Wanderlusting: Philly Edition

“Own only what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Off to Phila I go…

In what was one part work, one part visiting family, and let’s be real two parts satisfying my jetsetter heart, I set off to Philly last weekend in what was a 27 hour whirl-wind tour. But lord was it worth every sleep deprived moment!


Philadelphia AKA Philly, AKA Phila, is only a quick hour and twenty minutes from New York City. Day trips are completely doable. Originally I had planned on doing a day trip, but my cousin kindly invited me to stay the night so I could get the true Philly experience.


And boy did I!


I arrived Saturday afternoon traveling light and ready to take on “The City of Brotherly Love.” My cousin picked me up at the 30th street train station, and we were off.




Anthropologie originated in Philadelphia due at the time to a friend of the founders (who also owns Urban Outfitters and Free People) lamenting about a lack of clothes fitting her style in Philadelphia. Well of course I had to go to one of the first stores that started my Anthro Addiction. And go we did.


Four floors of Anthropologie goodness, had me fan-girling so hard. I was in my happy place.


Yet it wasn’t the outfits and clothes, (seriously give me one of everything PLEASE!) but the architecture, I fell in love with. Somehow Anthropologie always finds the oldest, coolest looking buildings and this was no different. With a spiraling staircase, that led up to a domed stain glass window, they had hung paper birds from, giving it an almost ethereal appearance. There was also a fire place on every landing  with ornate etchings.


It was both timeless, as well as modern, with wooden floors, and chic clothing displays. I was in love!


Fairmount Park 


After we shopped until we dropped, we made our way to Fairmount Park which encompasses Boathouse Row, The Rocky Steps at the base of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Water Works, and Philadelphia Zoo. It was built along the Schuylkill River creating a calming affect and of course making this mermaid happy!


One of the things that amazed me about this park, was the Water Works buildings. Built in 1812, I had never seen a plant so ornately designed. Much like the rest of Philly, it was a smorgasbord of old and new.


Boathouse Row 


I have many friends who either lived or are from Philly, and all of them mentioned Boathouse Row to me. While I was not sure what to expect, it did not disappoint. In fact it was even better then what I could have imagined!


Fifteen houses, many of them at least a hundred years old, are scattered along Shuylkill River and house both private as well as collegiate rowing teams. Declared a historical landmark, once again the architecture out did itself. The houses are still in use today, and is a symbol for the rowing community across the States.


The Rocky Steps and Philadelphia Museum of Art


In what is probably the epitome of tourism, but hard to resist, is the iconic Rocky Steps, right outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


I had seen them before, but never been up them.


I wasn’t missing much. I was more enamored with the architecture of the museum and surrounding gardens, then the actual steps. (Sorry Rocky)


They weren’t even THAT steep. While I am sure you would feel them, after a couple runs up and down, the bleachers at OSU (Ohio State University) are way more of a work-out.


But I can knock it off my bucket list, and I did get some pretty cool pics.


Night out in Phila

My cousin and I went back to her house, to freshen up and then to grab some grub and hit some bars. We first tried a Cuban restaurant where I got carded TWICE!



To be honest, I wasn’t sure HOW I felt about that. I have never been double carded EVER. If anything I rarely get carded, but I did in that Cuban restaurant and we weren’t even in the doors yet!


They were reservation only so we went across the street to a martini bar that had diner like vibes. It was a super cool place to eat AND the menu was truly eclectic. They had everything from Indian food, to Korean Tacos (I had them and they were scrumptious!) to burgers. Ironically the menu wasn’t THAT big either.


After dinner, my cousin and I hit up a club where we got our dancing on and I am sure Derek Hough would have been proud of us.


Okay probably not.

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? What are your favorite places to go? 


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14 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Philly Edition

    1. Awe you are the sweetest beauty! I am pretty lucky that I am located pretty close to some fabulous cities! 🙂 I hope you have an amazing day! <3

  1. I second Kali! You are the travel queen! I’ve been to Philly once and I absolutely LOVED it! My hotel was just outside of Philly but I remember riding the train into the city and thinking how different it was than our “transit system” here in Atlanta. lol. We went to LOVE park, the Liberty Bell Center, the Rocky Steps and of course I had to get a legit cheesesteak while I was there! And I’m with you…those OSU bleachers are a workout and a half! xoxo

    1. You are the sweetest! With each visit it has grown on me, and this last visit was incredible! It is SO funny how the transit system changes from city to city! And Georgia is next on my list to visit in the fall! Do you have any suggestions? Must sees?
      I love it! I will be posting part two on Friday, but I had my own version of Philly Cheesesteak and it was yummy!
      SO brutal! My cousin use to live there and every time I visited her we would go and oy-vey! I hope you have an amazing day sweets! <3

    1. Thanks Beauty it was! Definitely worth exploring, and so picturesque! It was! I was in Anthro heaven! Lol. Thanks for reading! I hope you have an amazing day! <3

  2. 4 whole floors for Anthropologie!!! Oh me oh my!!! I can only imagine your excitement upon entering, kid at a candy store kind of feeling?!? 🙂 Ah Andrew would be SO SO SOOOOO proud of you for going to a Cuban restaurant but sooo weird that they had Korean tacos?!?!….If me and Andrew ever owned a restaurant together it would 10000% be that one, I’m sure of it hahah I love that plaid dress you have!! When I saw it in the first photo you posted I was thinking in my head ‘omg that is the cutest effin skirt I ever did see’ until I saw it was actually a dress- I might as well have fainted. LOVE IT. Also your hair has soooo much volume its incredible!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Gurrllll Yassss!!!! It was like Christmas, my birthday, Easter, Valentines Day, Hanukkah, combined every flipping day!
      I think I still have dreams about it ;p Lol.
      Hahaha I am glad I could make him proud! They had an assortment of food, it was a really eclectic menu but SOOO yummy!
      Thanks sweets! I am obsessed with it! A little shorter then I go for, but why the heck not? ;p Thanks! Bleach does amazingly GOOD things to my hair! Lol. I think that is why it drives me crazy when my roots grow in, because then my hair goes flat! <3

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