Wanderlusting: My Most Favorite Place on Earth this Earth Day

“That the sea is one of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Nature, all admit.” – John Joly

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day friends! And yes, I know it was yesterday, but in my opinion every day can be Earth Day. Also full disclaimer I am still recovering from the epic of epic of creeping crud. But anywho, there is no doubt this world is filled with lots of beautiful places. When and if we stop and smell the very real roses, or as is in season, the cherry blossoms, we get to see that, even in our own little tiny spec of earth we get to occupy. As a traveller, I have seen my fair share of insanely wondrous places, and yet there are still so many more to see. That being said, sometimes you don’t have to go to some exotic place like Greece or Belize (though stunning!) to find the beauty this earth has to offer. Sometimes it is right in your backyard or even just a few hours drive away.


I have said it before and I will say it again, Maine is one of the prettiest places and by far, one of my happiest to visit. I always joke I am a New Mainard, because I literally grew up ten minutes from the Maine border, and my family and I use to go to the beaches in the summer, which are much closer then New Hampshire beaches. (New Hampshire’s Coast is literally only a couple miles long) The Maine Coast is truly second to none, with it’s rocky coast that looks like driftwood has washed upon its shores, and the waves that sound like music. The beaches are pristine, and there is always something to see and explore. The state as a whole is so diverse in geography, but the coast, especially runs the gamut with all its different geographical elements. It is truly unique, and there is no other place like it.

Mount Desert Island

While Maine is my happy place, Mount Desert Island is by far the crowning jewel in Maine. If there is one place I love the most it is MDI, though Two Lights is not far behind it. Regardless of the season, it is so incredibly peaceful. There are times, where I literally feel like it is just myself and any deer (of which there are a lot!) running through the Park Loop. Early mornings are truly a gift watching the sun rise, and being able to listen to the waves crash along the shore. And I will stand by the fact that the prettiest sunrises are in Acadia. Hands down. Mount Desert Island, has truly reignited my love for nature and the coast, and it truly is my happy place.

Protecting Our Coasts

My last few visits to my favorite coastal places have been reminders of how sacred this world is and how we need to work to protect our coastal shores. Sand Beach in Acadia has had insane erosion that has pretty much split the beach into two. And the fort in Spring Point Ledge in South Portland is falling into the ocean. Two places that thanks to rising tides could disappear forever, and that is happening all along the coast.

Added to that, our oceans are filled with plastic and toxic waste from unregulated marine and fishing practices. While it seems like an overwhelming problem, it only takes small steps to make the world and especially our coasts better, whether it is picking up trash, trying to limit our plastic consumption, educating yourself further and even writing to your local politicians to advocate for better marine practices. As Mister Warlock says, just put “one foot in front of the other, ” And we can make a huge difference and hopefully enjoy our oceans for decades to come!

Happy Earth Day friends!

How do you practice sustainability?


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