Wanderlusting: #MeetTheFearons

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” ~ George Sand


Wedding Season

Wedding season was alive and well as I made my way to Vermont for a wedding weekend that I knew was going to be spectacular coming from the handsome grooms. They had planned the weekend to a T from a sunrise hike, to lawn games, to s’mores, to the actual ceremony every I was dotted and T crossed in exquisite detail.


Train Travel

Alas I wish they were in charge of Amtrak. While I do not mind the eight hour train ride from Penn to Essex, we were delayed an hour and a half by engine troubles. While I am pretty reasonable, even this trip tested my limits and like Lulu in The Pacifier after driving with her sister, I was very tempted to fall to my knees and cry “LAND!” when we pulled into the station.

I also have to give a huge shout out to my friends and man who dealt with my numerous Snaps that I sent. If you are friends with me on Snapchat you probably saw a few that WERE fit for public viewing. And if you are friends with me in real life, I inundated you with a bunch of them! (seriously I have the best friends ever who talked me down the train riding ledge!)


Thankfully my friend and her husband let me not only stay with them, but also travel with them as well. It is the one thing that sucks about living in the city. I don’t have a car, so traveling to smaller towns makes it that much harder unless I have amazing friends who take pity on me (Thank you Krystal!). They also had brought me food, from my favorite crepe place, The Skinny Pancake. I have only talked about it a couple dozen times on here. After I scarfed it down it was time for bed.



In the morning we went to the gym (detox to retox peeps!) before hitting Church Street for some shopping! One of my favorite boutiques is located there called The Sweet Lady Jane and I found the cutest suede skirt that will pair well with my fall wardrobe (yup already looking to fall….Whaaaa don’t end summer!) as well as a neon yellow floral romper.


The day literally flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head to the Mad River Barn Inn where the grooms were holding a meet and greet.


Oh. Em. Gee. The Mad River Barn was positively picturesque. Located in what seemed the middle of nowhere, the Inn was so incredibly chic, incorporating that rustic New England feel into an upscale vibe without being to over the top or to down home. I absolutely loved it!


My beautiful partner in crime. I don’t typically take selfies, but when I do, they are usually with this beauty!


They had gorgeous handcrafted cocktails using fresh local ingredients.


Of course I needed a picture with Keith and our matching martinis.



With a full day of activities planned, we got up early and got dressed. Since we had driven back to Burlington for the night, we missed the sunrise hike, but were not going to miss the farmers market which was filled with local Vermont goods and produce. We even had a mini wine tasting. After all we had to start pre-gaming!


After the farmers market, we stopped at the inn we were staying at which was just a couple miles from the venue. Once we checked in, it was time to get ready because we had afternoon tea to go too!


Once again in credit to the Grooms’ thoughtfulness, they had made homemade teas which we sipped as we played games and of course had to take some pictures.


Action shot…I might have been getting a bit competitive…


Don’t we clean up good? Joking aside i seriously love these peeps SO much. <3


I could not resist doing a glamour shot and yes I will be doing a “What DO I Wear” post on this stunning dress.


I love this girl so much. She really is my fashion spirit animal!

Meet The Fearons


Despite a brief rain shower (which is good luck anyway) the day was absolutely stunning with sunny skies. The ceremony took place outside and I do not know if their was a dry eye as Tyler and Keith recited vows that they had written. Having met when they were both at cross roads in their lives, it seemed like their was a lot going against them and yet through the odds of long distance, career changes, personal as well as emotional growth, they persevered. Love isn’t always a fairytale, yet they are an example of what happens when you love together instead of apart.


The reception was held in a newly built barn, which was stunning with high ceilings, a stone fire place, and chic lanterns for lighting. It blended country and elegant effortlessly. Tyler and Keith capitalized on that theme, with wooden stands, and favors paying homage to their Maine and Vermont roots.











One of the sweetest moments came when Keith, a Juilliard graduate, sang to Tyler. Chills literally abounded, in what was such a stunning display of love and devotion.

We ended the night with sparklers and an after party.



Sunday dawned early, like four AM, early. My friends were going to Connecticut so I drove down with them where they dropped me off at the train station.

You would think it would have been easy.



What was suppose to have been an hour and twenty minute train ride turned into over three hours thanks to signal problems. Now again usually I am pretty reasonable, but to have had issues each way, frankly is unacceptable. Up until this point I had laughed off the media’s hype of “Train Troubles” And “Train Pain.” But after this trip I completely believe it!

Train issues aside, it was an amazingly fun weekend, filled with wonderful friends, great vibes and so much love. Which really is what makes this life so worth it!


How was your weekend? Are you in full wedding season mode? 

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9 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: #MeetTheFearons

  1. Hello there! I’m a new follower and this is the first post of yours I’ve seen. Honestly, I’m glad you shared the hardships of your trip and didn’t sugarcoat it like most would. The photographs are beautiful and I felt as if I was reading an interactive book!

    Though I’m not in wedding mode, I had a great weekend! I made a new friend and got to experience new places where I live. Most of which, I hadn’t known existed!

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  2. Omg the dress you chose to wear is so stunning! The color is perfect and it looks so good on you!!!! I love wedding season so much (speaking of, going to one this weekend, eek!!!) But I remember watching those snaps on snapchat I LOL’d even though you were furious, with that voice changer you sounded so sweet haha I actually LOVE the “Our Wedding will have an open bar” but what does the rest say about having a photographer? I envision it saying something along the lines if you do anything stupid it will be documented and used against you? hahah I like they way they think!!!! I literally had chills the ENTIRE time while watching that video of Keith singing to Tyler- his voice is incredible and I’ve melted into a big sappy puddle of love. Congrats to the grooms, may they live happily ever after <3 <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Awe thanks so much beauty! I am obsessed with it! Thank you! Whoootttt! Oh my gosh I can not wait to hear the details! Hehe I am glad they amused you 🙂 I totally annoyed the lady sitting a couple rows behind me…ooops.
      And girl yes! You guessed correctly! It said: “Warning: It will also be heavily photographed! so any drunken shenanigans will be documented and thoroughly mocked for years to come…Proceed with caution.” LOL
      It was absolutely incredible! He is insanely talented! They really do make the absolute cutest couple! Thank you sweets! <3

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