What DO I Wear?!?! 2021 Christmas Graphic Tees

Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas.” ~ Christmas Vacation

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Christmas Graphics

Friends I am fully embracing the Christmas crazy! It is amazing what happens when you go outside your comfort zone! And Christmas is that holiday that pushes me past all boundaries and dares me to take chances, especially when it comes to fashion. In fact it was only a few years ago that I wouldn’t have thought twice about wearing a graphic tee, or buying pajamas. But something about the holiday spirit changed all of that. To the point that now I admit, I might have an obsession boarding on a problem. But hey the holidays only come around once a year right?!?!

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This year, much like the Christmas PJ’s, I got not one, but TWO Christmas graphic tops, and I have been rocking both since I got them! Not only are they fun and classic. They are great conversation starters as well. Everyone it seems recognizes the one movie quote which I love! They are the perfect additions to what is fast becoming a Christmas Graphic Tops collection!

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Red Merry Sweatshirt

First up in the Christmas graphics fashion department is the coziest comfiest red sweatshirt that truly puts the cheer and well dare I say it, but the Merry and Bright into the holidays. Literally. I know, I know, that was punny, but It actually does say Merry and Bright in a white script and is so festive, and classic. I bought it in a medium, so I could have a comfy over sized fit. As well as be able to wear it with leggings as well as jeans. The inside is super soft, and it is great to throw on when it gets a bit chilly, because you are the only one who feels it should be eighty in the house. Okay I am the only one who wants it to be eighty. Thank the graphic gods for this sweatshirt!

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Christmas Vacation Tee

Two years ago I paid homage to Elf (Son of a Nutcracker) and last year I paid homage to Home Alone (Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal) This year I had to pay homage to another Christmas Classic, perhaps the most classic of them all, National Lampoon’s A Christmas Vacation. (And now I have the song in my head!) There are so many quotes from this movie but the instant classic is the one above, “Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas.” It actually comes in sweatshirt form and I almost got that as well, but I do love having some good basic t-shirts and since I already had gotten a sweatshirt, I wanted a tee to switch it up. I stuck with my regular size of a small, and it is the perfect fit. I find Pink Lily tees are on  the longer side which I love, because I can wear them with leggings, which is exactly what I have been doing. And as I mention EVERYONE recognizes the quote and it brings more holiday cheer! You can’t go wrong with that!

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Do you own any festive Christmas Graphic tees or sweatshirts? What are some of your favorite holiday movie quotes? 

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