Welcome to the Upper East Side

Made it to the city? Check! Moved in? Check! Getting acquainted with the East side? Check! Seen Pure East? Check! Picked up a guys number? Check! Reunited with Morganza? Check! In love with NYC? Check! Check! Check!
I am here! Finally! It has been a long time coming, but my Concrete Jungle journey has finally begun.

My oldest sister and brother-in-law moved me in, and it was pretty much hassle free. Well as hassle free as it can be with moving your paraphernalia in a big city.  Though I have to say, there were some new tenants moving in today and I didn’t have nearly as much stuff as I had thought! How they fit it in a car I have no idea!

My place is pretty amazing. For a NYC apartment it is pretty spacious! I definitely consider it home sweet home now.

I had my first nights sleep and I was out like a light (I won’t say bugs cause….well it IS the city!) It was funny, because when I woke up this morning it wasn’t the cars or sirens that woke me up, but birds!

And people say the city has no nature!

I had a few adventures, as I have tried to acquaint and reacquaint myself with parts  of the city. The Upper Eastside is a total mystery to me, but that is part of the charm.  Trying to find my local hotspots, and new hidden treasures.

It was especially poignant cause I drank at my first ‘Bucks. And of course I think I have my local one! It is about three blocks away and has an amazing outdoor patio, and here I was concerned that I wouldn’t get my bucks tan this summer. My NoCo Bucks crew would be especially proud, I even started chatting the baristas up! But no worries no one will ever be as good as the NoCo crew.

It is interesting because I have had to come out of my shell. As surprising as this may be to some, I am actually pretty shy with strangers, but here I have had to be outgoing (it helps that in one case, a dog kept begging for more pats from me! She reminded me of Furber so much!). I just think of my friend who moved from Ohio and came up to me and asked me to be her friend and because of that became close. I am hoping to channel some of that!

I know as I get more into activities, I will make a new crew of friends. (I will never forget my old though! I expect you peeps to visit) every Wednesday Lulu Lemon has a running group that I am going to try out. I knew there was a reason I loved that store. And of course I have my training starting on Friday.
Incredible journey’s and adventures are beginning for me and I can not wait. I intend to fully embrace all of this. (including seeing my first dead cockroach, its all good, I embraced and regardless of what some people may have expected did not freak out.) The good, the bad, the excitement, it is all at my finger tips! I can not wait!

Namaste <3

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