What Do I Wear: An Easy Halloween Costume

“Don’t have a cup of coffee this Halloween. Have a cauldron of coffee instead.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks

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Happy Halloween Friends!

Happy Halloween! I can not believe it is here! (and you know what starts tomorrow! Hehe) But honestly friends I am not big on Halloween. Gasps, I know shocking! But it is true. Is Halloween fun? Yes. But with my job, I am usually on the one track mind of Christmas which is in just under TWO months. (eeek!) That Said, this year people have been trying to convert me into the Halloween spirit, and it is kinda succeeding, from fun Halloween decorations, to events, to even passing out candy this year, I am feeling the spooky season. So I thought I would dig down deep, or at least scrounge through my closet for an easy Halloween costume.

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Not going to lie, part of me did think I could just be a reindeer or a Christmas elf, but I knew my friends would roll their eyes at that. I wanted an outfit that would be versatile, and also something I could create from my closet like maybe a crazy Grandmother in a Christmas sweater? I know, I know there I go with he Christmas again! Joking aside, I had thought of the usual, a kitten, but then I would have to go buy cat ears, or maybe a burglar and then I thought of something that isn’t your typical, I shopped my closet for a Halloween outfit look. Though I really did.

How I Created the Look

It’s Dorothy! Not going to lie, this look was easy because I already had a blue and white dress from Lilly Pulitzer, so I didn’t have to go out and buy one and I really do love that I could repurpose it for Halloween! Alas, if you don’t have a blue and white dress on hand, this one unfortunately is sold out, BUT Pink Lilly has a similar one that would be perfect and so cute to wear in the spring and summer months.

Honestly though, the shoes are what inspired this look! I had the shoes! Actually I had two different types of red shoes. The first are my red satin bowed stilettos from Lulu’s that I always rock for the holidays. (there I go with Christmas again!) While they aren’t sparkly, I feel like they are still the perfect glitz for Dorothy.

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The second is perhaps a more naughty Dorothy, with red knee high boots from Macy’s. Granted they aren’t sparkly, but they are faux suede, and I love the ruffle detailing on them. They also are perfect for keeping me warm if it is a cold Hallows Eve Night. I finished the look with my childhood stuffed animal Puddles, that yes friends, I still keep close by when I sleep.

It is such the perfect, EASY look. And it is absolutely fitting with the 20th anniversary of Wicked being on Broadway! Maybe next year I will be Glinda! I also could have really gone all out either by putting my har in pigtails, or actually going out and buying a brunette wig. I also could have added knee high socks with my red stilettos. Maybe next year friends. Slow and steady, the hallow eve spirits are winning me over!

I hope you all have an amazing and amazingly spooktacular Halloween! Are you dressing up? 



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