What Do I Wear?!?! A Winter Dress Staple

“Fashion is about comfort and feeling good.” ~ Max Azria 

What Makes a Staple Piece 

When I shop for clothing, I look for three things, versatility, comfort, and pizazz. As a Gemini, I am all about pieces that are versatile, not only does it make it easy when traveling or transitioning from day to night, but it also cuts down on the amount of clothes you need and saves money. And while I am a fashionista, I love saving money!


Comfort is another characteristic I look for in clothes. Fashion does not need to be uncomfortable. In fact when you are not comfortable, it shows not just in appearance, but also whether you are giving off those confident I am woman vibes. Painful heels, and shirts that clingingly emphasis our rolls are a recipe for a shoddy day.


I want pieces that take little effort to style but still look good, especially during the winter months when the weather is gloomy and all I want to do is live in work-out clothes. Basic pieces that have that wow factor with unique details, are the key to my winter staple wardrobe. It takes little to no effort in styling, yet I still look chic.


Knit dresses fit that winter wardrobe criteria. Paired with leggings and boots, you have an outfit thrown together in seconds. Dresses transition well from work to meeting friends for dinner, and if you want to be a bit more sassy, you can always accessorize.


The Dress 

I found the perfect dress at (where else) Anthropologie a few years back. I still to this day will rock it at least once a week during Winter.

//Dress and necklace: Anthropologie // Leggings: Lululemon // Boots: AmericanRag //

It will come as no surprise that the army green color caught my attention right away. The swing of the dress was feminine, yet also forgiving without making me look boxy. Pockets at the hips, and a crocheted hem also added some structure to the A-line skirt. It had a light turtleneck, and was made out of the softest cotton material.


Yet this dress was truly more of a party in the back kind of dress. When I took it off the rack, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the upper bodice had a delicate lace design, adding that finishing touch of pizazz I am always on the hunt for. Any time there is lace I am sold and this took it from mediocre to fierce in the time it took to turn around.


Stylin’ Staple

Because of the lace, I really do not have to accessorize it. I literally can grab it out of my closet, put it on, add leggings and boots, and I am stylin’.  Since I bought it, it has become my go to, every Fall and Winter. When I am having a clothing crisis and am not sure what to wear (we have all been there) this is the old faithful.


On days I want to put more of an effort in, which aren’t many during winter, I will add a pendant necklace to add some length, and maybe a belt for a more tailored look. I also have occasionally added my army green moto vest which gives it more of a bohemian vibe.


This dress also pairs beautifully with scarves, including blanket scarves, if it is an especially chilly day. The choices are endless, which is what makes this such a great staple.


What do you think of the dress? Do you have a dress you love to wear during the Winter? 

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8 thoughts on “What Do I Wear?!?! A Winter Dress Staple

  1. I love your style! I completely agree; fashion definitely doesn’t need to be uncomfortable! 😀 If I’m uncomfortable, I spend the whole time fixating on how uncomfortable I am and it’ll probably put me in a bad mood anyway, so there’s no point <3

    1. Awe thank you love! No it doesn’t! My biggest pet peeve is when people say fashion isn’t comfortable because it is all what you make it. Being in spandex and sweat pants isn’t always comfortable to me. I feel more like a humpback whale without the cuteness! Exactly! So true! 💗

  2. I love this! Looks so cosy but not too tight. I need a flattering dress for winter, too many defo show any rolls I have😂 I love your style, thick tights and dress makes a great look💕 xx

  3. I love that you look for pizazz! This is going to feature in my shopping criteria from now on! Army green looks amazing on you; I loooove this dress. I personally find it so hard to find winter dresses but you’ve got the job done. Lots of love, Kath (from bingingonbeetroot) Xx

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