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Wanderlusting Deuxième Partie: The Japanese Gardens and Pond


“In Japanese houses the interior melts into the gardens of the outside world.” ~ Stephen Gardiner

Once we paid our admission and I was still flying high on the fact I looked like the student I was, we made our way through winding trees decades old until we arrived at a place I was eager to show my friend my favorite place in all of the Botanics.

The Japanese Gardens. 

With the multifarious abundance of changing landscape, one moment you can be surrounded by trees and fields and the next it feels like you are in the mountains walking along narrow rocky paths.

As we strolled along the path it was like the latter, with rocks artfully placed, and foot bridges to cross over gentle streams. With slight inclines I could almost picture myself back home amongst the mountains or perhaps even hiking the Himalayas. Just as suddenly as we were in the “mountains,” the landscape opened up to a beautiful pond with a pagoda just across the way.

Like Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken the paths diverge leading in different directions, one right to the Pagoda and another to a temple where years ago I had fun perfecting my downward dog with the fox like statues. I of course had to go back and say hello to them!

The Pagoda and Pond.

Finally we arrived at the pagoda which gazes out at the jade colored pond where you will find fish and even turtles swimming about. Be warned, they will stare upon you hungrily while you are attempting to take pictures. It led to some very interesting candids as well as some uncouth expletives slipping from my otherwise lady like mouth.

The pond’s color is what captivates my attention the most. I have explored many interesting waterfalls and rivers and the only other color that comes close is Rattlesnake Falls in Maine. It is a stunning shade of jade befitting its setting. It brings to mind visions of Tuck Everlasting and makes me want to reach out to see if the water has magical properties. Of course it is still New York sou probably not. But I will still let my imagination wander.

The pagoda is where I decided to have my photo shoot for my fall edition of What Do I Wear?!?! It was the perfect back drop with the shades of green in the pond to the leaves on the trees beginning to turn. We had a blast being serious as well as laughing our derrieres off as we took many candids. Throughout we could see the fish peak their heads up to see what the fuss was all about. And by the end of it I think I had even made a couple friends.

For more information about the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 

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