Wanderlusting: The Christmas Loft

“I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season.” ~ Ashley Tisdale

A Piece of Childhood

Since I was a child, I have always loved going to The Christmas Loft. Open year round, it was the epitome of having a bit of Christmas every day and it didn’t matter how old I was. It was a place we went too when family came to visit, whether it was to escape the cold or the heat. As adults it is still a fun place to go and when my cousin got married this past summer, a bunch of family members went and introduced their significant others to it.


Established in 1984, it isn’t just a store of all things Christmas, it is an attraction and an experience from the moment you walk in and are greeted with life sized animals that talk, like Bessie the cow, to various deer and wildlife. As you walk further into the vast maze like store, you not only discover rooms with all things Christmas, but also a quaint New England Village complete with a covered bridge.


Exploring Christmas Loft

The Christmas Loft houses the largest selection of ornaments in New England. You will find an ornament for everyone not just on your shopping list, but in your life. As you walk through the connected rooms, there are gorgeous Christmas displays that put Pinterest to shame.


Expertly decorated trees are on display, that you can not only shop from, but also gives inspiration especially around the holiday season. Each tree and even room is themed from the truly elegant to the outrageous and everything in between. They have nutcrackers of all different sizes, carved German wooden scenes, and even a room with all lights. It is like a decoration extravaganza except you are inside and it is warm.


Department 56

It was at the Christmas Loft that my Mom first discovered Department 56, which she has been collecting since before I was born. Falling in love with the Christmas In The City Village, for years my Mom would get new pieces and she has well over a hundred that she puts up every year for Christmas.


When I turned sixteen, I began my own village choosing to collect the more Christmasy and whimsical NorthPole. Every Christmas I get a new piece and I keep my village up year round. I love going to the Christmas Loft and seeing how they display the different villages and what creative and oh so very Pinterest-esque designs they come up with. I also love to see what new buildings and of course all the little people they come out with every year.


It is such a treat to go, especially around the holiday season, and last week I finally got to share it with my niece who had never been. Not only did we go from room to room taking pictures and looking at all the Santas, but we were also able to find presents for some special people, because at The Christmas Loft you will always find something to give amongst all the Christas magic.


Have you been to The Christmas Loft? Do you have a store like this near you? 






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2 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: The Christmas Loft

  1. I remember going over the summer, and it was quite the treat! At the time, we weren’t as enthusiastic, because, well… it was the summer! However, I still have those images in my head, and I can’t wait for the next time I get too pay it a visit!

  2. Oh wow this is so cool, I definitely haven’t been to a store much like this before, how exciting! I love that you’ve been visiting here for so long and it’s such a tradition for you, and how wonderful that this year you got to visit with your niece. Family time is everything, especially during this time of year! <3 Thanks so much for sharing hun, I'd love to visit 'The Christmas Loft' one day 🙂

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