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Weekend Recap: Suck It Up Buttercup


“I’m hard on myself, so I’m working on shifting perspective toward self-acceptance, with all my flaws and weaknesses.” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

If you saw yesterday’s post you know that I didn’t go home for Mother’s Day. And if you read last week’s recap, you also know I have been fighting the creeping crud, otherwise known as a Sinus/Ear infection. If you also read (promise no blog post to link back to for this one) you know how I mention I am Type A at least once a post, if not more. Because well, I am. Alas I was reminded yesterday to chill the frog (spelling intended) out.

After all we all need those reminders perhaps not as blatant as yesterday was, but we do need them.

Best Baristas

First, I have to give a shout out to the best Starbucks baristas on the planet. They always make me smile and laugh, which is funny because they say that I always brighten their day. Like I said so sweet and amazing for my ego to boot!

This week, they spoiled me with free coffee. Due to deadlines (Which I also have THE best editor!) and studying for finals, I spent all my free time at my local Starbucks, where they inundated me with coffee and moral support!

On Saturday when it was a freezing N’oreaster, my barista gave me a free venti WITH and extra shot just because he knew how much I hated the weather.

Have I mentioned how much I love them? They aren’t just caffeine dealers, but cheerful spreaders!

Restorative Workshop 

Every Mother’s day weekend I do a two hour Restorative Workshop.

Restorative is a (yummy) yoga practice that focuses more on breathing then on poses. Typically only four to six poses are done in an hour long class. They are all supported by props, and nine times out of ten someone falls asleep, because it really is like nap time…Except for adults!

I have been doing this for four years, and I can honestly say Saturday’s workshop was so incredibly magical. The seventeen souls who decided to spoil themselves and partake in this practice were so full of gratitude. One woman in particular, eighty one years young and from Poland, was so receptive to the practice.

Every time I went up to massage her (Yes we do massages!) she would grasp my hands, and whisper “You have such healing hands. Thank you so much. You have such healing hands.”

As much as she was thankful, I was immensely grateful and touched by her willingness to be open and the positive energy she exuded. Every so often you meet someone who just shines with wisdom and light and this woman did that. I could not stop hugging her after class. She alone made those two hours worth it.

Face timing with Sarah

After such an amazing Restorative Workshop, I was ecstatic to FaceTime my friend and fellow blogger (Follow her blog she is ah-may-zing!) Sarah. We not only have been Facebook friends for a long time, but also have a mutual friend (a serious reminder of how we are all connected!) so a video chat was long overdue.

My loves, we talked for over an hour! And we could have kept going! We have SO much in common, from things we already knew, to newfound discoveries, it was an abundance of laughs, oh em gees, and a joke or ten about downward dogging. I had a smile on my face for hours afterwards. Not only is she a sweet friend but also a kindred spirit!


I have dealt with chronic back and shoulder issues since I was fifteen, due in part to having been a competitive ice skater. I have had countless PT, manipulations, massages, etc all with varyong results. Since December it has been getting worse.

Being the Type A personality as well as a former athlete, my motto has always been to “Suck it up buttercup.” Sometimes though, their is only so much sucking up you can do and knowing when to cry uncle and respect your body giving it the TLC it needs.

During a seven mile run on Sunday, which was a gorgeous day making this mermaid’s heart happy, that memo hit me in the face. Mid stride I felt as if someone had grabbed me by my rib cage and yanked breaking all my ribs. Expletives were abundant as I tried not to keel over on the running path. Having dealt with this before, I knew exactly what it was.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with a heating pad and cortisone patches, trying not to cry, but also telling myself to “Suck it up buttercup.”

This is the worst week for this to happen. I have finals, and am leaving Friday, for a trip.

Yet maybe that is why it happened. A sign for my Type A go-getter personality to calm things down. Instead of rushing, trying to complete everything like the road runner, this is telling me to stop and smell those roses. To be more present with each and every action I do.

No doubt I am present now. With each and every breath it feels like someone is stabbing my back. Yet with each and every breath I notice it, I observe it. I am not taking it for granted like I do so many hours of the day except when I am pushing my body beyond its limits.

It is a reminder that I only get one body, and I need to treat it right. To not ignore warning signs, or muster through because I can, but to give it the rest it needs.

It is hard. I was trying not to sob talking to my mom last night and I told her, “I can’t be sedentary and watching Netflix the rest of my life.”

In typical Mom fashion and an example of why we celebrate them, she reminded me that I don’t have to be a hero. None of us do.

How was your weekend? How do you smell the metaphorical roses? 

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