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Wanderlusting: Coronado Take Two


“I go to the ocean to calm down, to reconnect with the creator, to just be happy.” ~ Nnedi Okorafor

Our Last Day!

There was still so much to see and do from Balboa Park to the San Diego Zoo, but both Sarah and I loved Coronado immensely and despite the temperamentalness of the San Diego weather the day before, she (he?) was back to her sunshine self and we decided to get our tan on and spend the last day at the beach.

But first!

Boozy Brunch!

Cafe 21

Brunch is a major event that spans not just Sunday but ALSO Saturday in New York City. It seemed that San Diego was just as bougey and boozy as the Concrete Jungle is, and we had a plethora of restaurants to pick from. One restaurant that kept coming up was Cafe 21. Like most of the restaurants in the Gaslamp District, was with-in walking distance from where we stayed.

Does San Diego have any shoddy restaurants?

Seriously, we did not have one bad meal while we were there and Cafe 21 was right ip there in the top tier of places we ate, especially for brunch. It was more upscale then Breakfast Republic, but still had the hipster vibe that seemed to be a ever a prevalent part of San Diego culture.

They had an outdoor patio, and because it was such a nice day, Sarah and I snagged one of the last tables.

Their cocktail menu was huge, but I settled on my go to: a Bloody Mary. It was delicious and was served with bacon. Sarah got a flight of mimosas, that were not just yummy, but so pretty to look at and of course photograph. For my entree, I ordered the egg and steak hash. It was delicious and filling.

Back To Coronado

Our bellies satisfied, we jumped into an Uber and headed back to Coronado. It was like night and day. The sun was shining, bright and warm, our skin soaking up all the vitamin D and savoring it before we headed back to the Jungle of Concrete.

We stopped back at Cafe Madrid to grab some caffeine to take with us to the beach and then staked out a spot. It was busy, but not overly crowded. Beach going always makes for great people watching, but it was relaxing to not have people right on top of us. Instead of hearing absurd gossip, we could actually hear the sound of waves and the bird rodents squawking.

Soaking Up Sun 

We laid out for several hours. I read a little bit and at one point ended up taking a nap. Later in the afternoon, we heard music. The Hotel Del Coronado is a wedding destination, and in the two days we had explored there, we had seen four weddings. It was a stunning place to tie the knot.

At first we thought the music was because of one of those weddings, but it turned out that Gary Sinise’s band was giving a concert. As we soaked up the sun, we were serenaded by song and it was amazing!


Every time we made our way to the beach, we walked past Sundae’s, an ice cream shop located with in the Hotel Del Coronado.

It was next to Spreckels and the smells combined were beckoning up to get some. Not to mention your girl can not resist ice cream.

It is such a cute ice cream shop, though due to its location it was on the pricier side as well as crowded. Thankfully the line moved though.

Despite those two cons, it was worth it. We ended up taking it back to the beach, having a sweet snack as we watched the sun set over the Pacific.

It was the perfect way to end what had been an amazing week. Though not going to lie it was a bit bittersweet.

Do you like ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? 

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