Wanderlusting: Summer in The Concrete Jungle

“Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends.” ~ Darell Hammond


Summer has arrived in the Concrete Jungle

I can finally say spring summer has arrived in New York! It seems with in a matter of weeks we have gone from winter, briefly to spring, and now we have welcomed gloriously summer. Mother Nature sure knows how to apologize for all the springtime snow storms and chilly dreary days!


I, for one, am happy we hop-skipped past spring and have gone straight to eighty degree temps, sunshine days, and an abundance of green. While that green has also brought the pesky nuisance of stuffy noses and sneezing, it beats being bundled and holed up in my two hundred square foot cave.


This is the time I revel in. It isn’t Christmas in the city, I enjoy, but summer in the city. It isn’t my happy place, but my happy season, and with the unofficial kick off to summer starting this weekend, I am ready to embrace crop-tops, margaritas, and long days at the beach.


And while that just might have sounded like a Tinder ad, I will totally own the basicness of that statement because NOTHING can dim my happy summer glitter.



Despite the Park Conservancy’s attempts at planting flowers, it seemed like the white-walkers had certainly brought winter making leaves and flowers nothing but a distant memory, never to be seen again.


Yes I am being dramatic, and yes good things come to those who wait. But this wait was painful. Thankfully, New York City has finally become a chromatic green horticulture haven once more and it seems especially gorgeous.


From the cherry blossoms blooming in Central Park, to walking down the block and discovering hidden gardens, my eyes once again are beautifully besieged by vibrant colors and with it my heart is once again blooming right along with all the botanicals.


Laying out in the park

There is something utterly New York about going to the park and laying out in your bikini. Coming from the mountains where it was only acceptable to lay out by a body of water, or maybe your private pool if you are lucky to have one, getting use to laying half naked in the middle of a park with buildings surrounding you, was a newfangled idea when I moved here seven years ago.


And yet it is one I have happily embraced. In fact I have gone all the way New Yorker, turning my lay about into a boozy boojie event with friends. Wine, cheese, and great company makes for the perfect summer afternoon in the city, especially if it is on a day when everyone is working. It is hookey at its finest!



I know, I know, Starbucks is NOT New York, but haven’t you heard the saying “There is one on every block?” so I beg to differ, especially during the summer months when these decadent frozen drinks crave attention from my taste buds.


The warmer weather makes me want to drink the cool-aid frappuccinos all day every day.  Nothing gets me giddier when Starbucks starts promoting their frappuccinos again and coming out with new twists on this iconic drink.


Nothing is better or says summer then taking it to go to the park or getting one after a run as a treat, because ya know, balance peeps.


Summertime Runs

I admit I am probably the minority in this, but I ADORE running in the heat. In my “Old” age, I have become a wimp with the cold. (which I think is a sign it is time to move!) Once the temps reach forty degrees, I hibernate, but with the warmer weather I have come out of my cave and embraced the heat, and being TMI, also the sweat!


Seriously, can it even be called a run if I don’t sweat?

I love that I can get up at five and safely run because it is light AND warm out. I feel like my sanity has been restored, and people no longer have to fear being around me…Much.


Sidewalk Seating

Nothing says city more then sidewalk seating. I admit I fell in love with this practice when I was in France, and moving to New York only reinforced my obsession.


Not only does it make fabulous people watching as they walk by, but soaking up the rays and warmth while eating delicious food is my happy place.


Happy Heart

Summers in the city reminds me WHY I love this city so much. During the winter months, when I am relying on Seamless and don’t dare dress cute because I will freeze my derriere off, it can be depressing as AF. I don’t want to do anything, and further more, I dream of moving to points unknown. (Greece ideally, Charleston realistically)


Like a light switch, summer flips that perspective. It brings new beginnings, inspiration, motivation, and happiness. Once again I love this city, and I love the exploration and new  adventures I can’t do in the winter because of the cold. Summer is for making memories and I am so excited for the new ones I will be making this season.


Are you excited for Summer? What is your favorite thing about Summer where you live? 

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30 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Summer in The Concrete Jungle

  1. I love that Darell Hammond quote! And man have I been excited for summer! I can’t wait to read about your summer adventures in the city. X

  2. It looks so pretty there with the flowers and blossom! I love nothing more than laying in a park area and reading/having a cold drink xx

    1. It really is! I love all the blooms (though my allergies do not! Lol) Right? That is the perfect way to spend a day! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend beauty! <3

  3. Oh, for gorgeousness! That’s you — though the flowers are OK too. 🙂 So glad to hear things are looking brighter in your corner of the world too, Kate! It looks like you’ve really made the best of it and seized every spare moment of sunshine. Happy spring/summer!

    1. Awe thank you beauty! You are so sweet! hehe they aren’t anything special! ;p Thanks hun! I hope it is brighter and warmer in your neck of the woods too! I love this time of year! I am definitely soaking it all up! Thanks sweets! Happy Spring Summer to you as well! <3

  4. Reading this has definitely made me miss summer a little haha! But it’s definitely your turn for all the sunshine after making it through winter! The few times I’ve gone for a run, I prefer it cold. I don’t like getting all sweaty, and I get warm after jogging for a bit so it evens out. Then I can cool down in the cold on the way back! Mind you, I don’t go for that many runs in general though!

    1. Awe I wish it could be Summer all year long! (I need to move to the Equator!)
      I totally understand that! Haha. A lot of my friends look at me like I am crazy, because I love running when it is ninety degrees out. I hope you are having a fabulous day beautY! <3

  5. Gosh you are too freaking adorable! I love all of your outfits & the photos of the flowers are so beautiful.
    Patio dining is definitely my favorite thing about the summer! ♡

  6. Summer has always been my favourite season – and not just because of my birthday! I love sitting outside at cafe’s and watching the world go by. I love relaxing in a park as well, ideally with a picnic. Lovely photos!! xx

    1. Thank you hun! And yay for Summer birthdays! You literally just described my perfect day! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend and soaking up some of that summer sunshine! <3

  7. I love Summer! It’s 100% my happy season too. This post was too cute and made me wish I was spending some of my sunny days this year in NYC! The dream, I’ve always wanted to visit New York in the Summer. It gives me such Gossip Girl vibes. You look so beautiful and all the pictures are gorgeous! Loving your outfit in the first few pics and those pretty flowers! Yaaaay for Summer 💛💛💛 I hope you have the best one yet!

    1. Yes girl! This is why we are friends:p We are Summer Queens! Awe thanks sweets! I wish you were too! You would love it! Awe thanks sweets! And thank you again! I hope this is YOUR best one yet! <3

  8. AHHH! I love what a New Yorker you are – I am OBSESSED with this season & especially Sidewalk Seating!! My favorite is the Jackie O Running Circle uptown in Central Park – try to do a few walking laps every weekend!

    1. Hehe thank you sweets! Right? It is the best time! New York is in all her glory 🙂 And YES! I LOVE the Reservoir! Since they have been doing the construction on the Promenade, I have actually been running the reservoir (almost) every morning. It is one of my favorite places 🙂 <3

  9. These pictures. Seriously straight out of a magazine. I can’t take the beauty!!!

    Bahahha- you crack me up “That might have such sounded like a tinder ad” dyiiing.

    Isn’t there anything better than friends, cheese, and wine?! I mean the combo is just perfection!

    Ok all time favorite Starbucks frap EVER of yours? Like even discontinued ones?

    Good for you getting up at five to run! I can never bring myself to workout that early when I’m home (usually only when I travel), but that dedication right thur!

    Okkkkk Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, that outfit! OW OW!

    1. Awe thank you sweets! That means a lot coming from you! You always take the best pictures! Bwahaha I mean maybe it did? Lol.
      No there isn’t!
      I LOVE the new Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, but I also make my own concoction which starts with caramel drizzle in the cup, vanilla bean frap, four espresso shots on top and more caramel drizzle. It is caffeine and sugar goodness and I usually save my free ones to get it!
      What is your favorite frap beauty?
      Thanks sweets! I am such a morning person!
      Awe thanks beauty! I try! I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

      1. Oooo the caramel frap has always been my favorite too. My favorite part is at the end when the caramel and whipped cream and frothy frapp all come together. YUMMY. I also like the vanilla bean which is strange because I usually don’t go for just plain vanilla anything! But I do like that. Same with the vanilla cheesecake from cheesecake factory! The only two times I let myself be boring 😉 LOL.

        1. Girl you HAVE to try the Ultra! they start out with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on the bottom of the cup then poor the frap on top THEN add more whipped cream and drizzle. AND the whipped cream? is infused with cold brew! SO yummy!
          LOL vanilla bean is my SIL and my nephews favorite frap (my SIL does not like coffee…WHAT is wrong with her?!?! I try to overlook that though because otherwise she is amazing! ;p ) Oh my lanta vanilla cheesecake is the best! You are not boring at all! Vanilla has such a fresh clean sweet taste. I never feel disgusting when I eat it afterwards. <3

          1. Wait that sounds like an actual dream…. why have I not known of this.. maybe it’s a good thing because it sounds like my next addiction! Thanks for placating my vanilla guilt 😉 LOL

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