What DO I Wear?!?! All The Christmas Cozy PJ’s

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” ~Elf

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Christmas Pajama’s 

Friends I have officially been converted… at least to Christmas PJ’s that is! By now y’all know I am not a fan of pajamas (shorts and a tees!) but I have changed my tune when it comes to Christmas PJ’s they are cozy comfy and oh so festive and how can you NOT love them? They are like a souped up version of an ugly sweater but much more comfortable and makes you (or at least ME) feel like I am wearing a onesie.

I honestly never thought I would be someone who would buy Christmas Pajamas. And buy a new pair ever year. You see the pictures especially of the cute families and up until a few years ago that was NOT me. But there is something fun and cozy about Christmas PJ’s. Perhaps because if you have kiddos in your life, you spend hours (and I do mean hours!) opening Christmas presents and want to be comfortable. It also makes for better pictures and limits arguments if you are wearing Christmas Flannel as opposed to a NY Rangers tee. Or maybe that is just my family since I am related to Bruins fans. (yes they are misguided and yes I am digressing).

This year though friends, I truly went off the rails, I didn’t just buy one pair, no I got two pairs of Christmas PJs! AND a nightgown all form Pink Lily. Like I said friends, I am officially obsessed! I have been rocking them since I got them in November, and even took them with me when I was traveling. Heck I might just wear them year round for continuous holiday cheer!

Green Christmas Tree Pajama’s

Up first, if you read my Fancy Friday Holiday Edition Post, you know green is the color of the season and one of MY favorite colors, not just around Christmas time. When I saw that Pink Lily had a Fair Isle inspired Green Christmas Tree print, I knew I had to get them!  The top is a crew-neck long sleeved shirt, that would actually work perfectly by itself, especially as a layer for winter hiking or skiing, not just for Pajamas and I love that. I got a medium in the top, but I is actually just a tad to big. I probably could have gotten a small, but it isn’t a huge deal. The bottoms, which I got a large in, are a little baggy and they are Aldo LONG, but again it isn’t a huge deal because they are pajamas, and I would rather be comfy then unable to breathe because they are tight.

The material is the softest silkiest cotton, I have ever felt and it definitely surprised me, but not in a bad way. I love the way it feels, I just thought it would be more like their graphic tee cotton. They make great lounge wear, and will be perfect for game nights or opening presents.

Red Plaid PJ’s 

These Red Plaid pajamas are more my style to sleep in and I actually did when I was away. They also fit the best, and are more in line to how Pink Lily’s sizing was last year. I am wearing a large in the shorts, and a medium in the top and it was comfy and cozy while still being flattering and not to loose. The plaid is super soft just like flannel. The buttons on the top are functional, and the bottoms have a draw string to tighten them. As I mentioned they are perfect to sleep in as well as to just lounge around in.

Fair Isle Nightgown

Like the Christmas Tree PJ’s, this nightshirt is so silky soft, I am obsessed! I literally did not want to take it off. I am not a huge fan of nightgowns, but I thought I would try it out because I am always up for pushing my own fashion boundaries, and I went this crazy with pajamas, why not go all out? And I am so happy I did. I did buy a large, and it was a little big in the arms, but the length (for me, I want to be comfy not self conscious) was perfect. I could have maybe done a medium, but since it is a nightgown it isn’t that big of a deal. It really is the absolute coziest and I love the Fair Isle Print. The touch of pink adds a nice twist to holiday PJ’s. Pair with some Ugg slippers, and you are ready for a cozy evening!

Do you do Christmas Pajamas? What are your favorite styles? 

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