Wanderlusting in Greenport

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” ~  John F. Kennedy

I won’t serenade you with Willie Nelson again. Actually I think Beach Boys is much more fitting anywho.

Nope, I am doing what the thousands of New Yorkers do every weekend once Memorial Day hits. Getting out of dodge to somewhere much cooler, sandier, and hopefully with some sea glass for this mermaid.

I admit it is all very Sex and The City.

That episode where Carrie and the gang stay in a crowded house with other girls is actually very true. If you don’t know a friend of a friend of a friend, who happens to be or know a one percenter. You are most likely renting with a bunch of mere mortal strangers for a few weekends, time share style. Traveling out on the Jitney, bags in tow and being herded like cattle just to get a taste of summer and the good life.

Then their are those one percenters who tend to channel their inner Gatsby and you hope by knowing someone of a someone of a someone. Or you can just date an incredibly food looking lawyer (guilty) with familial ties to Sagaponack who own a house that is more of a mansion. Happens to be neighbors to Jimmy Fallon and the Clintons, and you may or may not have an in to the hottest parties of the summer. Like I said, so very Gatsby.

Their really is no over exaggerating the Hamptons. Just experiencing it to get the full picture. And really you should experience if at least once in your life.

Then their is the alternative to the Hamptons: Greenport.

Which is where I am off too this weekend for my cousins bachelorette and while yes a bunch of us ladies are renting a house, I doubt it will be anything like Sex and the City. We actually know each other, and for those of us who do not know each other I am sure we will all be bosom friends by the end of the weekend thanks to the vineyards and rousing games of Cards Against Humanity.

I have never been to Greenport but I am excited to experience what they tout as a quieter and less pretentious alternative to the Hamptons. Situated at the far end of North Fork, on the very tip of Long Island’s East End where the LIRR begins and ends there and you can pick up Ferries to Shelter Island. It resembles more of an old New England fishing town then the touristy poshness of the Hamptons.

Close to wineries and known for its delicious restaurants, I am excited to experience what this quaint town has to offer.

My mermaid heart is very ecstatic!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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