What Do I Wear: A Last Summer Edition

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” ~ Henry Rollins

One Last Summer Fashion Hoorah!

Is anyone else heartbroken to say good-bye to Summer? Last week we unofficially paid adieu to it in the States. Despite my ugly crying, begging and pleading to Mother Nature, the temperatures have definitely taken that turn with a crisp bite to the air. The last week I have woken up in the fifties and it has only gotten up to seventy. I am officially in Summer withdrawals and I hate it!



Despite my “Summertime Sadness” to quote Lana Del Rey, I had to do one last  Summer inspired “What DO I Wear” post before I am forced tearfully  wave good-bye to Summer.

In my own humble opinion I saved the best for last.


Beach Boutiques

One if my favorite things to do in a beach town is to peruse the shops. The irony is not lost on me since I am more of an internet, anti-people, solitary shopper. But there is some thing utterly charming about the boutiques that litter the boardwalks, beckoning this mermaid in.

Yes quite a few of them have clothes that throw me back to middle school giving me nightmares of days yonder when I had braces and wearing shorts with writing on the tush was attractive (FYI it was NEVER attractive!). There are also the overpriced shops with the touristy trinkets and horrendous quality of clothing half the time.


Then there are the gems. The shops that carry locally made items with materials from the surrounding beaches, the decor with nautical elements, and of course the clothes. I have found street clothes such as dresses, and shirts mixed right along with the swimsuits and kaftans cover-ups.


Confession time. Every time I hear the word kaftan I literally sprint in the opposite direction. Not that their is anything wrong with an ahem, kaftan. But I can not ignore the images it conjures. Ones of my Grandmother wearing the oversized monstrosities giving the impression she was about to take flight at any moment. I do not care how popular they were or are, they are not attractive on anyone! Even as a child who use to play dress-up with them, they really should have been banned from the box!


Now I realize I might be being a tad unfair. Kaftans actually were men’s clothing until the sixties and seventies bastardized the version and thought it would look great on a woman. (it doesn’t) And since then they have come a long way becoming more fitted and less boxy. My purchase of one (yes I actually did write that) is proof that I have gotten over my hang-up just a bit. BUT I still really hate calling it a kaftan. I prefer the trendy version of: “Cover-up.”


The Kaftan Cover-up

I bought this piece at a favorite boutique of mine in Old Orchard which alas went out of business last year. (Cue the ugly crying) Known more for their colorful flip-flops and bags then cover-ups I admit this was sort of a spur of the moment purchase, but one that I have no regrets over.

I had seen it hanging in the store and it beckoned me to buy it. I at first didn’t realize that the print, done in my favorite pale aqua color on a backdrop of icy white, was actually turtles. The subtle motif was both different, yet not overtly beachy, that it screamed cover-up. In fact because it is made out of a chiffon material, there is versatility in how you wear it.


The sleeves are what truly won me over. Billowy with lots and lots of fabric hidden at the edges are hook and eyes lending itself to different styles whether you want to keep them open and flowy, or close them lending for a warmer, yet still stylish look.

Styling It

Who would of thought that a kaftan would be my beach staple? But it is!


Most of my bikinis are a shade of green-blue which makes this the perfect piece to throw over them. I love adding a hat and metallic  gladiator sandals to take a walk in the town or go barefoot with the wind gusting away as I walk along the beach.

Because of the material it also gives me the versatility to wear it out at night, switching my barefoot feet to some stilettos and adding some jewelry.

It is comfy, cosy, AND chic. A true win win!


What do you think of this cover-up? What do you think of the word Kaftan? Are you having Summer Withdrawals?  

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10 thoughts on “What Do I Wear: A Last Summer Edition

  1. I love this post!! I love seeing you smiling in every picture! You’re so cute! And I love your outfit! I am really sad summer is over… I had such a good summer this year xx

    1. Thanks so much love! Awe you are the sweetest! I am in my happy place so it is easy to smile! 🙂 Yay! I am so happy to hear/read that! It truly was an amazing Summer 🙂 Why does it have to end? :p I hope you have an amazing Fall beauty! <3

  2. This looks beautiful. I’d never heard of a kaftan before, but if they all look like this one I don’t know how you could have ever disliked them! Perfect beach attire or for strolling in those little boutique shops (which I also adore).

    1. The are! Last year when I was in Greenport LI I found not one but TWO adorable dresses. They are such a fashionista’s hidden gem! Awe thank you so much sweets! <3

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