What DO I Wear: Fashion for a Cause Fighting Pediatric Cancer

“Fashion is a logical place to start to raise awareness for sustainable causes.” ~ Jochen Zeitz


As a fashionista, I have a very big appreciation for clothes and accessories. As a philthanthropist and consumer I have a love for companies, especially those small indie businesses, that give back. Whether it is Satya Jewelry which raises funds for clean water and orphanages To Warby Parker which donates eye glasses to those in need and helps promote writing and reading in children to Seventy to which each week designs shirts to help a specific charity to bigger brands like Alex and Ani that has a bracelet a month with proceeds going to various charities, to even organizations like the RED foundation that makes products for AIDS research. You have a cause and a great product show me where to purchase!


It is also no secret that I am a hat girl. Which is why when Love your Melon flashed upon my Facebook, and I saw that fifty (FIFTY!) percent of proceeds go to fighting pediatric cancer, I was hooked. I have relatives including a cousin who was just two years old at the time diagnosed with cancer. My cousin being the incredible woman that she is, teamed up with Columbia’s Hope and Hero’s to raise money for pediatric cancer in her son’s honor. She saw first hand what kids go through and wanted to do what she can to help. Thankfully her son is going on six years cancer free. Yay!


While I love supporting causes, many times the products aren’t the greatest quality. I love giving a present that also supports organizations, but I hate giving a gift that will fall apart after a first wear. I understand many of these companies cut costs, so they have more to give but even still it is why companies like Alex and Ani appeal. While they may only donate ten or fifteen percent the quality is better.

Alas Love Your Melon happily proved me wrong!


This company began in 2012 as a college project at the University of St Thomas in St Paul Minnesota for two students. The idea was to put a hat on every child fighting cancer, 45,000 to be exact. When they reached their goal they decided to create a new one: Raise and donate a million dollars to pediatric cancer research. Fifty percent of every hat bought is donated to help children batting cancer. Fifty percent!


This isn’t just a t-shirt or a bracelet. The founders put real thought into each and every product. As I scrolled through the colorful hats, I fell in love wanting one of each. Their marketing alone, I knew this was a company i could not wait to get behind.

While part of me wanted to go crazy with a coral reef (baby blue, bright blue and salmon yarn blend) or mint beanie, I settled on two more traditional and versatile colors. A cuffed beanie in khaki speckled and a traditional one in black.


Oh my gosh I want to wear it all the time!

I had major doubts about being a beanie girl, but I think I just might have been converted! These aren’t just chic and fashionable, they are extremely  well made comprised of a thick cotton blend. At first I was sure it was made of wool. They are that thick! Thanks to the yarn which is made out of cotton, it has none of the itchiness but all of  warmth. The fabric also enables that kids going through chemo can also wear the hats without irritation to their skin.


This is a company that has sold me and already got me thinking about Christmas. I will definitely be investing in more hats. They have such an assortment that I could buy one to match every outfit! I just might!

Have you worn Love Your Melon? What do you think of them?

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5 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: Fashion for a Cause Fighting Pediatric Cancer

  1. I love what Love Your Melon stands for and I couldn’t believe when it said half goes to the pediatric cancer, thats what made me love it even more. It helps that their hat designs are super cute too! Which btw you’re really are such a hat girl, they look so cute on you!

    xo, JJ

    1. I double checked and triple checked because I was skeptical. They really are an amazing company! Right? I am not much of a beanie girl (I need a brim of some kind) but I had to give these a shot and I love them! Awe thank you so much! I love hats. Perfect for a bad hair day😂💗

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I also LOVE the Love Your Melon caps!!! I have been wanting to get one for a while- their cause and purpose is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing this. And you look darling in it! Now I’m gonna go grab me one right now. xox

    1. Yay! I am glad you love this! I love when fashion and a good cause collide! Thank you! You definitely have too! You would look ah-may-zing in a beanie! <3

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