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Wanderlusting: Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn


“Have you come to sing pumpkin carols?”—Linus from Charlie Brown

Feeling Spoooooky

Friends as I have mentioned in a few post backs, I might be feeling a little more spooky this year whether I want to or not. I have been surrounded by a lot of Halloween and people who love Halloween and it has definitely rubbed off on me. There is such a child-like exuberance with Halloween, from dressing up, to creepy decorations, to even trying to play jokes and scare people. It really is a fun holiday. But don’t worry, Christmas is and always will be my favorite holiday!

Walking down the streets of New York is seriously a favorite past time of mine. Especialy when you don’t have a destination in mind. I feel like I always stumble upon the coolest brown stones and apartment facades. And I am always finding inspiration when it comes to places I can take pictures. I also find the most amazing decorations and decor depending on the holiday. And while I always thought houses went all out for Christmas, I stumbled upon some of the coolest and spookiest decor and I am obsessed!


I use to think the Upper East Side went all out and spooked it up, but friends I might be mistaken. Much like Christmas, where Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is LITERALLY Whoville come to life, Brooklyn might just also be the Halloween champion and claim the accolade. I never realized how much Carroll Gardens and Gowanus go ALL out! But they do!

It is a mix mosh of elegant pumpkins, tacky blow up ghouls, and downright creepy zombies skeletons and even baby dolls. Yes baby dolls! But I will get to that in a moment. They really do have something for everyone, so if you want to admire a more chic stoop aesthetic you can, but then they have the blow-ups, and creepy skeletons that the kiddos and some adults (okay me) sure do love. Some people go all out. The cool thing about these neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and really Brooklyn as a whole, is that as much as it has apartments there are also a ton of townhouses and many of them have gardens and patios in the front which makes them able to do it up with full blown displays.

The Baby Dolls

One of my favorite such displays was on President Street and friends, I have never been so scared and maybe even traumatized with baby dolls. Being scared of dolls was something I did not get. Well I kinda get it now because the owners had set up a ton of demonic looking dolls and they were carrying a “corpse.” It was both disturbing and awesome (yes I know how that sounds!) But that wasn’t the only scene, they had banshees swinging from the trees, zombies sticking out of the ground, skeletons hanging on the stoop, and my favorite a pair of hands that you could pose in front of reaching out to grab you.

It was really cool and I literally feel like it is the IT place to be for Halloween. The whole street really went full out and I loved it! It was the perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween!

Do you like to go looking at the decorations? Do you go all out for Halloween?

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