What DO I Wear?!?! 2022 Fall Staples and Trends

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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Fall Trends and Staples
Each season I like to style my wardrobe with staple pieces as well as trends, new and old. I don’t have a capsule collection per-se, but my wardrobe is actually a lot smaller then you might think. As someone who lives in an incredibly small space, and is constantly traveling, I am a bit of a minimalist, and that shockingly includes my closet. I live by the motto of when I buy or am gifted something, I get rid of something. I also am very cognizant of fast fashion, so I try to invest in staple pieces that will last me years, and when I do get rid of clothing, I am usually selling, or donating them so they get a second life, instead of living in a land-fill for years.
I know I have talked a lot about this, but it is also why I don’t do trends per se. While I love to be fashionable, I also love to be true to myself, and not all trends fit my style, or even look good on me. We also evolve over the years, and my style has definitely changed. I admit when I was younger, I use to love to be trendy and wanted all the trends, and ironically many of those trends have come back around with the return of the nineties and early 2000’s and I now I found myself running from them! Oh the irony!
Honestly, I feel like I have been thrown back in a time warp and I hate it. Flared pants, yuck, crop-tops, maybe, clogs heck no and cargo pants please god no. Disclaimer, I actually remember coveting cargo pants as a child (and my Mom said no). I also begged to have the Steve Madden black slides, and I finally ended up getting a knock off version of them. Now that they are back, I can’t believe I EVER wore them. Another trend I can not do this season, are all the faux fur accessories. I love accessories with the best of them, and fur as well, but the combination I can not do. It is to Mary-Kate and Ashely for my tastes. Lived it and done with it. That said the trends this year aren’t all bad, and when you mix them with classic pieces that fit YOUR style, it is sure to be a win! Many of my staple pieces happen to be trendy this fall, without even meaning to be!
Faux Leather Spanx Leggings
The Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are a staple whether they are trendy or not. They are so comfortable, while still being chic and literally elevate any outfit, even when going to the gym! I am obsessed with mine and where them literally for everything from autumn to spring. A bonus is that this year they are very on trend with the faux leather look, as leather is one of the top trends for fall. Trendy or not they are a staple and something I will rock every year!
Dudley Stephen’s
This is another two fold this year because while Dudley is a staple in my closet, rocking a turtleneck is also incredibly trendy right now, so it is a win-win. Dudley Stephens has not just been a staple in my closet, but also a staple when giving gifts. Their sustainable fleece comes in so many different colors and styles, that there is something for everyone. Much like the leggings you can dress them up or down and still be cozy and chic. As I mentioned their clothing is also sustainable. All of their fleece is made out of recycled water bottles which I love!
The Coatigan
Another win-win is a trend I have been sharing from the roof tops the last month. It is a trend I love, but also a style I have been rocking for years whether it is in style or not: The Coatigan. I always called it a maxi cardigan, but this year with it making a come back, the name has been elevated and I got to say I sure do love it. I admit I have way to many in my closet, but they are perfect for those cooler fall days, nights out, and if you just want to be cozy. The longer length, adds a sophistication to any outfit as well as warmth. I am obsessed with this tan coatigan as well as this gray one, both from Lulu’s.

(Faux) Leather

I feel like (Faux, because this IS 2022 people) leather is always in style, but it seems even more so this season. I admit I love leather, but I don’t wear it as often as I like. There is something about a great Moto leather jacket, or leather accents that elevate any outfit. A leather jacket in my opinion NEVER goes out of season, and lasts for years! I have owned mine for over a decade, (now I am dating myself!) and I recently got two jackets from Blanc Noir that have leather details on them and I am obsessed!

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Another fall staple, but every year sweaters get a glow-up or perhaps a change-up. This year it isn’t just soft sweaters but cashmere and lots of it. The dolman sleeve is also popular, as well as a turtleneck style. I love anything soft and any excuse to where a sweater, whether trendy or not I am down for. I actually own two from Pink Lilly that I bought a couple years ago and are absolutely timeless.

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Knee high boots

Lastly, I have always been a fan of the knee high boots for years! Even when it wasn’t trendy. For shorter women like myself, they elongate our legs and make us look taller, which I will take! While I still appreciate a good bootie, I am grateful that knee high boots are back to being trendy and I have been stocking up! I can always find one style I like, but this year they are in abundance! I found these gorgeous tan booties at Macy’s which with the block heel, and pointed toe are the epitome of trendy, style, but most importantly comfort!

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Fashion is always evolving and changing. Trends come and go, and not all trends fit everyone. The most important thing to remember is that you dress for yourself. While I believe we should push ourselves out of our fashion box that we all tend to put ourselves in and not limit what we wear based on age, societal expectations, and even gender, I also believe we should always be comfortable and most of all confident. Our clothing is a reflection of ourselves and as such we should rock it!

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What is your take on the trends this year? What is your favorite trends this fall? What are some fall staples you love and have to wear every year? 

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