Weekend Recaps: Back to New England I Go

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” ~ Matsuo Basho

In the air again!

Last Thursday I flew back to New Hampshire (I know! Wasn’t I just there?) for my niece’s baptism as well as to have a reunion with my best friend and mermaid extraordinaire Tiffany. My mer-twin and I are literally two peas in a pod. (or two pearls in an oyster?) Having not seen her since Christmas, I was having serious withdrawals. My mermaid tail had lost its glitter without her twin! Thus it was some hardcore QT so I could get my fix until next time.


I should probably have started this with Wednesday since that night I got this cute email from JetBlue.


If anyone is from the Tristate area or even watching the news, you will know the MTA and Port Authority have run into some uh, issues. And yes our transit problems have made national news…That is how bad it has been and according to the news it is only going to get worse going into the summer. Oh happy days!

Thus having read that, I changed my alarm (which had been set for five) to four thirty because well I am Type A and have to be at the airport ridiculously early. Thankfully I made it to there with plenty of time to spare (two hours in fact!) so I could catch up on some blog reading, responding to emails, and working on some posts of my own.

I also witnessed an epic meltdown from a woman who had missed her flight. Seriously it was like an episode out of Jerry Springer. It ended with the woman, her husband, and their daughter taking up a whole row of seats because they were mad and didn’t want to sit next to each other. You can not make this stuff up sometimes. Who needed morning coffee with that entertainment?


My Mom picked me at the airport and after a quick stop at Panera headed back to NoCo. My Mom and I got our nails done. which was much needed! My nails were in BAdddd shape!


I then met my brother for some sibling bonding time grabbing sushi at one of my favorite restaurants in town affectionately nicknamed D-holes but known to out of towners as Delany’s Hole in the Wall. They literally have EVERYTHING on their menu!


After some Margs and sushi, we met my sister-in-law at another restaurant for celebratory drinks with some of her classmates as they had just past SOLO which is an EMT Wilderness course. People literally come from ll over to take it. The bartender had helpfully put the Ranger’s game on, as it was the first game in round two of the play-offs. Alas I probably could have done with out it. They lost in over time in spectacular fashion and I ended up drowning my sorrows in this.


Friday (A Fancy Friday At That) 

Friday began with a run and then breakfast at another favorite local spot; Stairway. I absolutely adore their rancheros. I met a dear friend of mine and we literally sat and chatted for hours before grabbing coffee at Frontside (maple lattes!!!) and then walking around the train station where we couldn’t resist a photo op.



I then went back to my home away from home away from home, Frontside to do some work and grab another coffee with my parents. I even coaxed them into grabbing a couple selfies with me, before I had to get glammed up for Fancy Friday with my mer-twin.


I have written about Fancy Fridays before. Actually the last time was with my Mer-twin (and if you decide to take a trip down memory lane and read that post please excuse the longer blonder version of the Dorothy Hamil do) We get dressed up and go out to a swanky restaurant or bar, usually Top of The East in Portland (literally my favorite place!) and have ladies night which is usually a reunion of sorts. It had been months since the last one and I was antsy to just get there.


I chose a short pink kimono type dress from Lulu’s that was both in and out of my comfort zone (it was short!) I paired it with some stilettos, curled my hair, and was ready for the hour and half drive to Portland.


The drive was easy, even for this knuckled on tight so “Jesus Can Take The Wheel” girl! Yes I really do hate driving, which is one of the reasons I live in a city and why if I do ever move, it will be to a place with great transit…Or I will just live on an island where there are no cars. I haven’t decided which yet.


Located atop of the Westin Hotel on the fifteenth floor, Top of The East has floor to ceiling windows with exquisite views of Portland and the Harbor, comfy low couches and chairs, as well as a large bar. Behind the bar are shelves that hold alcohol, but if you pay close attention you can see them open up to reveal hidden storage. It always reminds me of something found out of Prohibition.



Tiffany and I arrived just in time for sunset. Snagging a table by the window, I ordered strawberry rhubarb martini which was amazing! So amazing in fact that it caught the attention of several guys on a bachelor party. It was quite entertaining chatting them up.


The night wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t have our bathroom photo-op. Seriously even the bathroom was swanky!



Being the crazy person I am, I again woke up early so I could go for a run before I headed back to Portland, this time for some Merventures. The morning was deceptive, and while it looked chilly, it was actually gorgeous out.


Now I am seriously hair challenged. It is one of the reasons why I am so obsessed with Dry Bar. Perhaps it is because I used all Dry Bar products (moroccan oil excluded) but holy hair gods, my hair looked amazing. I know I am totally tooting my own horn, but please let me bask in this. I was running short on time, instead of curling it like I had originally planned, I straightened it. Now typically I will run my flat iron through my hair once and call it good. Not that day, I ran it through multiple times and low and behold it came out near perfect. Their really is something to putting the time in!

We were meeting for breakfast at my mer-twin’s (And now mine) favorite restaurant, The Front Room. Having arrived early and located blocks away from Eastern Prom, I decided to park there and do a little bit of sea glass hunting before I met my friend.


The Sea God’s were with me because I found not one, but TWO pieces of exquisite sea-pottery. Sea pottery is probably my favorite thing ever! More so then even sea-glass.


After having worked up an appetite, I met Tiffany for some delicious grub! The Front Room is usually busy, but has a first come first serve policy. Luckily we were able to grab a table. I ordered the sweet potato gnocchi with bacon and spinach and it was amazing!


After our bellies were satisfied, we made our way back down to the beach where we hunted for more sea glass, had a photo shoot for an upcoming blog I am guesting on (stay tuned!) played with boomerang, and continued to chat endlessly. Seriously, we never ever run out of things to say. Ever.






All to soon it was time to bid her adieu, but thankfully we have a real mermaid reunion planned which I am so flipping excited about!

My family was throwing a party for my niece that night at my brother’s rental, which my sister-in-law’s family was staying at. (a mouthful I know!) My brother’s house is stunning, sitting atop a mountain with gorgeous views of the valley below. Spacious it was the perfect place to throw a party as well as watch the Ranger’s game.


Alas the former was a ton of fun..The latter not so much. I am still in mourning over the fact they lost game two! Come ON Blueshirts!


Sunday was the day we had been waiting for and the reason I had come home. But before my niece was given a bath, I met a friend and her daughter for breakfast where they had GF french toast! I was in heaven!

I met my family at the church where they baptized Piper afterwards. All I have to say is I am so proud of my little niece. Their was another baby being baptized and while he screamed through the whole thing, she just looked at him as if to say “Darling please, it is just a little water. Also THIS is MY show.”


Look at the smile! Afterwards we went to the Red Fox for Brunch where her oldest brother and I had a photo shoot.


Or tried too. His devilish smile kills me!


I met Sarah for one last maple latte and to catch up since I hadn’t seen her since our trip to California.


Once again saying Good-bye all to soon, my parents and I started the drive to the airport, which is in Portland. As we got halfway there, I received an alert on my phone that my flight had been cancelled. Thank the Travel Gods that I fly only one carrier AND have their app AND am a Mosaic member. I was able to quickly be rebooked for the following day.

Since I was all packed and the weather wasn’t nice anyway (thus the cancellations) I hung out with my family. Sneaking in some extra time with my niece and nephews, and some wine time with my brother and sister-in-law.



After much ado I FINALLY made it back to New York to sunny skies, eighty degree weather…And the creeping crud.

How was your weekend? Week?

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Recaps: Back to New England I Go

  1. Wanna know what a dork I am? I saw QT on your post and throught of QT interval… like the duration of time it takes a heart to depolarize and repolarize. OMG I am embarrassed to admit that but I thought it was funny that it took me a second to figure out what you were talking about. LOL. But jeez louise- what an adventure this travel was. You seemed to have dealt with those challenges at JFK with grace though! And I hate to say it, but I always find those types in airports so entertaining (the lady making a scene). I’m imaging you, from the picture you posted,- sitting with your Starbucks in hand taking a super cute selfie while she is going ballistic in the background – HAHA. STAHHP I can’t stand how good that sushi looks. GIMMMEE. Also, gimmmeee that breafaaast, mmm. You already know the absolute adoration I have for your pink dress. The fact that it matches your drink like that too- ugh so perfect. All these pictures look to die for, and your niece is stinking adorable- she could be yours with that smile and eyes! What a beautiful adventure! I can’t believe how much you snuck into a couple days. Such precious family time!

    1. A Mack comment! I am so behind with responding so seeing your comment just made my day! <3
      And oh my gosh I love it! Definitely nothing to be embarrassed about because I do that too…thinking an abbreviation is something else lol.
      Bwahaha hun I am with you! I found it highly entertaining. Bwahaha I really wish after the fact that I had filmed it…Especially when they all sat separately. That was the kicker.
      If you ever go to NH you HAVE to go here! Such good sushi!
      Awe thanks sweets! Haha that was totally unintentional. I love anything strawberry and rhubarb and girl it was sooo yummy!
      Awe thank you! She does look a lot like my brother. When my mom was babysitting her and I was with them everyone thought she was mine because we look alike. Which I honestly didn't mind because I could eat her up!
      Thanks love it really was amazing! It was sooo good to see them! I hope you are having an amazing week! <3

  2. Oh my goodness Kate you in that pretty pink Kimono, that was such a good buy on your part, it looks AMAZING on you!!!!! Also what are those cute shoes you’re wearing with it! Okay this is totally weird though but in your rancheros picture did they purposely make the guac look like a face and then the sour cream as hair??? I was looking at that picture for like a few long seconds analyzing it (I also love rancheros) but like does it not look like a face lmao! I also love you in royal blue, i think it’s like your blonde hair against the blue and it’s just flat out gorgeous! I also loved your boomerang of you hair whipping- that was awesome! lol When I first saw it on insta I was like that is SUCH a good one! *I whip my hair back and forth* is all I could think of! I thought I had a jam packed weekend but nope, YOU had such a fun jam packed week(end)!! I bet NYC is glad to have you back though…..for now until your next excursion!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thanks sweets! It is from Lulus! (I know you would approve! 🙂 I also have it in blue too!
      Oh my gosh first of all not weird and second I did not notice…But now I am going to have to go back and take a look!
      Awe thanks! It is one of my favorite colors!
      Hehe thanks beauty! My friend and I were just playing around and we decided to “Whip it…Whip it real good” Bwahaha right? That was what I kept thinking too!
      It really was! I am happy to be back in the city until the next excursion lol. <3

  3. Whenever I read one of your recap weekends from going home, I smile so much and my heart is filled with warmth and love. What another great and precious time you had at home; and your time with your best friends looked super special. I have a very close friend, who when we are together it’s like you two – always smiling, so much to share and say, loads of photo opportunities, and doesn’t everyone love a photo moment in the toilets? Ha!
    The martini looked delightful!
    Your little niece is a doll 🙂
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful and happy moments with us xoxo

    1. Aweee thank you! This comment just made my day! Their really is something special about going home. It really was. I am so blessed to have her in my life! Best friends really do make your face break from smiling and laughing! I am so happy you have that as well!
      Haha right? It is such a nice bathroom though! Who can resist?😝
      So yummy. I have never had a drink I did not like at Top of the East! Always so yummy!
      Thank you! She really is!
      Anytime! Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope you are having an amazing week!💗

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