What DO I Wear?!?! Blanc Noir Jackets

“Leather accents on pieces make it fun and spices up an outfit.” ~ Rachel Bilson

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Blanc Noir

Hello friends and Happy New Year! I am starting 2023 off with my first, but certainly not last What Do I Wear post and it was one of my favorite finds to end 2022. I am always on the hunt for great brands who not only design and sell great clothing, but who GET women, and get my philosophy’s. Blanc Noir is one of those companies. They have taken athleisure wear and made it chic, comfortable, fashionable and functional. All things I look for when buying clothes. Their motto is “Work-Travel-Play,” something I wholeheartedly support and try to live by myself. And their fashionable clothes make that super easy to do!

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Carrie Bradshaw might have been obsessed with her Jimmy Choo’s, but I LOVE my dresses and jackets, the latter of which Blanc Noir is known for and does exceptionally well. While they sell everything from sweaters to pants, it is their jackets that have put them on the map, as well as their neutral palettes, loose, but still chic fit, and especially the leather accents. The last is kind of what won me over and made them stand out from other brands. I have always been a huge fan of leather and when it is combined with athleisure well you can’t get a more winning combo. A little edgy. A little comfy, I am all about it friends!

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The Jackets 

I know, I have a jacket problem, but I just want one of each. Blanc Noir jackets are SO good. Yes, they are even better then other athleisure brands I have rocked. As someone who loves the tiny details, their jackets have it, from thumbholes, to being able to tighten the jackets to fit the look you want, to deep pockets, and of course the leather accents, they really do think of everything. They are also made incredibly well. The cotton they use, does not pill, nor does the leather get that cracking you see after lots of wear. Not only are their clothes stylish, but they are extremely well made, and it is worth the investment. I picked out two of their most popular styles; the Updated Traveller Jacket and the Maitri Traveller Jacket, and both are amazing!

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Maitri Traveller Jacket

The Maitri Traveller jacket might be their most popular style they sell, and I can see why. It is an open faced cardigan, but made out of material similar to sweatshirts and leather. It has pockets, a drawstring on the inside to tighten it for a more fitted look, and my favorite thumbholes! It also has a draped hood in the back. I got it in my favorite color army green, but it also comes in navy (on my list!) black, white, and a ton of other colors. It is perfect to throw on after working out, but it also transitions nicely to a casual evening out with Spanx leggings, a Lululemon Love Tank, and some boots. It truly is a unique piece, that will work year round, even in the warmer months.

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The Updated Traveller Jacket

I really can’t decide which jacket I love more, because they are both equally amazing. I admit I have been rocking the Updated Traveller Jacket alot, but that is because it makes for a great outer layer when temps are the in the fifties and sixties. I also have been wearing it when I go skating. I love the longer length, all the faux leather details, and the asymmetrical zip it has. The pockets also zip, and the hood is huge! On my trip to New Orleans last month, this was the jacket I brought with me, as it kept me warm, but was light weight enough to travel with. I also loved how big the hood was and when I grabbed some zzz’s on the plane, I just put it up over my head and felt like I was cocooned while I napped. I not only understand the name, but it is now a staple for when I travel.

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As I mentioned above Blanc Noir pieces are an investment, not un-similiar to Lululemon or other higher end athleisure brands. For me it is worth it, because these pieces will not only last, and get lots of wear out of them, they also embody women. They are designed with our needs in mind right down to the tiniest of details for us. It is also a brand that wants us to not just feel great about ourselves, but STRONG as well. From the fit of the clothing, to the leather, there is a strength, and admittedly I always feel a bit bad ass when I wear one of their jackets. And THAT is what fashion is ultimately all about. Feeling great about yourself and like you can take on the world, because you can, and Blanc Noir represents that in spades!

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Are you a jacket aficionado? What do you think of these jackets? 

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