Wha Do I Wear: The Orange/Rust Sweater

“Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.” ~ Stephen Graham Jones

Happy Halloween friends! 

How is it Halloween already? While you know I am all about celebrating, if you know me, or if you have been around this blog for months or years, you know I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I know WHAT!?!?! But it is true. I don’t like horror movies. I don’t like to be scared. Heck I don’t even really care to dress-up. Perhaps it is because I am a minimalist and I feel like it is such a waste to spend money on one costume you will never wear again, because NO ONE wants to be an outfit repeater. (Ahem Lizzie McGuire) I don’t know, it just isn’t my fav. 


Not to mention the fact, I am more then ready to celebrate Christmas this year. Let the festivities, lights and decorations go up (which they might already be up…oops) 


That said, I love watching the kiddos get dressed up and seeing their excitement and I will one hundred percent eat my fair share of candy corn, (NO, it is NOT disgusting) and go trick or treating with them, right before I put the tree up the next day. (true story it IS happening!) Heck I have fond memories of MY Halloween and getting dressed up in home made costumes, which really were the best, as a I reflect on childhood, which might be another strike against store bought costumes for me, and the reason it has lost its allure. 


Again all this to say, this is 2020. And I will freaking do whatever it takes to brighten up 2020 in a pandemic. And while I had thought about getting a cute graphic tee like this one from Pink Lily, I decided to restrain myself. It was hard. But I did. But I still decided to channel a little Halloween spirit with this sweater also from Pink Lily.


The Sweater

First of all this is a huge departure for me. I am a blue, black, blush, army green, neutral, and occasionally red kinda gal. I don’t really do any other colors, and I especially don’t do orange! And while technically this is called a “Rust” color. (per Pink Lily’s website) I still have never owned clothing in this shade regardless of what it is called! Heck I JUST started wearing animal print, and florals. Do you know how long it took for me to get on THAT bandwagon? 


But alas it is 2020 and I decided I would attempt to expand my color palette. I say attempt, because this was the only color that was a departure from anything I bought this year. I literally bought a green sweater that was only slightly brighter then one I already own. Ughhh you win some, you can’t fight some.  


All that said, I actually am obsessed with this sweater and I do love the color, it is definitely more of a rust, but prettier. I also feel like it is kinda sorta a neutral. The sweater is distressed at the hem and has a wide vee, so you can wear it off the holder. It is shorter for almost a cropped loo, but not quite full on crop top which I love. The moment I got the sweater instantly wanted to order it in more colors, which you can. It comes in about eight other colors, including my neutral staple favs!



For this look, I actually copied Pink Lily’s styling, and went with a bralette to wear underneath for some lacey flirty fun. I went with white but you could do cream, or even for a little more of a spooky look, black. You can also wear the sweater with just pastie, but beware it does gape a little bit. I feel like a bralette offers coverage while still being comfortable. 


I have worn this with jeans, and my black skirt, but for this look, I went with my Spanx faux leather leggings which I am obsessed with. They are comfortable, flattering, and edgy, which for Halloween I feel like you need. 


To finish the look, I went with my staple black peep toes heels, which I am actually in the market for some new ones. (I linked similar here) After six years of being my tried and true, they finally met their demise. We sure created a lot of looks and of course memories! 


Moment of silence aside for my shoes, a girls best friend, I added my staple hat and kept my jewelry simple. It is casual while still has that touch of spooky spirit, for those of us who don’t like to dress up, but still want to celebrate. 


How are you Celebrating Halloween this year? Do you dress up? If so what are you dressing up as the year? 

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8 thoughts on “Wha Do I Wear: The Orange/Rust Sweater

  1. Cute sweater! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, this will be my first year not at an event or party since high school. My costume this year is a couch potato.

  2. I celebrated Halloween by staying home and passing out candy to the kiddos (safely of course)! Also, I absolutely love that style of sweater but haven’t pulled the trigger yet…I think I need to just do it! And that rust orange color, swoon! I feel like that is THE color for fall!

  3. I love this outfit, the jumper is such a chic design and I love the pants, you’ve put together this outfit so perfectly and I LOVE! Fashion Queen <3 One of my favourite outfits of yours yet <3

  4. A perfect OOTD!! But oh em geeee, I need to once and for all order those darn leggings. I’m obsessed they look so good. I’m the same as you, I don’t really care to dress up but I’ll 10000% sit there and eat the candy corn 😂 while I do a halloween/scary movie marathon lol

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