Wanderlusting: In the Sunflower Fields

“I think it’s something to do with the nurturing side of the psyche; tying up a sunflower or whatever and helping it grow, it is just some kind of core human experience.” ~ Joe Lycett

Jumpstarting My Morning

Friends, all my dreams came true last weekend! Okay I kid, kinda, but strolling amongst the sunflowers in a huge field sure was dreamy. It was SO much fun and just what I needed to end my week or maybe it was jump start it depending on how you think of Sunday and where it falls in the week. I personally always think of it as the ending the week and weekend, but I know a lot of people think of it as the start, technically it is. Whether it begins or ends it strolling through the sunflowers was the perfect way to BEGIN my Sunday at the very least.

Strolling through sunflowers might be the epitome of basic, I don’t know and I don’t care because in my book it has always been a bucket list item that I can NOW finally cross off! I love sunflowers. They are always so bright and cheerful, and just bring so much sunshine like their name says. Next to Peonies and orchids they just might be my favorite flower! Definitely my favorite late summer, early autumn bloom!

Sherman Farms

I have written about Sherman Farms before, but for a quick refresher it is a local third generation family owned farm in my hometown. They have a farm stand and market that is open year round and during the harvest season they have an abundance of fun, from corn mazes, to pick your own flowers, to farm inspired playground for kiddos and of course, a sunflower stroll! Last year I wanted to do the sunflower stroll, but it was literally a blink and you will miss it event. It is usually about two weeks long, but it is really dependent on the sunflowers. As it was, it was suppose to start two days before we went, but because of the heat, the sunflowers didn’t open until Sunday, the day we went.

What you need to know

Tickets are eight dollars for just the stroll or twenty-four dollars if you want to pick and cut your own bouquet of sunflowers, (which is about fifteen stalks, and you get the bucket and sheer in the market) and you can buy them right off of Sherman Farm’s website. Ticket times start at eight in the morning and go until seven or so at night so you have your pick of perfect light. Tickets do go fast. I didn’t realize tickets were on sale and by the time I went to look, they were already extremely limited. That being sad, they do post on their Facebook page when they have open slots, and as the sunflowers continue to bloom, they are adding more dates and times.

Parking for the sunflower stroll is conveniently located at the farm stand market (if you are doing the maze it is a separate entrance farther down the road) and there is a tent set up right by the entrance that you can’t miss to check in. They also have signs which are easy to follow, and of course the staff which happen to be the owners are insanely sweet as well as helpful.

The stroll is a fun, but twisting turning path, that is uneven so be warned. It is after all a garden and while they do plow it to create the path, it is still dirt and full of roots and shrubs and you have to watch where you walk. I did wear heeled boots, but thanks to city cobblestones I have become a pro at walking on uneven terrain. If you aren’t use to it or have an injury you want to take care, as it might be difficult for some people. My Mom has bad knees, so we took our time meandering through the one acre of sunflowers. It also can get muddy, so your shoes will get dirty, but honestly I feel like that is part of the fun!

Our Stroll

As I mentioned, when I went to buy tickets, a lot of the times were already taken, but being a morning bird I was able to snag an early morning slot. As this was my first year going, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be to crazy crowded first thing and I was right! My Mom and I went for a mother daughter date, and we got there on the early side of our slot, but because it wasn’t crowded they let us in. The sun was shining, but it was cool after the heat wave we had, had. The sunflowers were blooming, but just. There were still a lot of baby sunflowers and it was so cool to see how they were looking to the sun, still in unison. Fun fact, the reason they are called sunflowers is when they are babies they will turn their heads to where the sun is shining, until their heads get to heavy. They really are such a neat flower, even if technically they are a weed!

Not going to lie, the sunflower stroll was and is the perfect opportunity to have a photo shoot, and my mom was a great sport taking ALL of the photos of me. And as painful as it was, I did wear my first fall outfit of the season. (still not ready to say good-bye to summer though!) I frolicked amongst the sunflowers and we lazily walked in and around the sunny blooms, taking our time. It was not just THE perfect day, but the perfect WAY to start our day. Both my Mom and I kept saying that it put us in such amazing moods and for the rest of the day I felt like I was on cloud nine! If there are sunflower fields near you, I highly recommend doing them!

Have you been to sunflower fields? DO you like sunflowers? 

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  1. So so dreamy! This post is filled with sunshine and I love the photos you shared, brightening my day and the world of the blogosphere! This post is pure joy, thank you Goddess! Also, my week begins on Monday hehe so Sunday is the end of the week for me 😍😍😍 love love love 🌻🌻🌻🌻

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