for a run and seeing if my Mom needed anything, I went to Frontside for a couple hours to get some much needed work done. To me the perfect morning is spent in a coffee shop with a maple latte, content creating, and writing. I had been struggling a bit with words of late, but with the sun shining through the various windows, it helped the creative muse.


I had a very special appointment later that morning and then I was off to Portland to meet my mertwin for some much needed girl time.

March or January?

If I was perfectly honest (which I always try to be) we done WHY I got so sick afterwards this very well could have been why. While the sun was shining, it was blustery and cold. I had been in denial since I got back to New Hampshire, and did not have the proper outerwear attire. Basically I needed a Canada Goose jacket, instead of the leather jacket and scarf I was wearing.


All this said, it was SO worth it. I had debated going over early to do some beach combing and get a much needed taste of the ocean, and Mother Nature’s arctic temperament was to going to hold this mermaid back.


Direction: The Ocean

I couldn’t decide where I was going to go. I had originally thought of going to Prout’s Neck, but was unsure if there would be parking due to all the snow accumulation. I then thought about Two Lights, but my heart was surprisingly not craving that either. I kept changing the GPS every few minutes, being the indecisive mermaid.


I went back and forth between Two Lights and Portland Headlight, and I finally let me heart speak, and went to Portland Headlight, which even during the Winter is stunning.


Portland Headlight and Fort Williams

Despite the chilly temperature, it was surprisingly busy. I parked down at the fort and explored a bit not he small beach that is there. I even found some sea glass, which made my heart soar.


There is nothing like the Maine Coast and that includes the winter. I was so happy to be at the beach, that to quote Elsa, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Though while I did attempt to walk the cliff walk, I did have to cry uncle and turn around because it was so gusty.


After hanging about the Fort for a little while, I drove up to the Lighthouse, which is always great for spectacular views and gorgeous picture taking.


The lighthouse would be the Cindy Crawford of lighthouses. It is the most photographed lighthouse in the world, and it completely deserves that moniker. At the tip of Cape Elizabeth, it rises from the cliffs like a stoic beacon. I could stay there for hours and never get sick of the view.


El Reyo

Alas, I was finally beginning to feel the cold, and it was also time to meet my mertwin. We were meeting at my favorite taco joint in Scarborough, called El Reyo, because of course if you are me, you spend Saint Paddy’s at a Taco Bar. This place is a well deserved gem in the area. The prices are reasonable, and the food delicious.


It was incredible to spend time with my bestie, and while we took some pictures, we spent the majority having a much needed gab fest. She is one of those people where you can pour your heart out free of judgement, and she gives sound advice which I needed at the time. It was medicine for my heart, in the best possible way.


What is your favorite lighthouse? How is your perfect day spent?  


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35 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Blustery Days on Cape Elizabeth

  1. This does sound like a wonderful day — you certainly made the most of every minute, didn’t you? Although I’ve never heard of these places, I love getting a flavor for them through your post. As for favorite lighthouses … I have two: Tillamook, off the Oregon coast, and Port St. Lucie in Florida. Why? Because both meant I was getting close to home at one point in my life. Thank you for stoking those memories. xx

    1. It really was! And thanks beauty! I did! Awe I am so glad! If you ever go to Maine (which you definitely should!) You have to check out the coast! It is one of my favorite places!
      I can not tell you how much I LOVE that! I really want to go to Oregon. It looks stunning! Awe you are so welcome sweets. Thanks for sharing those memories! <3

  2. I never looked out for sea glass before, but this reminded me of a book I used to read when I was younger where the girl collected loads of it. Loved this post xx

    1. I LOVE it. Next time you are at the coast you definitely ahem to look for some:) And really? that is SO cool! Awe I am so glad! Thanks for reading beauty! <3

  3. Your Saturday morning sounds lovely. I’ve never blogged in a café before, but that sounds so dang peaceful. You sound just like me with the indecisiveness! My boyfriend gets so upset with me when I change the GPS while he’s driving & I change my mind about where I want to go haha. The sea glass is beautiful & the tacos look fantastic! Sounds like you have a wonderful bestie! <3 Love your writing and pictures so much, K.M.!! Your blog is quickly becoming one of my faves.

    1. Awe thank you SO much for your sweet words beauty! This made my day! I love working in cafes because I get way more for done. When I work from home, I start looking around seeing what I need to get done, and start procrastinating! LOL. Haha I LOVE that! There are so many amazing beaches in Maine that it is difficult to decide which one, and usually I want to go to ALL of them lol. I really did! Thanks so much for reading, for all your support and your sweet words. they mean so much! <3

  4. I love the quote at the beginning of this post. So true. And a maple latte sounds epic! Cape Elizabeth is beautiful! I just love, love, love lighthouses. Have you ever read “The Light Between Oceans”? it’s a great book and the characters in it are lighthouse keepers in Australia!!

  5. I saw your photo of the lighthouse and quickly recalled my trip last year. It’s a beautiful area and your photos provide excellent insight. I agree that the Maine coast is a wonderful place to see. I even tried the lobster roll.

    1. Thank you so much! It is one of my favorite places! I am so glad you got to visit! It really is so special and unique. Haha how did you like it? <3

  6. THESE PICTURES!!!! I am obsessed with everything!!! SOOO Beautiful- you & the gorgeous scenery! How do you travel so often?!? I need your secrets! hehe. Girl, you and me both with the indecisiveness, I FEEL YOU!!!! Lol, the cindy Crawford of lighthouses- love it. Hahah. Now I need tacos!

    1. Awe thanks hun! You are way to sweet! This is one of my favorite places, in the world. Yup I said it, in the world! lol. I am lucky this is only an hour and a half from my family’s house, so a quick day trip 🙂 <3 Haha it is so true! But so well deserved! Such good tacos! If you ever go to Maine (which you also need to do lol) you would LOVE El Reyo! Now I have a hankering for it! <3

      1. Considering you are one of the most well versed travel bugs I know that is REALLY saying something! <3 I just had the biggest mexican food craving today so I texted DJ like, "we need to go get mexican tonight"… good thing he is so flexible.. but anywho I LOVE A GOOD TACO! I will definitely be keeping that in mind… now I have a hankering for it, and I've never even been, hahah!

        1. Aweeee huge hugs! I really mean it! (I feel like I am so sappy right now! Lol) Girl Yasss!!! Tacos legit are life! (No I just sounded super basic LOL) You have too visit! You would love Portland! I am sensing all the adventures coming your way beauty! <3

          1. (low key- DJ and I may get away for a weekend to Portland in May?!? Still trying to see if we are able to make it happen, but we may be able to sneak in a day or two there!)

            1. Portland Oregon or Portland, Maine? Because if it is Portland Maine I am legit freaking out for you two! Because it is amazing! I hope you can go! <3

            2. Ohhhhh my gosh, I’m such a ditz! I forgot what we were talking about, and I was referring to Portland Oregon. lol! That’s what I get for jumping back into a conversation without reading the previous thread (this is not the first time this has happened, doi).

            3. I just laughed out loud! Haha I love you! That happens to me ALL the time! And boooo. Though I have heard amazing things about Portland Oregon but I wish it was Maine. <3

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