What DO I wear?!? Beach Chic Edition

“Fashion is never in crisis because clothes are always necessary.” ~ Achille Maramotti
This past spring, before I even knew Victoria Secret was ending their foray with swimsuits,(I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.) I had bought two suits that I am in love with. I had even written about my excitement over them here.

Alas, while swimsuits are cute, make you feel flirty and feisty, you can not just wear them out and about. You need something – hopefully cute – to wear over it. Thus the hunt for cute beach, but not cover-ups, dresses and skirts commenced.


// Jacket and camisole: J-Crew // Skirt: LJC Designs // Flip-flops: Aldo // Sunglasses: Tory Burch //

I always try to plan my outfits around my bathing suits making the easy transition from coffee shop too beach, to restaurant to light house as easy as possible with as little changing going on as feasible. Don’t get me wrong, I will just as easily change in the car if necessary, but I don’t necessarily want too do the car jig. It can make for some very awkward glances.

Some times it makes me want to roll down my window and say “Yes, I AM changing dude looking in  my window. Are you enjoying the view?”

Thankfully their are some very talented designers who make that transition effortless with trendy cover-ups, that do not look like cover-ups and skirts that you can wear with just your bikini top or throw a shirt over it to go out at night.


While the cover-up is most peoples go to. I love a good skirt to throw over my bottoms. It is the most versatile piece. Because you can change the top depending on where you are going after your beach excursions. Having a white bathing suit, I can wear pretty much anything with it. But there is something about pairing white with white. Which is what I have done. I have a beautiful linen white maxi skirt from Banana Republic that creates an elongated look, even on me. I also have several skirts from Bali based designer Lucy Cottee which make me dream of being on a tropical vacation every time I don them, and transition well from sun and sand to an evening at a tiki bar.


// Hate: Anthropologie // Swimsuit: Victoria Secret // Skirt: LJC Designs //


I love dresses and own way, way to many of them. I admit though, I am not a huge fan of of the terry dresses. Insanely comfortable? Most definitely. Fashionable? Heck no! While they are perfect for a day at the beach, they do not transition well to night time or even going out for lunch. As someone who is all about versatility with my clothes, I tend for more cotton dresses that can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion. Switching my jacket or kimono is as much changing as I prefer.


// Hat, Dress, and Kimono: Anthropologie // Flip-Flops: Reefs //


While jean shorts aren’t the most versatile, linen shorts are. Especially if you change the top to something lousier after a day at the beach. I actually love wearing off the shoulder shirts with my suit tops peaking through. Especially since I color-cordinate my outfit right down to the bathing suit I chose to wear for the day.


// Hat and Camisole: Anthropologie // Necklace: Kate Spade // Shorts: J-Crew // Flip-Flops: Reefs //


While hats are a girl’s best friend during the day, especially to protect the money maker mug. There is nothing flirtier then some beach waves. I always carry Bumble and Bumbles Sea Salt Beach Wave Spray. It smells divine, and adds the right texture to transition my hair from day to night.


// Hat and skirt: Anthropologie // Shirt: Tanya-B //

Always carry some lipgloss and waterproof mascara and you will be Beach Chic in no time!

How do you style your beach wear?

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