Wanderlusting: Bridging Brooklyn (and Central Park) Part Two

“Brooklyn’s good. Brooklyn’s funky. Brooklyn’s happening.” ~ Waris Dirie

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

Saturday dawned way to early, even for this usual morning gal. Originally we were going to do sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. But thanks to our ten mile trek and Mother Nature deciding her hot flashes were over, we caught an extra hour of snoozes and hoped it would warm up a few degrees, by the time we headed down to lower Manhattan.


Before hopping on the subway, we stopped at my local Starbucks, to pick up some hand warmers coffee. Not only was it duo purpose, as a caffeine pick me up as well as a hand warmer, but hello prop for our photo shoot.


We had decided to walk it from the Manhattan side to Brooklyn and back, which is just over a mile. We got off at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, which is the last stop for the Six Train.


Brooklyn Bridge

Since it wasn’t even eight yet, there were very few people milling about, making our trek to the bridge easy-peasy and keeping my pedestrian rage at bay.


It was a cold windy day, but I was a happy girl because it finally (FINALLY!) felt like Autumn. Okay if I was being honest, it might have been closer to Winter, but I was not complaining!


While we had missed the initial sunrise, we did catch the remnants of the “Golden Hour,”  making for ideal lighting to take pictures and of course have a photo shoot. You can not, NOT have a photo shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge.


With so few people around, Rhiannon and I took advantage for some picture taking fun, that even had some friends asking how we pulled it off without getting people in the shot. If you have walked the bridge you know how crowded it gets. In fact as we were preparing to leave, the influx of people were beginning to arrive.


Because it was so empty, it was fun to leisurely walk around the bridge taking in the early morning. It is one of my favorite parts, for a city that has a reputation for never sleeping, it definitely has its’ cat naps, and I love taking advantage of that. It gives me a chance to recharge and actually enjoy the more iconic places the city has to offer.


Le Pain

After we exhausted our picture taking, and might have frozen our digits off, we made our way back to the Upper East Side for some breakfast at Le Pain. We were both in need of copious amounts of coffee and they serve actual bowls of it! After all modeling is hard work! I kid…Kind of.


Le Pain also has a goat cheese and butternut squash frittata that is literal life. If there is one thing I could eat all day every day (that isn’t ice cream or well unhealthy) it is this frittata. it is literally cooked to perfection and served with a salad and bread.


Central Park

After breakfast we had about an hour before Rhiannon had to head to the airport. (no!) We decided to take a quick stroll (because we hadn’t done ENOUGH walking) through Central Park. We walked around the Reservoir, the Great Lawn and Belvedere’s Castle. We even (finally!) caught some glimpses of gorgeous foliage. The park was a bit insane since the New York City Marathon was the next day.


Because we weren’t completely photo-ed out we snagged some more pictures, having to get artistically creative to navigate all the signs and barriers due to security for the marathon.


With her visit nearing an end we headed back to my apartment so she could gather up her things and head to the airport.


Bidding Adieu 

Shakespeare always comes to mind when I am saying good-bye to good friends. I HATE Good-byes. Despite it being such a short whirl-wind trip, it was an absolute blast. Not only playing tourist, but getting to spend time with this beautiful soul. Our get togethers are always a smorgasbord of insightful conversations as well as frivolous gossip and so so SO much laughter. She makes my heart happy and I was so happy she got to come especially with all the traveling she has been doing lately.


While the two of us keep acting like we are NEVER going to see each other, we are actually reuniting in a week.

Jetsetting Blonde at it again!!!

Yup! After a couple months of down time exploring my beautiful city and state, I am back at it! I am going down South to see her and have some crazy fun Georgia adventures. I am beyond excited! Is it next week yet?!?!


Have any of you guys been to Georgia? For those who have been and for my sweet blogger friends who live there, WHAT are the must sees? 


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  1. Such gorgeous photos. The bridge was sooo busy when I was there, I need to return and get there early☺ And walk the while way across to Brooklyn xx

    1. Thanks so much beauty! Early mornings are really the best time to go (it just stinks getting up THAT early :p) And yes you do!!! I have a couch with your name on it! 🙂 <3

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