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We are almost there 2020


“For me the end of the year is always a time to reflect and recharge my energies.” ~ Gisele Bundchen

The Home Stretch

Six weeks until Christmas and seven until the end of 2020! For anyone who needs to hear this, we are almost there friends. Almost there! I feel like I could equate this year to a marathon. The first couple weeks were exciting, at least for me until my grandmother fell and ultimately tragically passed the end of January, and then it all fell apart with illness. I know for others the excitement lasted longer. And then it was that long stretch or endless miles ahead with lockdown and the pandemic, and toilet paper shortages.

Yet somehow we have reached the last couple miles, that home stretch, and the adrenaline has kicked in again with the excitement of the holidays upon us, we have almost finished the marathon that is 2020. We are almost there, and we have this!


I know I talk a lot about perspective, but I really feel like it is important, especially now with all the upheaval and vitriol that seems like a constant diatribe in society and especially online. Perspective helps direct our life, it determines how we handle the craziness and tumultuous up and downs, which no matter how much we wish it not to be, is a part of all of our journeys. Yes, 2020 seems to be a big collective suck fest for most of us, there are silver linings and that is what we need to seek if we don’t wish to wallow in the suckery.

Don’t get me wrong, wallowing isn’t all bad and it is normal. But staying STUCK in the constant negative is not healthy for anyone, which is why it is so important to look for the silver linings even in the most trying of times, there are positives, whether it is that the sun is shining, or someone bought you coffee, or did something to make you smile.

Positivity is NOT a Privilege

I honestly debated writing this, because I have tried so hard to be positive and not contribute to any of the vitriol. At the same time, I have been attacked and accused of being “privileged” for my positive outlook, which isn’t okay either. Don’t get me wrong, I know and acknowledge my privilege, but positivity is not that. We are all allowed to handle things the way we see fit to handle them. As I have said before, no one knows what is in another’s heart, or what one has walked through.

Positivity is not a privilege. It is choice. a conscientious choice no matter who or what or where you are in life. It is as much a choice as it is to get up in the morning and shower, and drink coffee and choose your wardrobe and go to work. All of those tasks might sound mundane, but for some they are difficult to do, but as humans we still need to choose to do them no matter how hard it is.

And it can be hard. Being positive doesn’t mean it is easy or that I am naive to the goings on in the world. On the contrary, in my opinion, most people who are “happy” or “positive” (and I use quotes because it is perception and judgement from others) are that way because life has been shitty and they get how fleeting joy can be.

So little is in our control

We, because I do include myself in this, realize how amazing it is, and not to take the simple moments for granted. We realize that there are bigger things and small things and you really can’t control most of it, so why stress and be negative over it. Change and fight what you CAN change, but there is no point in harping on what you can’t.

This perspective doesn’t come because we are privileged, but because life has attempted to knock us down over and over again. And yet still being alive is a gift. Being able to live this life when so many people can’t. THAT is a gift. Irregardless of what life has thrown at me. And in the midst of a pandemic, I feel that even more so.

Shit happens irregardless of the year

Shit is going to happen in our life whether it is 2020 or another year. Sometimes big, sometimes small, but to quote Ironman it is inevitable. As a society we have gotten into this rut where we want everything to be smooth sailing and easy. (please let me know if I am wrong) and life is NOT like that. What makes life, well life, is the trials and tribulations. THAT is what makes us strong. And what makes us even stronger is how we face it. How we internalize it, and how we grow from it.

2020 has been a year, no doubt about that, like any good marathon it has tested our reserves. But it is up to us whether we focus on the strength we gained in fighting through each month or mile, or whether we focus on the hurdles that were put in our way and let it defeat us. THAT is the choice we all get to make as we reach the finish line and continue on to the next year ahead. What WILL we take into 2021?

Are you excited for 2020 to be over? What is your views on positivity and perspectives? 

I have aways been a strong believer that

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