Wanderlusting: That Farm Life

“The simple hearth of the small farm is the true center of our universe.” ~ Masanobu Fukuoka

All The Farms

This Fall I had the pleasure of going to not one, not two, but THREE farms! I got to go apple picking twice, and last weekend, I went pumpkin picking. I definitely lived my best fall life this year doing all the fall things and taking ALL the fall pictures.


While I am a city girl, I need that balance of nature. Being around people 24/7 is exhausting. Even if we aren’t verbally communicating, we are physically as we attempt to maneuver around them as we walk, or are crammed together on the subway. As the days turn colder, and we don heavier jackets, it makes premium space even smaller, and a craving for some escape.


As much as I complain about the cold, there is something refreshing about being out in the brisk autumnal air. And as long as you are dressed warmly, (in my case like I am going to Antarctica) it really isn’t that bad.


Hudson Valley

Last weekend, I took the train up to my sisters, where we not only hung out, but also got to go to Hahn Farm where the kiddos picked pumpkins and I had a photoshoot.


I woke super early, to catch the first Metro-North Train out of Grand Central to Poughkeepsie. I, of course left enough time, so I could grab coffee at the Starbucks in the station (they were the real heroes that morning!) to take on the two hour train ride with me.


Coffee was very necessary!


My family picked me up, and we went to her church for the hour long service before then making a Starbucks stop for me, because waking up at four-thirty meant it was a two cup kinda day. Finally we headed to the farm.


Hahn Farm

I have written about Hahn Farm before. It has become an annual tradition to visit with my sister and her family. Some years it has felt like summer, and other years like this one it was downright chilly. We mustered through and made the most of it though!


Going into its’ eighth generation, the Hahn family has owned it since 1798. Five hundred acres, they farm everything from produce, to Christmas Trees, to raising cattle, goats, and alpacas.


You can pet and feed the animals, as well as explore the farm. They also have a hay ride, a hay and fort maze, and a corn maze. It is one of the prettiest farms I have been to, and I love visiting each year and snapping pictures. Despite the overcast day, I was loving the pictures I got.



We walked around a little bit and the kids pet and fed the animals. I was obsessed with this calf who was only two months old named Daisy. I wanted to take her home! She was asleep for the first part of our visit, but woke up just in time for me to snap some pics and say good-bye.


They had outdoor games, including a pumpkin version of corn hole.


I am never one to pass up a game of corn hole, so my nephews and I played.


It took me awhile to warm up, but when I did, I got four out of five in. I definitely need to demand a rematch!


Hay Maze and Fort

Once the kids picked out pumpkins, we crossed the street to the hay maze and fort. We decided to not do the hay ride or corn maze since we had done those when we went to Dubois.


The hay maze and fort is one of the best parts of the farm, and even “adults” (can I call myself that?) love it.


The maze can be a little spooky. Some parts are pitch black and you need a flash light to get through. (thank you iPhone) The hay bales are stacked close together so it can also create a bit of a claustrophobic feeling. I found this years particularly easy and got out in under a minute. Definitely redeeming myself from my cornhole fails.


Afternoon and Evening

After about two hours of playing on the fort and running through the maze, we headed back to my sisters where we had a linner, and everyone watched football with the exception of me, because wait football is still going on? What is football? (I know Brit is fainting in horror)


Joking aside for my sanity, I am essentially done with the season, thank the lord for Hallmark Christmas Movies!


All to soon it was time to grab the train and head back to the city. After the early morning, I was exhausted, ready to crawl into bed, and watch some of those aforementioned Christmas movies.


Do you like Farms? What “Fall” things did you do this year? 

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7 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: That Farm Life

  1. This looks like so much fun! I’m curious, though: Is that the same cup of coffee you’re holding, or do you get a fresh one for each farm? 🙂 What a fun, lovely fall tradition.

  2. Omg this farm sounds dreamy! Those cute little animal piccies! I have never been to such an exciting farm before like this is farm goals haha. I’ve never done a hay ride I would love to! And that maze sounds perfect, what’s life without a little spookiness hey? Just HOW precious is Daisy!?!? She is an absolute dream 😍 how adorable! It looks like you had the most perfect time hun and such fun with your family! Happy for you! You inspire me to have more beautiful adventures with my family and friends ❤️

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