Wanderlusting: Christmas Loft 2021

“Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it – You feel it. You know it. You believe it.” ~ Kevin Alan Milne

Christmas Loft

Christmas Loft is always an experience and some what of a Christmas tradition. I have talked about it almost every Blogmas, because it IS something that we do every year and brings so much joy. While it is open year round for some holiday cheer if you need it, it is downright magical from November onward, and it is tradition to go around the holidays and be filled with even MORE holiday spirit if that is possible. I love taking my nieces and nephews here, and family members and friends who visit from out of state, have to go to Christmas Loft when they are here.

For a quick brush up, it is a store that houses all things Christmas from Department 56 to Christopher Radko Ornaments, to traditional German decorations, to anything and everything you would need to decorate your house for the holidays. It is also perfect if you are looking for that Christmas themed gift or even a house warming present as they have light up lanterns, music boxes, delicate ornaments, and collectibles that add that special touch when gifting presents. It is also the perfect place to get some holiday decorating inspiration. They also have a large animated village you can walk through that is reminiscent of Victorian England, but with New England touches.

The displays

Christmas Loft is an endless maze with connecting rooms but each room is decked out with decor and has a theme. It is literally like your Pinterest Boards come to life. They have a room that just has Department 56 Villages set up along with all the accessories. If you need inspiration for your village this is the place to go. They also have rooms designated for ornaments, nutcrackers and the most STUNNING Christmas trees that are truly Instagrammable. 

Oh the Christmas trees! They have elegant trees with red ribbon and candy canes. They have trees with a Victorian motif as well as one that is patriotic themed, But my absolute favorite is a white Christmas tree shaped like a snowman but decked out in a hula skirt with beach inspired ornaments hanging from its branches. That same room also has ALL the nautical ornaments and decor that sets my heart all aflutter!

My Visit

My Mom and I went for some Mother/Daughter Christmas bonding just before Thanksgiving and the holiday rush. From the moment you enter you are greeted with animated characters including a cow that goes moo. (and you can’t forget it, it’ll be stuck in your head!) We usually skip the village which I set in the middle of the building, but I wanted to see it and yes take some pictures. I’m extra what can I say?

Once we walked around, looking into the windows with their various Christmas scenes and saw Santa in his sleigh above, we started going through the rooms. While most of my shopping was done, I wasn’t opposed to starting some shopping for next year and neither was my Mom. I also wanted to look at accessories for my village. As my Mom says “You can never have to many trees or people!” I also wanted to see what new buildings they had so I could let Santa know!

Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, the Department 56 buildings were pretty sparse, though they still tried to decorate with what they did have. And I did pick up some light up snowy mountains as background (I have Northpole). Aside from that room, I was pretty impressed with how well stocked and decorated the store was, despite said supply chain issues, and the trees were stunning! It honestly felt like a nice little escape to a combination of Christmas Land and the North Pole for a half hour. And it definitely gave me some Christmas Cheer!

Are there any Christmas inspired places near you? Do you have any places you visit each year during the holidays? 

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