Wanderlusting: Driftwood Beach

“A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.” ~ Henry Grunwald

Morning Drizzle

Ever since Rhiannon moved to Georgia and discovered Driftwood Beach, I have wanted to go here. Her pictures are stunning and I could not wait to see it for myself. Alas we had plans to see it at sunrise, and while we did awaken early, there was not much to be seen. It was drizzling by the time we got to the beach, and we only caught a glimpse of a sunrise.


But alas that did not ruin the gloriousness that is Driftwood Beach.


Driftwood Beach 

Aptly named for all the driftwood found here, Driftwood Beach has been nicknamed the graveyard of trees. Due to erosion on the southern tip of Jekyll Island, many of the trees have been uprooted and claimed by the sea only to be re-gifted to the beach.


It has created a maze of driftwood that is both at once eerily haunting, as well as stunningly beautiful.


Since it was a grey rainy morning, it was definitely more eery, yet it still did not take away from the stark beauty and a reminder of the incredible volatileness that is Mother Nature.


We began our damp trek along the beach, navigating through the maze of dead trees and the waves of the ocean. Stopping on occasion to hunt for sea glass.



As we walked the sky began to clear up and with it, treasures were unearthed. Driftwood Beach, especially endured the wrath of the hurricanes this past season, and as such there were lots of sea gifts waiting to be discovered.


One of the craziest things we found, was what appeared to be debris from a house that was strewn out along the beach.


Literally everything but the kitchen sink was there, from the foundation to a chimney. There were also gorgeous tiles that had been turned into sea pottery.



It wasn’t ALL fun and games, as I was washing my sandals, I dropped my phone in the ocean. Thankfully the phone Gods were with me, because despite the surprise bath it got, it still worked!


Pictures Galore

Of course we also had to have a photo-shoot, a dropped phone was not going to stop us from taking pictures! It was to stunning of a place not too snap all the pictures.


And the trees were perfect props.


A perfect morning

We stayed for a couple hours beach combing, exploring, and of course picture taking. Once the weather cleared up, it was a gorgeous day, and the morning flew by in this haunting, yet stunning beach.


There were few people about which only added to the allure and grotesqueness of Driftwood Beach. I absolutely loved it! I can not wait to go back and see it, when the sun decides to pay it a visit.


Have you been to Driftwood Beach? 

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    1. Even on a cloudy day it really was! I didn’t want to leave! Awe I wish you could visit and I hope you eventually get to go here! It is so worth it! Thanks beauty!💗💗💗

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