Wanderlusting in an undisclosed location.

It was another crazy, but equally fabulous week. I arrived back from Boston refreshed and on the cusp of freedom. I just had to get through those pesky tests known as finals. Which thankfully I did, without breaking into to much of a sweat. Though I did have to contend with a runny noise and sneezing thanks to pesky allergies. Oh, well, you win some and then you lose some.
I also had the fun of playing tourist with a friend and her soon to be sister-in-law who were in the city. It was such a gorgeous day with the sun out, and my skin soaking up the Vitamin D hard core. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was only the second time I had done it. Window shopped and even took a stop in David Yurman, Tiffany’s, and Henri Bendel. The latter of which had a divine bag, that I had to tell myself no a thousand times. We ended the day in true Sex and the City fashion at Magnolia’s.

Sometimes it is fun playing tourist!
Once more I am on a train for more wanderlusting adventures. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is a surprise! Don’t worry dear readers I will let you know all in due time. I do not know about any of you, but I love surprises!
I am starting to feel right at home. I love traveling in trains. They are much quieter and the amount of work and writing I can get done, is always immense. Plus the views! It is a great way to see this beautiful country. With can sometimes translate to procrastination, while I gaze mindlessly out.

I must admit, I can not wait to reach my destination. Yes, I am being an utter tease. But it will be worth it. Does anyone have any guesses?
In the mean time I am going to sit back, sip my latte, and enjoy the ride. After all, while the destination might be exciting, it is the journey that gets us there that teaches us true life lessons, first and foremost patience.

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