Wanderlusting San Diego: Coffee and Art, Pampering, and The Blind Burro

“The San Diego region in many ways is defined by our relationship with the ocean. It’s our front yard and a beautiful playground for families and visitors. It should be clean, safe, and inviting.” ~ Scott Peters

But First…

Once we got ourselves together the first and most important stop was coffee.


Alas, while Mack had been amazing about Googling Peet’s coffee shops in San Diego, horrifically there were none in the Gaslamp District. (for shame Gaslamp, for shame!) While it was a disappointment, and I do love my Peety Weetys, (yes, I have a problem) I do love frequenting and supporting a good local independent coffee shop and Gaslamp had them in spades.


Just blocks from our apartment, was a quaint shop called Coffee and Art and it lived up to all my caffeinated addict expectations. The hipster vibe was in full swing at this cafe, but it had the added uniqueness of a spanish flare, that many establishments have in San Diego being so close to the border. 


The shop was on the small side, but it did have a few high tops inside where a couple people were working on laptops. The windows were open and they had an outdoor patio where you could sit and enjoy the sun while sipping some of that Nectar of the Gods otherwise known as coffee. 


The coffee was delicious, flavorful and strong. I ordered an iced cinnamon and honey latte while Sarah got cold brew. We snagged a table on the patio, snapped a few (or hundred) pictures, and took in the San Diego streets.


Suki Day Spa

As the perfect way to rejuvenate after a day spent traveling, Sarah had made appointments for us to get our nails done.  Both she and I had been working right on up until our trip and I had been fighting a triple whammy of bronchitis, sinus, and ear infections. An afternoon of pampering was JUST what the doctor ordered.


This place was a zen-ful dream from the moment we walked in. It was not your typical Western nail salon, but rather a mix of western and Eastern culture. Despite the calming, and small business feel, it ran with great efficiency and the technicians were all very knowledgable.


Instead of the typical pedicure chairs with the attached tubs, we sat in reclined cushioned wicker chairs and waited as they brought out tin buckets that had orange peel and other aromatics in them that they themselves filled with pitchers of hot water.


It was like no pedicure I had ever had before, but I loved it. There were about four technicians who nursed my feet back to pristine condition. They all seemed to specialize in one aspect of the pedicure (and later manicure) process, from scraping, to massaging, to shaping the nails, and finally painting, they were both efficient and attentive in what they were doing.


I felt like a queen with all the attention, which was only furthered when Sarah treated me for my birthday. It was the sweetest, kindest surprise and made my day!


The Blind Burro





Not to sound all Family Guy (anyone remember Stewie yelling mummy a thousand annoying times?) BUT words fail me. BUT I am going to try to use them and at least make coherent sentences when doing so.


Sarah and I always end up at the best places to eat. Legit they are one in a million, can only eat if we live here places. She is a fellow foodie and typically when we travel, she is the one finding the best restaurants, while I am the one planning the majority of our activities and coffee.


In fact I may or may not have sent her an itinerary with about ten coffees a day on it… Hashtag “It was Necessary” peeps. This is another reason why we travel so well together, We split the trip planning duties up perfectly!


People raved about the Mexican food, and while I believed them, they honestly didn’t do it justice. Yup, throwing everyone under the bus, you failed in your descriptions of how orgasmically good it was…I really hope no children are reading this, I meant organic…it was organically good.


Anywho, I have been on a crazed nacho kick lately. And while my fav WAS (key word was) the nachos at West End Food Hall in New York City, the Blind Burro dropped the mic, snapped their fingers and threw major RuPaul shade and have officially ruined nachos for me for save to say life.

Guys they had candied jalapeños. Candied JALAPÉNOS! Let your mouth water at that thought because mine sure is.


Seriously they were the best thing ever, with not just cheese, but a cheese sauce, guacamole, and it was all layered so no chip felt left out. I could have eaten them everyday all day. I am STILL dreaming about them!


While the nachos were the star of MY palette, they also had an extensive menu including tacos. Since it WAS Taco Tuesday, they had two for one taco deals. Sarah and I ended up splitting the pork tacos and shrimp tacos as well as the nachos. They also had happy hour and their spicy margarita was one of the best I have had. Seriously, I could write a whole blog post about just the Blind Burro and probably will because it was THAT yummy!


We may or may not have had to be rolled out of the restaurant. We were THAT fat and happy! It was the perfect way to spend and end our first few hours in San Diego and was a sure sign of how amazing our trip was going to be!


Do you like Mexican food? What is the best tacos or nachos you have had? 

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24 thoughts on “Wanderlusting San Diego: Coffee and Art, Pampering, and The Blind Burro

  1. You always find the BEST places, seriously next time I go out of town I’m going to consult with you on where to go! Also, I’m down for a good Mexican food experience and those nachos look like they didn’t disappoint! Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. Awe thanks sweet lady! And yessss! I think we need to take a girls trip…All int he name of blogging of course:p Ahhh I LOVE Mexican! I could eat it all day every day and I am STILL having dreams about those nachos! Awe thank you for reading beauty! <3

  2. The pedicure sounds so luxurious! & those nachos look soooo good!!! Candied jalapenos & spicy margarita? Oh man. 😍 I love Mexican food!

  3. I love every single photo you posted and I want all your coffee and decorations. When are we going to do features and/or interviews with each other? Hehe. We must do that and promote each other. 💖💖💖💖😊

      1. Hehe thanks. Cool, we shall have to do a feature soon. Basically I would just need you to send me a mini bio about how and why you wanted to start your blog and your interests, etc. just for people to get to know you better, including me, 😊 and what you like. Let me know what you think♥️♥️♥️

  4. Ok I finished my Peet’s and now am on to eating my popcorn (In Peet’s of course). In case you were wondering. OMG I am cracking up- Peety Weetys. Lol, I love you. That iced latte looked terrific! And so perfect for a bright sunny southern California day!

    There is no better healing power than some pampering! Glad you guys could recoup and treat yo’selves. Soooo needed after the creeping crud (And yes I stole that from you). I’ve actually had a basin pedicure before! I was skeptical at first because I was like where is my massage chair and jets? But it ended up being amazing! & YOU look perfect- literally head to toe. LOVE the nails.

    This Mexican food is making me salivate (and eat my popcorn faster).

    That looks insanely good. And now I want a margarita!

    CANDIED JALAPENOS!?! That sounds like heaven.

    1. I love that like me you turn your coffee shop (Peet’s!!!) into your second home. Yes girl. Yes! Those baristas are family! And Peety Weety deserves to have a loving nickname! Lol. It was really yummy, despite not being Peet’s (nope not over my bitterness step up your game San Diego!;p )
      It is so true! A little pampering makes everything better! Haha I LOVE that you stole that from me! You an use it anytime! I mean it is a medical term right? :p
      Haha I thought the same thing, but definitely an experience I LOVED! Girl you NEED to go here! Seriously! It is the food of dreams! I still dram about it! Heck now I want to book another flight to San Diego JUST to go to this place! <3

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