Wanderlusting Eats: Alice’s Tea Cup

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ~ C. S. Lewis

Yes, I drink tea

I know right away you are all horrified and flabbergasted that I, a self proclaimed coffee-holic, had tea. Before you ask if I am being taken over by zombies, no I haven’t, and yes I DO sometimes drink tea.

Typically, I reserve my tea time for when I am knocked down with the creeping crud, but occasionally I I do partake in the ole tradition of afternoon tea. There is something utterly charming and calming about pausing to enjoy a spot of tea with good company. Especially on winter days that seem to drag on and on and on.


Alice’s Tea Cup

Alice’s Tea Cup isn’t just a New York staple with three different chapters located in the city, in many ways it is a nanny’s life line when you have young charges. The whimsical setting is sure to keep even the most insolent child happy.


Anyone who loves fairy tales, will adore this place. The Upper East Side location is absolutely cozy with an assortment of seating including a long booth, tables, and a balcony right by the window making it perfect for people watching. There is also a counter that serves baked goods for on the go.


The Menu

Alice’s teacup has an extensive tea menu which is to be expected from a tea house. They have all different kinds from green, to black, to white, and everything in between. It is almost overwhelming given all the options, but there is something for everyone even if you are not typically a tea drinker.


They offer lunch and breakfast foods, but are more known for their scrumptious scones and sweet treats. Food you crave at an afternoon tea. They also have several vegan options as well as are willing to work with you if you have other food allergies.


Tea Time

I met my friend on a cold wintery afternoon for some girl chat, delicious tea and maybe a small bite. Alice’s Tea cup was at once cozy. It was nice and warm when I walked in, a stark contrast to the outside. It was also quiet. My friend and I snagged a seat by the window in the balcony seating area and made ourselves at home for the afternoon.


While the service at Alice’s Tea cup is quick, bringing our sweet treats and tea promptly. And the server was quite attentive, there is no rush. We hung out for hours sipping tea and enjoying a more calm pace as the hustle and bustle of the city went on around us.


After perusing the menu and struggling with which tea to get, I chose a spicy chai, while my friend got a green tea. We also got a sweet treat to go with our tea. My friend picked a delicious looking pumpkin scone, and I got a lemon curd pudding with berries.


I don’t know which was better, how they served the tea, or the actual food itself. The delicate porcelain cups came in a variety of patterns, making sure each patron got a different one. We each had our own personal pot that held our tea.


The tea was delicious, aromatic and spicy warming me from the inside out in comfort. The Lemon Curd was scrumptious, not to tart or to sweet, but perfect and creamy. It literally was the perfect way to spend the afternoon, and I could see myself hanging out there all day, with my laptop or better yet, a paperback book.


Have you ever been to Alice’s Tea Cup? Are you a tea drinker? Have you ever been to afternoon tea? 

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19 thoughts on “Wanderlusting Eats: Alice’s Tea Cup

  1. I am so devastated I didn’t know about this place when I went to New York last year!! I adore afternoon tea and the food just looks INCREDIBLE. It’s brilliant to see that they have options for vegans and those with allergies too! X

  2. Nothing wrong with enjoying both coffee AND tea! 😉
    Alice Tea Cup looks so quaint! I typically just make my own tea – my favourite place is David’s Tea.

  3. What an adorable place!!!! And you are too stinking cute! When I visited India, we would always have tea time in the afternoon no matter what. I absolutely loved it! It’s something I never go out of my way to do now, but whenever I do I wonder why I don’t more often! It’s soo relaxing and nice (even for us coffee addicts 😉 ).

    1. You would love it! Awe thanks you are so sweet! That is SO cool! There are a few places in the city that do tea time and I love it. Haha girl yasss! Even us coffee addicts cheat every once and awhile but shhhh ;p <3

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