Wanderlusting: Winniweta Falls

“Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.” ~ Mikhail Lermontov

Hiking the Outdoors

Despite being a city girl, I do love the country. I love being outside in the fresh air and nothing is more invigorating then hiking a mountain. It is an activity I do with my brother, and now his children, who at three and five are quite the accomplished mountaineers. It was because of them, we embarked on the hike we did.


Winniweta Falls is one of my favorite hikes, though because of its location one I don’t get to do often. The day we went, Mother Nature was being tempestuous. We had originally planned on scaling a peak, but because of the threat of torrential downpours decided to do a smaller hike that woudn’t leave us as exposed to the elements.


In true mermaid fashion, I adore any hike that involves waterfalls. While it may not be the ocean, there is something majestic and equally as powerful as seeing water cascade down rocks.


Off the Beaten Path

I first hiked Winniweta a couple years ago. It is a hike that involves some bushwhacking, and is definitely off the beaten path. The trail head isn’t well marked, and while there is an area to park it is more of a pull out then a parking lot. Because of this, not many people know about it, and even less are willing to hike it.


The main deterrent though, is you have to cross a river to get to the falls. Many people turn back. Being that it was May, the water was still freezing. But that did not stop us from crossing it. It wasn’t rushing horribly and it only came just over my knees. I did stumble over the rocky bed, but finally made it across without falling in, I might add.


Winniweta Falls

Once you cross the river, the hike itself is not strenuous, with a gradual incline, it is just under a mile to the falls.


Slow and steady (and of course bribery in the form of brownies) is the way to go with the munchkins. As we meandered hiked along the trail, we stumbled upon tons of baby frogs.


The rainy weather seemed to have drawn them out and everywhere we looked they were there hopping about.


The trail to the falls is overgrown making it easy to miss. You also have to do some more bushwhacking to get down to the actual falls.


Once there, you will find a series of pools and falls that you can explore and even swim in. (when it is warmer)


There are rocks along the falls that we camped out at, giving the kiddos their bribe reward for making the trek.


We even had a little photo shoot with my five year old nephew taking the pictures!


I am so impressed at his eye for capturing a photo at his age! He took the majority of my pictures!


The Trek Back

It began to get chilly, and we could tell that it was going to start raining soon.


As we climbed out of the falls, the heavens did open adding to our adventure and only stopping once we reached the river.


This time the water didn’t feel nearly as cold, and we scrambled across, before making our way back to the car.


Despite the tumultuous weather, it was a fun, memorable adventure. Winniweta Falls showcases why I love hiking so much. It isn’t reaching the destination, but the journey you have to take getting there and the surprises you find along the way.


Have you been to Winniweta Falls? What is your favorite waterfall? 

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17 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Winniweta Falls

  1. Wow! I really want to go here. This sounds like the dream hike! Its such an adventure that you have to cross the river to get to the trail, I wanna do that! And those baby frogs, oh so cute! You’re so blessed you got to do this hike! This is going on my bucket list 😍

    1. Girl If you ever go to the White Mountains I will be your tour guide! It was SO much fun! They were adorable and such a surprise to see! Awe this made me so happy to read! <3

  2. I love hiking! Such good exercise and it’s so peaceful and calming just walking through nature. If only I had waterfalls like this though. I don’t even have mountains near me, so I hike up hills, if that counts lol. Beautiful photos as always – you look so happy and in your element. xx

    1. It really is! There is something about detoxing from technology we all need to do once in awhile. And hills definitely count! 🙂 Awe thank you sweets! It is such a beautiful place! <3

  3. Girl, I absolutely feel you on being a city girl who loves her a bit of the country! I love being immersed in nature, so hiking is a big yes from me. Loved this post, such beautiful photos – you’re always up to such fun things, I need to fly out and follow you around for a week! <3 <3

    1. The struggle to find that balance is real! LOL. Awe thank you so much sweets! You are the best! And girl yasss! We would have so many adventures (and get into SO much trouble!) <3

  4. How do you look so gorgeous in athleisure?! Oh my gosh, those falls are beautiful! What an incredible hike. New Hampshire is just so dang picturesque. I’ve never been, but you know all your posts are my inspiration.

    1. Haha This made me laugh. You are so sweet! And somehow my five year old nephew always seems to capture my “good” side…Maybe because he is my height? :p LOL.
      Girl you have to! You would love it! It is stunning! <3

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