Wanderlusting: Vineyard Art’s Project

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” – Mark Rothko

Supporting the Arts

Last October, I had the incredible opportunity to take part in Mordance’s one week residency at Vineyard Art’s Project in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard doing social media while we were there. It truly was an amazing experience, as I not only got to see and capture the creative process from the beginning, bond with the dancers and art director who happens to be my insanely talented cousin, but also stay in a stunning place and even do a little bit of exploring Martha’s Vineyard more in-depth.

Vineyard Art’s Project is a non-profit that gives space to artists, whether it be ballet companies, like Mordance, theatre groups, musicians, and even writer’s retreats, where they can work on their projects in a space that truly helps cultivate and harness that creativity. What better place to get the creative juices flowing then on an island?

Vineyard Art’s Project Space

Vineyard Art’s Project’s Space is stunning, spacious, and incredibly airy. There are actually two houses on the property which in total has over 20,000 square feet of living space, 23 bedrooms, and four studios, as well as other amenities, like a spacious kitchen, huge laundry room, and even a work out room. Each bedroom comes with fairly large and modern bathroom, so there is no need to share, unless you are in a room with multiple beds. The kitchen is stocked with all the amenities you would need, including two coffee pots, which we put to good use!

The kitchen opens up into the living and dining rooms in an open floor concept which not only helps with the airiness of the house, but also helps build community during meals and at night. While there are no TV’s, (there is WiFi) Vineyard Art’s Project has a ton of games which we put to good use during our stay, not just bonding, but sharing laughs and creating memories after days in the studio. There is also a large deck, that has picnic tables, outdoor couches, and even a grill for a fun outdoor experience when the weather is nice.

Vineyard Art’s Project is located on Upper Main Street just outside of the center of Edgartown which is easily walkable if you don’t have a car. It is also a mile and a half from State Beach which is where they shot Jaws, but don’t worry there are no sharks there. (I think!) There are grocery stores, a liquor store, and coffee shops all with in walking distance, and there is also a bike shop where you can rent bikes right across the street so even if you do not own a car, everything is at your finger tips.

My Stay

The moment I arrived I was in love with the place which is truly quintessential New England Colonial on the outside and very nautical chic on the inside. We stayed in the house that is called Upper Main, which is the larger of the two houses and has a stunning barn like studio. It had four floors, with the top two comprising mostly of bedrooms which was almost like a maze, going from one room to the next, all with their own charm. The bedroom I chose had a white and pink bedspread, a gingham chair, and a large armoire with a mirror. It was spacious, airy, yet still incredibly cozy and the perfect home for the week. It also connected to my cousin’s room so we could chat at night.

Most days I woke up early to catch the sunrise and then stop at my favorite coffee shop, Espresso Love (they had Spanish lattes!) before heading back to the house to answer e-mails and shoot some behind the scenes content, because who doesn’t love catching artists before they have had their coffee, or anyone for that matter? The dancers would then have class which I would document a little bit, before leaving them to it, while I did some computer work. Then it was time for rehearsals. Every so often I would stick my head in for photos and videos and also just because the process was so insanely cool to watch as they began to build movement for Albatross, which is inspired by the 2017 documentary by the same name, and has all original music for this ballet. By the end of the week you really could see the direction and message it was taking which was amazing to see and witness.

Thank You Vineyard Art’s Project

I can’t recommend nor thank Vineyard Art’s Project enough for hosting us. It truly is the perfect oasis to pursue creative projects especially if you need a place where you just want to focus. Their mission has helped created so many bodies of work in a variety of art forms which is a true gift. Now more then ever we need art, and they have provided a space that helps it grow and flourish. Being a part of that and seeing the inner workings of the creative process, how my cousin creates ballets and how hard working and talented her dancers are and how receptive and respectful they are towards Morgan’s creative process was truly special and humbling to witness. It is especially cool to see because the culmination of all of that hard work that began in that space at Vineyard Art’s Project premieres NEXT week with Mordance’s tenth season debuting at Gerald W Lynch Theatre in Manhattan. You will get to see Albatross in full, as well as two other incredible ballets. There are still some tickets available that you can purchase here. I hope to see you there!

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