What DO I Wear?!?! Another Edition of Plaid

“What is the difference between fashion and style? Fashion says, ‘Me, too,’ and style, ‘Only me.’ ” ~ Geraldine Stutz


In another edition of plaid galore, I am highlighting my new favorite button down shirt. Because I am a full disclaimer kind of gal, I will share a little secret with you. Technically it is suppose to be a sleep shirt.


Say wha-?

‘Tis true.

I stumbled into Aerie, a store that I have never been in despite hearing many a blogger sing their praises.


(I know! Another shocker!)

To be honest, I was extremely disappointed in myself that I had not been in here before. I was literally a kid in a candy store. I wanted one of everything. I might be a fashionista, but I LOVE comfy cozy clothes. Soft fabrics, fleece, flannel it all screams not talks to me. As I loaded my arms up with sweatshirts and cozy goodness, like a chalice on display, I saw the flannel shirt, and with a full choir of angels singing (in my head), I knew I needed to try it on.


// Shirt: Aerie // Leggings: Lululemon // Boots: American Rag // Necklace: Seamilligan Designs // 

Plaid Popularity

Plaid could literally win Mister Popular right now. It is insanely trendy for the Fall and Winter. While I don’t always jump on the trend bandwagon, why should it not be popular? It is warm, cozy, and done right, screams runway ready instead of Lumberjack Joe.

And did I mention it is cozy?


I have definitely gotten on the plaid train, and my next stop on the way to having an amazing wardrobe, was a button down.

About to be TMI

Now you might think because I am petite in pretty much ALL areas (Kim K derriere aside!), finding a button down shirt would be easy.


Uh-uh. It is not.

While I might not have much going on up top, I have extremely broad shoulders (Thank you skating and WAY to many Chatturangas) thus I tend to gape in the cleavage area when I wear a button down.

Regardless of what any male magazine says, that is NOT attractive!


Thus the sizing issue struggle is real. If I wear anything bigger then a small, it looks frumpy and ill fitting, but half the time a small has me playing peek-a-boob with everyone and NO one wants that!

Thus button downs and I continuously have a love-hate relationship. Until that is, those choir of angels started singing!


The Shirt

The moment I slipped my arms through the material I knew that it was meant to be. It was super soft, and snuggly without being frumpy.  The ruffle detail extends past the buttons offering protection from any gaping that might occur. (and shockingly none did!) I loved that it was on the longer side for a tunic, offering coverage, but still having shape by going up at the sides. Lastly the print itself sold me. It was a soft pale blue plaid which aside from green (I mean I don’t like green…) is my other favorite color.


Styling it

This is one of those shirts that is so easy to style! Because of the length, it goes great with leggings and boots. I also could have rocked it over a camisole and jeans. It really is the perfect versatile winter outfit! I didn’t belt it, but if I wanted a more cinched in look, I could have. You know this girl loves her options, and there are many with this shirt!


What do you think of the shirt? How do you wear button downs? Do you have clothes that are technically lounge wear but you wear every day? 

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10 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Another Edition of Plaid

    1. Fashion struggles are real! Lol. And I love that idea! I never thought about pairing it with a dress. I usually do, a tank top or shirt 🙂 thanks for reading! I hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!💗

  1. Love it. Such a cute shirt and it so suits you😊 I hear you about gaping. I can never find a flattering button front top that didn’t gape like crazy🙈 x

    1. Thank you beauty! Awe you are so sweet! That struggle is SO real! And frustrating! I am amazed a designer hasn’t redesigned the structure of the shirt or done something. Lol. 💗

    1. I have been converted to the Aerie bandwagon and can not wait to try their underwear. I have heard such great things about them! Awe thank you so much! You are so sweet! 💗

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