Wedding Date Trials and Tribulations

Weddings can always bring the melancholy out of the single gal, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact bringing a date can be just as stressful, do I have to hold his hand constantly if he doesn’t know anyone? And then if it is family, oh lord he is going to meet Aunt Donna in all her glory? Weddings can be just as stressful as for couples as for the single ladies.

Regardless of whether you are single and trying to escape Handsy Larry because he had to much to drink, or getting the third degree from friends and family alike, wondering will you be the next bride, here are a few things to remember:

If you are single, who the hell cares? Own it girl!

I have gone to quite a few weddings solo and had a blast. The only person judging you is yourself. If relatives want to be busy bodies excuse yourself whether it is to go flirt when the best man, or down another drink. In fact maybe talk to the bride or groom and if they have a friend to introduce you too, you might want to consider upgrading their gift.

Another suggestion, go with a girlfriend. A guy, gay or platonic will get tongues wagging, I should know for about three months people were saying how I was dating my very married gay best friend…did I mention he was married people?

On several occasions I have found mutual friends whose significant others were unable to attend and we went together. In fact in one instance the town was convinced (it was a very small town) that my friend and I were reiki lesbian lovers getting married. It created quite a few laughs, great memories and a hashtag that now lives in infamy.

It is also a lot of fun. Let’s face it, a girlfriend is going to understand why you need three hours to get ready. The stressing of what to wear and why you brought three outfits. She will happily give you her honest opinion and tell you, to take that necklace off, or what the hell were you thinking with that hair. Where as we all know, most guys would be like yup looks good dear.

Now if you have a date, be kind. Hopefully he is the type of guy who can handle himself in any situation and doesn’t need constant hand holding. But also remember, it isn’t fair to leave him with your talkative Uncle Terry for hours on end.

Besides Uncle Terry could let lose a few embarrassing stories about you which might include potty training or that time you decided to give yourself a haircut.

On second thought maybe hand holding would be better.

Weddings can also put pressure on couples. Whether it is the nosey family member shooting questions so fast you wonder if you are on trial (which you kind of are). Or even the bride winking at you and telling you she’ll throw the bouquet to you. Ignore it.

No sane guy is going to propose at a wedding. And just because your friend is getting married, doesn’t mean you have to. Think of a witty response. While probably inappropriate, talking about how you still want to enjoy the wild sex and orgies before you wrap a wedding garter around your neck, is usually pretty effective.

Or you could go the Taylor Swift route and just say, no comment.

Whether you are single and ready to mingle, or are escorted by a stud remember, it’s about the happy couple not your dating life. Have fun smile and enjoy that love is in the air.

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