What DO I Wear?!?! Beach Wear Essentials

“To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.” ~ Jeanne Moreau

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My Whole Wardrobe

I can’t believe it is the last day of June! Good-bye birthday month! Hello July! It has been a good one! Friday, or perhaps even tomorrow, kicks off the Fourth of July Weekend. Cook-outs, parades, fireworks, and of course beach trips! Means ALL the summer fun!

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In my last post, I talked about what was in my beach BAG, so I think it is only fitting to now talk about the clothes I bring with me. I always joke I travel with my whole wardrobe to the beach. Part of it, is because I do shoots when I go. But the other reason is, I NEVER know what to expect weather wise. While I check the weather religiously (legit a running joke amongst my friends and I) being an hour plus inland it is usually much different on the coast. Not to mention depending on the tide it can make or break the day (High tide is always colder then low tide with the wind) I always make sure to have the essentials packed and ready for when I go and I thought I would share them here.

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Number one Essential

I always, ALWAYS, have a sweatshirt with me. I actually leave a heavy one in the car to have on hand, just in case which came in handy last week at the beach, because it was FREEZING. Admittedly there are some days I don’t need it, but it is better to be over packed then freezing. Plus a sweatshirt can always be used as a pillow when laying out in the sand. If I am not repping the seaside towns I have visited, I usually wear one of my Naketano sweatshirts. Unfortunately, they went out of business a few years ago, but in their place is a new company called Wanakome, and their sweatshirts are identical with the same rope detailing, asymmetrical designs, and incredible quality.

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Leggings, pants, joggers

I know it is summer, but it is still the coast and it can get breezy. I always bring some type of long pant, whether it be joggers, actual pants, or leggings. Again it has come in handy for when the tide is coming in and the temps drop. I personally prefer joggers because they are roomy, comfy, and the sand doesn’t get stuck in them as much as it does in leggings, which can be a major inconvenience.

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Switching gears to apparel for the hotter temps, while I have become more confidant in wearing swimsuits in my old age, I still don’t like walking around in just a bikini. I’ll usually throw a pair of Lululemon athletic shorts and a t-shirt over my swimsuit when I drive to the beach, so I usually have those on hand, unless I decide to switch it up (see further down this post!). But being a fashionista ,sometimes I want to be beach chic and a sarong is a much cuter alternative to shorts, especially if I am walking along the shore or running to grab something from the car. I love how it blows in the wind and I always feel so elegant while still being covered and feeling confidant.

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Flowy Duster

Another must have, is a flowy duster which also makes for a great cover-up despite being open in the front. Much like a sarong, I can throw it over my swimsuit when I am walking or running to grab something. A duster is also a great way to shield ymyself from the sun, and protecting that skin, whilst staying cool when laying out. I own so many of them, that I literally have one that matches every bathing suit I own.

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A Cover-up Dress

Now for the switching up part! I actually LOVE a great beach dress. They aren’t always practical, but I do feel like it is a more put together look and even works as an alternative to a duster or sarong. You also aren’t throwing on a gazillion clothes like you are with a t-shirt and shorts. I have been obsessing over these sweater dresses from Pink Lily. They are comfortable while still having that chic factor.

While it might seem like I am bringing my whole wardrobe with me, these items actually do not take up a lot of space in my beach bag and they ensure that I am always prepared no matter what the mistress of the sea and mother nature decide to throw at me weather wise! And by being prepared, I am guaranteed to always have an enjoyable trip to the beach!

What do you bring to the beach? Do you bring multiple changes of clothing? Are you prepared for all sorts of weather? 

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