What DO I Wear: A Touch of Spring Amidst Quarantine

“Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.” ~ Francis Bacon

Fashion Rule: Their are NO rules

If you have been hanging out with me for awhile around here, you know my (very strong) opinions on white before Memorial Day, to the point I probs sound like a broken record. To reiterate for those who are new it is an antiquated rule and I strongly believe in wearing whatever the heck you want year round! In other words, I am NOT here for it, and in fashion there are no rules! To dictate rules goes against the fashion grain, as this quote says, fashion is living art.


Whether it is white jeans, white shoes, or white jackets I rock the blank canvased color year round! Not to mention that there IS such a thing as winter white, during those months that are supposedly no gos! Having grown up in a region known for chilly temps well into June, if it is sixty degrees you can bet I will be rocking my white jeans! Resort wear doesn’t stick to just after Memorial Day and before Labor Day, but anytime, any where it is warm and there is a beach of course!


Quarantine Fashion Killer

Admittedly, quarantine has kinda been a fashion killer. Honestly, if I owned Pj’s I probably would be rocking them, instead, athleisure which has always been a staple to my yogi wardrobe, has been my go to. It doesn’t help mother nature has been so frickin erratic, that my head is spinning trying to keep up with her moods, so layering with leggings and sweatshirts are just easier.  


I have always been a fan of spring/summer fashion, bathing suits aside, and I love rocking dresses, rompers and of course the aforementioned white jeans. Which is why I am dreaming of sunnier days, warmth, and even freedom (beaches PLEASE!), until then I will try to bring some spring class to my wardrobe even if it is just my mirror seeing it.


Arctic Photo Shoots

Knowing that there was going to be a quarantine and right before they shut everything down, I drove to Maine to do a socially distanced photo shoot with just me, myself, and my tripod. It was an adventure let me tell you! The day I went, it was thirty degrees with windchills in the teens and I was shooting spring/summer clothes as well as some other products for campaigns I was working on. With the wind gusting I had more then my fair share of Marilyn moments! Not to mention the fact that my products kept rolling away from me! I am sure I looked quite comical, but thankfully no one was there to see me, on ALL levels!

//Hat & Shirt: Pink Lilly //Jeans: WHBM //Shawl Cape: Anne Taylor Outlet //Booties: Aldo //Bracelet: Victoria Emerson//

I made it work though, and while I was frozen by the end, and am pretty sure I got frost nip, I am so pleased with how the pictures came out. Not to mention the memorable laughs I created, even if I was the only one to experience them. Because I was not gonna touch a public bathroom with this mess going on, I didn’t make any bathroom stops (usually I do) and went one step further by not drinking ANY of my coffee, until I was driving back. It really was an experience friends! This is one of the outfits I shot from that crazy adventure.


The Outfit

I have shared these jeans before. For petite, curvy girls, White House Black Market pants is where it is at. They are comfy, while still being slimming and they come in so many styles and sizes, that there is a pair that will fit everyone. I am a firm believer that white jeans should be a staple in every fashionista’s closet and these jeans from WHBM make that possible. They are stretchy while still keeping everything secure, and they go with everything.5029A681-E57E-41A4-9E38-9CE221AE54DB

I love blush pink, and I admit my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with this color. It is such a great versatile color that in my opinion while it can be an accent, is also a neutral. It is the perfect color to rock year round, but it especially shines for spring. This blouse from Pink Lilly is feminine as well as being versatile. You can wear it out boating or to the office, and it even transitions well to a night out. The billowy sleeves are on trend for the season and I love that the v-neck adds a subtle sexiness without being over the top.


Because you never know what spring in New England will bring, I paired my tried and true nude booties for some protection for when mother nature changes her mind. But I can easily switch to cute espadrilles or block heels. As a huge hat fan especially during the summer months, (protect that face!) I had a rancher hat on hand as well as my sunnies (and coffee!) I kept my jewelry subtle. Lastly, because of the aforementioned capricious Mother Nature, I added a heavier cape shawl, but a denim jacket easy goes with this look as well. This is the perfect New England look for when you don’t know what you will get with the weather, (even when you stock the weather app a thousand times in an hour) but are craving spring, as I have even before quarantine. Let’s be real, I was craving it the day after New Years!


What do you think of the look? What is your spring staple? What have you been rocking this quarantine? 


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6 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: A Touch of Spring Amidst Quarantine

  1. You always look like you’re having so much fun in your photos, I love it! Definitely agree about not following rules in fashion – it’s meant to be FUN and expressive!xx

  2. Yes! White is one of my favourite colours to wear and you rock it perfectly Queen. You’re so right that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Fashion is art and a way to express ourselves. I totally love that you had this photoshoot with your tripod, so groovy!!! And you look amazing as always! Girl, you are amazing and I love you! Thank you for bringing this joyful fashion post to the blogosphere and your amazing personality shines through as always!

  3. You look lovely, I love your photp shoot. The colours are spring like and lovely😊 I’ve just lived in my gym clothes, I do misd dressing up so at the weekend I have one day of nice makeup and a good outfot haha x

  4. i love all your outfits and this one is by far one of my many favorites 😀
    i love how you always just have fun with your photoshoots, i hardly ever do outfit photos because i feel so awkward posing haha you are giving me some serious inspo to just get out and do it 🙂

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