Wanderlusting: Ocean Beach

“Water is the softest of all things, yet it is the most powerful. The ocean patiently allows all things to flow into it. It is always flexible. The Tao is not about grasping, but allowing, like water.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Jake and Eggs

I got up early Friday Morning and hit the gym before we headed to Ocean Beach for the morning.  We decided to have breakfast at a pop up eatery. It was an Indian eatery at night, but in the mornings it was a farm to table breakfast restaurant.


Neither Sarah nor I were sure what to expect with it being a pop-up eatery, but from the moment we stepped in I was in love.


It was a little chilly, as the morning fog hadn’t burnt off, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying the outside patio which was filled with picturesque succulents.


I ordered the rancheros which is one of my favorite breakfast dishes in general. Jake and Egg’s version was incredibly yummy! They not only asked if I wanted hot sauce, but even had sriracha on hand, which made me fall even more in love with this adorable restaurant.


It was such a cute concept and once again another food home run.


Jungle Java

After breakfast we were in need of much needed caffeine. I had found a coffee shop that not only had an assortment of coffee and espresso, but also operated outside in a garden.






If I lived in San Diego I would be here every day!


It was at once eclectic, bohemian and yes definitely a jungle! The counter is actually under a canopy and resembles more of a kiosk then an actual coffee bar. BUT they are fully stocked and offer a wide range of coffee-licious drinks.


I ordered a snickers latte that had real peanut butter in it. It was at once different yet still delicious. We snagged a couple adirondack chairs relaxing amongst the succulents and beautiful flowers that artfully landscaped this outdoor cafe.


I absolutely adored the vibes. The baristas were insanely nice and so chill as were the customers. Some people were getting work done while others were just hanging out. It was also pet friendly which I loved. I could have spent all day there. In fact I could have happily made it my home away from when I work.


Ocean Beach 

Ocean Beach, also know as OB, is a beach side town community located about seven miles from downtown San Diego. Many locals reside there as well as has a huge surfing community, thanks to the expansive beach coastline and high surf.


It has a very bohemian vibe and was even a welcoming refuge for hippies back in the sixties. Health is greatly emphasized and in an era where corporations are buying out small businesses, many of the shops are still locally. Another nice aspect was we could walk everywhere, and walk we did.


The Pier

The ocean was calling to us and we made our way down to Ocean Beach where I met my boyfriend.


After snagging some hysterical and slightly inappropriate pictures – sorry Mom- We walked towards the pier.


I love me a pier. They have always fascinated me. Somehow, despite standing in the middle of the ocean, they have survived the power and anger of mother nature and her waves. This one did not disappoint. I mean pretty much NOTHING in San Diego disappointed.


It is the longest concrete pier on the West Coast and was built in 1966. it has a cafe and bait shop on it and is a well known haunt for fishing. Sarah and I walked along it, and I was intrigued by how it split in two different directions at the end.


Because of its length there were also stunning views of the coastline.


The Rocky Coats and Sunset Cliffs

As luck would have it unfortunately, it was high tide, but that did not stop us from attempting to explore the rocky coast. At times it was a bit of a scramble,  but there is a  path that you can follow. Albite one that has been eroded by countless storms.


We ended up walking from the pier all the way up to Sunset Cliffs which was a couple miles, but did not seem like it.


At one point, we even sat down just to take in the stunning scenery, and even attempted a photo shoot.


One that quickly changed to a scream fest, when we got splashed by some huge waves. Unfortunately Sarah missed those candid moments.


Sunset Cliffs is a spot that is aptly named for watching the sun set. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to watch it, but even during the day, the cliffs were an incredible sight to see.


Like much of the trip, times flies when you are having fun and we had to leave to get ready for one of my parts of the whole trip!


Have you been to Ocean Beach? What is your favorite breakfast spot? 

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15 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Ocean Beach

  1. That’s so interesting that the restaurant changes from day to night! The breakfast looks delish & so does the coffee. That little garden is adorable, I’d love to just chill there all the time too!

  2. I love your outfit and that headband! The garden does look really cute, and I can tell that I would love the vibes if I was there. I also love pier’s. They just remind of childhood when I would visit them and grab an ice-cream. x

    1. Thanks so much sweets! My headband and leggings/shorts are from Lululemon and my shirt is Victoria Secret Sport. You really would! I wish we had something like that closer to where I live! I love that! Such a sweet memory! Thanks for reading beaut!Y I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

  3. Dat coffee doe! Oh my goodness- what a stinking picturesque place to enjoy your jo! We never made it to Ocean Beach- but now I’m wishing we did- these views are gorgeous!!! It kind of reminds me of haight-ashbury in SF with it’s step back in time. Did you happen to go there when you were here? I am living for these SD posts!

    1. Right?!?! I mean I could ALMOST forgive them for not having a Peet’s (almost!) But joking aside seriously i could have lived there! Girl ou just have to go back! 🙂 I could totally see that! And yes I did! Awe I am so glad beauty! <3

  4. Wow! Jungle Java sounds and looks super cool 😍 and I agree with you, piers really are incredible. It’s amazing what they withstand for real, they are like superiour! So incredible! I want to go to a pier now 😂 as always I love alll of your photos gorgeous lady! Oh and when you said about meeting your boyfriend I thought you were serious and I was like wait, what!?!? Hahah! Xx

    1. It was incredible! I could easily have lived there! They really are! Hehe I love that! Are there any close by to you? Awe thanks beauty! Bwahahaha I just died. Yup, meet my man, Stone man lifeguard ;p <3

      1. Yes. Noo there aren’t really any piers close to me, only on the coast which is like a three hour drive for me as I literally live very central in England. Three hours isn’t too far though. Do you know what I’ve just realised though… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pier anywhere other than England…? Like I can’t recall ever seeing any in Spain or Greece or other beachy countries that I’ve been to. WHAT! I’m so confused now lol but they have them in America. Maybe I just never thought about it before so didn’t notice. I’m truly baffled. Hehe you’re welcome. Lol I honestly was so shocked like omg when did this happen! Hope he’s treating you well 😉 Haha

        1. Ughh that stinks! And oh my gosh, I never thought about that. that is interesting. I wonder if it has to do with England colonizing North America (I don’t know if South America has piers, though I feel like I remember seeing that Brazil did, but no sure) or what. Now I want to research it! Bwahaha Well he didn’t want to leave his perch. he was a truly beach bum. LOL :p <3

  5. Jungle Java looks so cute and artsy I love it! I swear your photos are so varied. It’s like there’s so many different, beautiful sites xx

    1. Girl I am obsessed with it! I wish something like that was closer to where I live. At the same time i doubt it would work, because of the rain here. Awe thank you so much beauty! That means a lot to me! <3

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