Wanderlusting: Surf Song Bed and Breakfast and a Tybee Sunrise

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Stop One 

Our first stop on our Georgia extravaganza, was Tybee Island. We were staying there for one night before heading downwards to Jekyll and St. Simons’ Islands.


Rhiannon had booked our stay at a truly gorgeous and ridiculously quaint bed and breakfast that was just a block from the beach which would be perfect for our sunrise adventure.


Surf Song Bed and Breakfast

If Savannah stole my heart, Surf Song Bed and Breakfast locked it up. We arrived on Tybee just before eight. While it was dark, I could already see the charm and beauty that not only Tybee had to offer, but that the inn we were staying at also had.


Built in 1890 for an officer at the near by fort, the bed and breakfast is a renovated victorian mansion that has all the charm while still being beachy and modern. There are four rooms scattered on the first and second floors and the sunrise suite which has two beds on the third floor. It has a pool and a beautifully stunning wrap around deck, that if we had stayed there longer, I would have sat there morning noon and night.


The Innkeeper Cindy, who lives on the premises, met us and showed us around. We were staying in the Sunrise Suite and while it was dark out, I was super excited for the morning because I knew we would have gorgeous views.


The suite was decorating goals, channeling the nautical vibes in white and turquoise, it was at once chic as well as comfy cozy. It felt like a hidden oasis.


Since we were the only ones staying there that night, Cindy was quite accommodating about working around our schedule for breakfast. Once we got settled Rhiannon and I relaxed or a little bit before hitting the hay exhausted.


Tybee Sunrise

We awoke early so we could catch the sunrise. Unusual for Georgia, it was quite chilly, but that did not stop me from donning a dress and booties, Mother Natures temperamental moods be damned.


I could just make out the sunrise through the large bay window and was absolutely giddy as we walked to the beach.


One of my favorite times, isn’t the actual rising of the sun, but just before it actually shows itself, as it casts it far reaching glow in glorious pink hues.


It truly is the golden hour and Rhiannon and I took full advantage taking pictures and adoring the views.


One of the things that amazed me was the fact that there were so many birds flying around.


Not just seagulls, but other types, that were equally as beautiful.


The Tybean

Having welcomed the sun, we decided to go grab coffee at a local coffee shop Cindy had mentioned. The name alone had me giddy with excitement.


Located in a small shopping center, that gave the feel of something on a tropical island rather then a place to do damage to the piggy bank, much like most of the trip, I was in love.


The Tybean was everything I look for in a coffee shop, Independently owned, (sorry Buckies and Peets) friendly, creative, and with their own spin on popular drinks. Not to mention delicious coffee!


They had a variety of drinks with people names as their labels. They also sold art and had it displayed on the walls.


The inside was small, with a tiny bar, and couch to sit and wait for our drinks.


But attached to the inside was a large deck that had colorful tables and benches. The whole place was island vibes and I LOVED it.


A Surf Song Breakfast

After grabbing our coffee we headed back to the Surf Song for breakfast. Oh my lanta. If I was hoping to eat healthfully on this trip I was sadly mistaken.


For the first course Cindy made us a banana foster which is something I noticed was extremely popular in Georgia. Made with delicious bananas, berries, low fat yogurt, nuts, whipped cream and complete with a cherry on top, it was literally dessert for breakfast.


But it didn’t end there. Cindy had also made us pancakes ( which she made gluten free for me!) with a warm berry syrup and more whipped cream. They were the best thing ever and I could have eaten them all day, every day!


We sat and chatted with her for awhile, and she gave us ideas of where to go and places to see. She was so incredibly nice and hospitable. Not only did she run an adorable bed and breakfast, but she created a friendly atmosphere that was a true testament to Southern Hospitality.


It was such an incredible morning and we still had a full day to conquer the rest of Tybee!


Have you ever stayed at a Bed and Breakfast? 

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14 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Surf Song Bed and Breakfast and a Tybee Sunrise

  1. I love B&B’s. There’s the cutest one in the countryside in the UK. You would love it😊 I loved this whole post. Your B&B, your breakfast, the sunset. Looks like a little piece of paradise😊 x

    1. I love them too! There is something so quaint and truly homey that most hotels lack. It sounds amazing! I need to go to the UK asap! 🙂 Awe thanks beauty I am so glad you liked it! It really was! I was so sad to leave! <3

  2. This place looks amazing! Looks so peaceful to me! I’ve never really watched a sunrise before but I really want to. Amazing post lovely ❤ really enjoyed reading this and your photos are beautiful xxx

    1. It was such an oasis! I wish I could have stayed forever! Getting up (especially if it is the summer) is brutal but so worth it in the end! Awe thank you beauty I am glad you liked it! Thank you for your sweet words! <3

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