Wanderlusting: Bon Voyage MDI

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Breakfast in Bar Harbor

Tuesday dawned so incredibly bittersweet. It was my last day in Maine and I had to say good-bye to my Mer-twin despite not wanting too. Shakespeare really did get it right! Parting really is such sweet sorrow!


We drove back to Bar Harbor where we ate at an Irish pub that stole my heart. Seriously it was so flipping cute! I could not handle it! And I did not take NEARLY enough pictures! Actually I didn’t take many at all! (holy exclamation marks!) The restaurant was adjacent to a hotel. While the outside of it was typical New England architecture, the decor inside felt like a time warp circa 1900s. I loved the vibes! And the coffee! They served my coffee in the cutest mug that really did remind me of Ireland.


Last sightings

After breakfast we strolled along the town which was deserted given the early hour. It is one of the reasons I love early mornings, hardly anyone but the hardcore are up. You are truly able to take in and appreciate not just the surrounds but the peace and quiet. I was also able to grab some pictures of the town without people in them, truly capturing the picturesque and magic that is Bar Harbor.


We then stopped for another coffee AND a cupcake Because……


Since it was my birthday and we were on an island Tiffany thought we should do Cake By the Ocean.


See why I love this girl?

Cake By the Ocean

Cupcakes and lattes in hand, we drove along the scenic route, to Seal Harbor, a beach that is part of Acadia National Park.


While their weren’t any seals. I absolutely adored the small beach which was pretty deserted and we were able to do our “Cake By The Ocean” photoshoot.


I might have been trying to channel Kim K Ah la her Champagne Shoot…Which didn’t really work.


Bidding Adieu 

After many laughs and photos, Tiffany drove me back to the airport where we had to say good-bye, but not before making plans for our next mer-venture. Because I NEED to know when I am seeing this lady next, it is the only way I can stomach being apart from her! And yass guys our next adventure has been planned! AND it is for this summer! Whooottt!


I honestly can not thank Tiffany (and Dakota for putting up with me and borrowing his lady!) enough for being the perfect tour guide, letting me stay at her beautiful home, and most of all being such an amazing friend! Seriously she is one in a billion! Our adventures always put a smile on my face, even just reminiscing about them I have all the feels. I am incredibly blessed to have this girl in my life. Words do not even do justice to describe what a sweet, beautiful soul she is, and how many smiles she puts on my face. Love you mucho lady! <3


How is your summer going? Have you taken any summer trips yet? 

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18 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Bon Voyage MDI

  1. Ahh you shared such BEAUTIFUL pictures!! 😍💚 Maine is gorgeous!! That Irish pub looks fantastic ❤️ definitely somewhere I’d love to visit!

  2. The cake by the ocean, omg stoppp that is so darn funny and clever!!!! Kim K ain’t got nothing on you girl, she definitely can’t hold a cupcake and look as cute as you!!! Leaving a getaway/vacation is always so sad but now the next journey awaits!!! 🙂

    xo, JJ

  3. I knew just from the icon picture I was going to be obsessed with this post. That coffee is making my mouth water!! It looked like caffeinated perfection. And that CUPCAKE! YUMMMMMZ! You look gorg., per usual, & I am so glad you had such a beautiful time

    1. You are the sweetest! (seriously, I know I say that a lot, but you really are love!) Hehe it was pretty good. MDI MIGHT have convinced me to move there…You know me and coffee 😉 Awe thank you sweets! I really did! I can not wait to go back there! Such my happy place! <3

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