Wanderlusting: Last Day In Georgia

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” ~ Jim Morrison


After leaving Jekyll, we stopped in St. Simons for some lunch and then drove to Augusta, where Rhiannon lives with her husband and two adorable pups. I was staying the night with them before heading back to the Concrete Jungle.

Augusta was much different from everything else I had seen of Georgia. It was much more commercialized with highways and strip malls. Definitely a tale of two different states in one from the gorgeous coast that I had fallen in love with.

We had an easy night in, exhausted from our whirl wind island hopping. While I say easy, we did play a very rambunctious round of Monopoly, where I may or may not have let my competitive streak shine.

Seriously I might be all nice and sweet, but the moment I play a board game (or any game really) it is ON! It kind of had to be, growing up with four older siblings who literally did everything in their power to NOT be beaten by their baby sister. Mafia Monopoly WAS a thing!

The next morning we wet to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, where I had a delicious oatmeal that had all the Fall vibes with apples, walnuts, and cinnamon in it. After we dropped Matt at home, Rhiannon took me to her favorite coffee shop.


Bodega Ultima

Located in a high end strip mall, is a divine coffee, bar and small bites cafe. It reminded me a bit of DTUT in the city, except this had all the Southern Vibes as opposed to City Hipster.


It had a long bar, multiple high top tables, gorgeous chandelier lanterns, and to top it all off a spacious courtyard with a fountain and heaters.


We ordered at the bar, and I settled for a vanilla latte where they even drew a heart which was fitting since I think I did leave a part of my heart in Georgia!


We sat outside in the courtyard, enjoying the air and having one last major gab sess. I could completely understand why Rhiannon loved the cafe. If I lived in Augusta, I would frequent it every day!


Hammonds Ferry

Just over the boarder from Augusta is South Carolina, where we paid a visit to Hammond’s Ferry, a stepford wives-esque development and park.


Oh my lanta I literally found my dream home and I never even knew I HAD a dream home until I saw this. It literally is a little community/development of gorgeous houses that aren’t monstrosities, but actually quite livable.


Adjacent to the development, is a park with trails as well as a gorgeous outdoor fire pit and marquee, where people can have weddings overlooking the Savannah River. I was in love!


Of course we HAD to take some pictures, despite the fact I was yoga bumming it since I was flying out later that afternoon.


After we snapped some pics we wandered around drooling over the houses.


Not A Goodbye

After we had walked around, we ran to the mall where Christmas was in full swing despite it not having been Thanksgiving yet! I was in Christmas Heaven!

THEN came the time where we had to say Good-bye. Parting really was such sweet sorrow especially since I had an amazing trip with my BFF. It was a much needed trip that was long over due. Both for my own mental health as well as reaffirming our relationship.

It can be difficult when you live long distances apart, and life tends to get in the way. The amazing thing about us, is that we always pick up right where we left off the last time, like no time has passed.


I was heartbroken leaving. Not only was I missing the other half of Katannon, but I also had fallen in love with such a beautiful state. Georgia is so genuine and friendly. As much as I love the Concrete Jungle and all that it has to offer, the connections with people just are not what it is in th South. Within minutes, I had new best friends, and knew people’s life stories. There were pleases and thank yous. It oozed positivity and a much more laid back feel that for this type A person I really truly desperately need.

It was an amazing time with my best friend, filled with new memories and so many laughs. It really was the perfect way to end 2017. The South definitely won my heart and who knows…It might just be calling to me in the next year or two! <3


Have you been to Georgia? What is your favorite Southern State? 

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10 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Last Day In Georgia

  1. I love this – it sounds like you had a fantastic time! Having long distance best friends can definitely be a challenge – especially because life goes on without you so when you see each other, there’s so much you’ve both gone through….with other people. I’m glad you and your best friend got to see each other and keep that friendship strong! 😀 <3

    1. Thanks so much beauty! I really did! I did NOT want to come back! It really can be! So true! It is one of the reasons why i love and hate social media. It makes communication wiser, but also helps to break it down too if you just rely on that. I really feel like the real song friendships are those that pick off like no time has passed! Thanks so much for reading sweets! I hope you have an amazing day! <3

  2. Excellent post… lovely photography! You must find your way to Amelia Island, especially during the early Summer. A magical place with a gorgeous beach and warm, inviting ocean. ^.^

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. And thank you for the suggestion! I love traveling to new places and Amelia sounds incredible. I hope you have an amazing day! 💗

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