Wanderlusting: Family Time is the Best Time

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” ~ John Wooden

Delays and Anxiety

Last week I headed home and as you read here, travel was a nightmare, but Delta legit wooed me, letting me wait in the Sky Lounge, security was a breeze, and of course PEET’S! (Seriously they need to change their name and add an exclamation mark, what do you think Mack?) I got much needed work done, AND then disaster struck.


I am a pretty good flier. I don’t let a lot bother me, turbulence happens and while their was that time I grabbed a hot movie producer’s arm (that did result in a date, ahem) because turbulence was pretty bad, my freak-outs have been few and far between. (actually I wish their were more, because seriously BEST pick up move ever, but I digress.)

It helps I fly JetBlue, and their smallest plane is like a jet-liner for other airlines, so claustrophobia and feeling every bump is none existent. Alas Delta is not like that and uses connector prop planes which don’t even have space for most carry on luggage.

I knew that. I did, and I was anxious enough, but I had put on my big girl pants, had a glass of wine (five o’clock somewhere) and told myself I would be fine. They were beginning to board us, when they announced their was a problem. I was thinking it was weather related due to the on existent Nor’Easter. Instead it was mechanical issues, which the gate agent, bless her heart, went into extensive detail about. As another passenger said, ignorance is bliss in this situation, and I agreed wholeheartedly.


Cue freak-outs. Over an hour they tried to fix the plane, and for an hour I was attempting to sum up work courage to not say multiple expletives and get on a new flight. Legit I was having a panic attack in a terminal full of other people, which while I am very vocal about my emotions on here, I am incredibly private in front of others.

Thank the flight gods, they decided to get us a new plane, but the whole time I was shaking and just officially over traveling. Seeing my Madre at the end of the escalator was the sweetest sight! Mothers do make everything better!

“Auntie Kate What Are YOU Doing Here?” 

My nephews had no idea I was coming home. My SiL works Thursday mornings and my Mom usually watches them and I was going to surprise them. I had gotten up early to go for a run, and was waiting for them to come.


Piper was the first to see me, and the Lil Miss who wasn’t sure what to think of me the last few visits, got a great big smile on her face and came and gave me a huge hug. My heart became a puddle! She did not leave my side the whole visit!


Both Jackson and Carter looked at me in surprise, and exclaimed, “Auntie Kate what are YOU doing here?” Ahhh these kiddos kill me. Once they got over their surprise and realized I was spending a few days with them, we got down to the real serious stuff….Playing train legos.

Snow Fun

While I am over the snow, I can not deny it isn’t fun with kiddos. Despite my Mom’s insistence that they did have green grass before the Nor’Easter hit, (Don’t believe it!) my parents back yard had huge snow banks, so I took Carter and Jackson out to have some snowy fun.


We slid down the makeshift snowbanks, had a snowball fight, and I even threw them into the snowbanks. These Lil Dudes are so stuff, and kept begging me to throw them and were giggling like crazy. I finally had to cry auntie as my arms were about to fall off. Then it was there turn to push throw me into the snowbanks.

Starbucks Date

While Jackson and Piper snoozed, Carter and I went for a Starbucks date. This kid, legit kills me. I can not handle him. He was so proud to show his Auntie “His” Starbucks (I only grew up here.) and we had some one on one time. He is such a smart, intuitive kid and I am in awe of the little man he is growing up to be.


We of course had to take some pictures.


At only five (well he was four and 363 Days at the time) he takes amazing pictures, and is so serious about it. It kills me!

It was such an amazing day to spend with my littles, and it was a great way to kick off my time home.


How is your week going? 


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15 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Family Time is the Best Time

  1. Oh my! If a flight had issues I’d definitely not wanna get on it. At least you got on a different plane. Katie I love the photos of you in the white hat. Your skin looks so glowing x

  2. I bet all the plane/flight anxiety melted away when you were able to surprise your family and play! That must have felt so good. For real, though, anxiety with flying is the worst, and I have it so bad with just normal flights. I can’t imagine that experience. Love the Starbucks date pictures <3

    1. It really did! Those kiddos melt my heart! I am usually a pretty good flier, except when it comes to the prop planes. The bigger the plane the better! I think if they could make a plane as big as the Titanic I would be MUCH happier. Lol. Awe thanks beauty! It was so much fun! <3

  3. I get anxiety from flying too! I’m glad they got you a new plane instead of trying to fix the broken one! You seem like such a fun Aunt! I bet the kiddos just love having you around! ♡

    1. I was SO happy when they did as well! I much prefer bigger planes. Awe thank you sweets! I try to be ;p I LOVE spending time with them! <3

  4. EEEKKKK!!!!! Peet’s!!!!! WOOHOO! What did ya get?!

    Oh goodness, that is the WORST experience. On my way back from NOLA we had the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. I was convinced I was going to die, and actually started crying (I love flying but definitely panic when things start getting shaky). I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Traveling can be so fun until you legit have to fear for your life!

    AWWW Auntie Katieeeee! You are the sweetest to surprise them!!! Trulyyy the aunt I aspire to be! They are sooo dang cute!!!

    1. Peet’s is love girl! And a Havanna Cappuccino which is the best thing ever! lol.
      It really was! And I fly a lot lol.
      Awe love, I am so sorry you had to go through that! HUGE hugs! That is the worst! I am the same way! I am okay usually, but sometimes oy vey! Thank love! That is so true!
      Awe you are the sweetest and the best! Thanks beauty! They make it easy to be such a great Aunt too. I love them to pieces! Thanks for the sweet words love! <3

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