What DO I Wear: A Fashion First and one on the Way

“I’m a multidimensional person and that’s the freedom of fashion: that you’re able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever.” ~ Emma Watson

As a fashionista this might come as a surprise to quite a few people. Even close friends who know me are like Wha-!!!???

I have never had or worn hair extensions.



I have thought about it. But every time, I have pulled out last minute like a startled fawn or maybe lion with a poor excuse for a mane? Not to rag on poor lions, but I am sure even the alphas know what it is like when hair just won’t grow.

As my hair stylist always tells me, I have superwoman hair. It is made of strong strands, that just might be made out of paracord. I have done everything humanly possible to it, including a couple sketchy scientific like self dye jobs and it has yet to fall out (now I probably have jinxed myself).


That doesn’t mean I don’t have to take pre-emptive measures such as cutting it to give the strains a break and to let it grow faster. Which might sound like an oxymoron. Cutting hair to make it grow. But it is true.

Last year was one of those times. And I cut it short. Really short. Like Dorothy Hamil short and we all know how THAT looked.

At first it was a welcome change. then I was just watching the clock, staring at it, urging my hair to grow in what I knew was an incredibly futile effort.


Once again I thought about hair extensions. And once again I didn’t go through with it.

First and foremost the price. Second and also terribly important, I had no idea what to buy. From knowing what lengths to matching my hair color (I have had bad experiences with wrong colored hair dye before…platinum is NOT white blonde!) to clip ons, the ones that glue on, and ones in between, I had no idea what I was doing.

Well no more!

My friend, fellow fashionista, and totally the hair spray to my bobby pin, set me straight on hair extensions.


Deciding to take the city by storm at night, we channeled our inner fashion tigresses and she taught me the art of hair extensions. First of all that girl is talented! The way she not only put them in my hair, but her own took no time at all! I only hope I can be as adapt at it as she is!

The ones she used on my hair, she bought at Sallys and they are clip-on. Much like the clips I use to have as a child you just push them and they clip into place. It was so simple! They were a bit more yellow then my natural hair color, but they blended in seamlessly once she started straightening and brushing my natural hair. Only one clip was a tiny bit itchy, and while I was scared to move less a piece fell in someones drink (Oy vey!) they really did feel like my own hair. I think with a few wears, I would definitely get the hang of it.


I am already scrounging Sally’s and looking to buy some since I have wedding season approaching! I am obsessed! It felt so good to have long hair again! And while my hair is growing, (albite slowly, pass me the Biotin please!) the clip in extensions are the perfect fix, for when I need or want to get dressed up.


//Jacket: H&M // Dress: White House Black Market// Necklace: Anthropologie // Leggings: Lulu Lemon // Shoes: Aldo// Clutch: Alaina Marie Bait Bag//

Another fashion first (kind of) is…Are you ready? Drum roll…. False Eyelashes!


I have never worn false eye lashes?

Well yes and no. I have tried them and have had horrible disastrous results. Seriously, half the time I was ready to yank them out, the other half they were falling into my glass (see it really happens) So I decided to retire them and just admire from a far enviously at the full buxom lashes (pun intended) I see glamorous city women wear. Once again my friend set me straight giving me the tricks of the eye lash trade.

Thanks to a Sephora gift card that comes with a free make-over (thank you mom I mean Santa) and at my friend’s urging, I am going to give it one last try. Hopefully with my friends tutoring as well as Sephora’s tips, I hope to be a false eye-lash queen soon. We will see! Stay tuned for that one.


Have you ever tried hair extensions or false eye lashes? What were your results? As always I would love to hear from you!

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11 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: A Fashion First and one on the Way

  1. Okay okay I love these two topics….first of all, hair extensions. I LOVE THEM. I’m with you, I have good hair, its thick it grows long, etc… but every now and then I like to play with extensions. More so currently only because my hair is a little past shoulder length and sometimes I just want that long hair! So when I did have extensions (which were also from sally’s & clip ins) I used them more for length than thickness, although I did love the extra thickness. My current struggle is matching my color because I have like assorted blonde tones in my hair but once I buy them I’ll probably bring them to a hair salon to match the color tone as best as possible…
    Okay as far as fake eyelashes, I ALSO love them! I would personally love to get eyelash extensions because I think they’re gorgeous but, I’m a glasses-wearer so it’s almost pointless for me. But so totally for them!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you so much! Loved hearing your thoughts on this! It sounds like clip ins from Sally’s is the way to go!😊 that is my worry! That is won’t match, but that is a good idea about the hair salon.
      I have thought about eye lash extensions but they are so expensive!🙈 I actually hate wearing mascara (contact and glasses wearer) it bothers my eyes, but my old facialist use to tint them and I loved it! I like easy but glam beauty…which mind sound like a complete oxymoron😂🤣 thanks again beauty! 😘😘

  2. GORGEOUS as usual! I loved the picture you posted on insta! Also- did you happen to see my instagram mishap?! SO EMBARRASSING! But anyway- the only time I have worn fake lashes was for my wedding and I have to say I loved them! But I don’t know if I would have the patience to always apply them. Anywho- you always inspire me with your fashion finds, and I love the stores you shop at too! xoxo

    1. Awe thanks sweets! No! I am sad I missed it! ;p lol. I am sure it was fine 🙂 I would have just thought you were photo happy which is not a bad thing at all! 😀
      Ooo I will have to go back and look at your pics (not to sound like a stalker!;) From the ones I saw you looked so purty! Did you have them professionally applied? That is totally me! (I haven’t found the right shape either… but;) Trying to apply them (the few times I attempted) took me half an hour…No one has time for that! ;p lol.
      Awe thank you! I am glad. Lol. I shop at the same three stores…I am a pretty habitual shopper ;p <3

      1. Hahah with the instagram pictures- it was just the most RANDOM pictures, like a sideways candle, the picture of the high heels I posted in my last post, a towel, etc. So bizarre! And yes- they were professionally applied! And yessss- I am the same way with shopping- then you know you like their clothes and your familiar with sizes, quality, return policies, and your way around the store- it’s all just easier right?! Hope this weekend is off to a GREAT start, love!

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