What DO I Wear?!?! Bridesmaid Fashion

“Always a bridesmaid never a bride my foot!” ~ Peter O’Toole


Is It An Honor…Or a Horror? 

It can be both an honor and a horror to be asked to be in a wedding. An honor because you are not just witnessing two people’s love and commitment, but Standing along side taking part in it. And a horror because even though it IS about the bride (and groom…kinda) you do not want to look like a fruit cake…Because who is a fan of that at Christmas time?


We have all seen 27 Dresses and while it may have been slightly exaggerated, the dresses were not! While thankfully I have never dressed up as a reincarnation of Little Bo Peep, I do know friends who have and they are STILL paying for therapy!


THANKFULLY the wedding I was in this past weekend, I trusted the bride to have a little bit more fashion sense then to make us all look like a frilly orange.

The Dress

My trust was well placed. On a cold December evening we went to David’s Bridal to search for dresses. She gave us a color palette and some criteria. (long…NOT an issue for this vertically challenged gal) We had fun looking at dresses, and it did not take us long to pick some out.


I Was instantly pulled to a one shoulder dress that had a cinched bodice and an illusion neckline. It was simple yet chic, just the way I roll. I could see myself rocking it again, even after the wedding. Thankfully the bride loved it as well.



Aside from the gown the only other stipulation was closed toed heels in nude. Nude I could do. Closed toed presented a problem for my skater feet. I usually do peep toe so as to give my toes some wriggle room. If I was going to buy heels I wanted to re-wear them. After much searching high and low and repeatedly being told they did NOT have my size, I finally found a pair of nude ponty toed five inch stilettos, that I had been coveting and will DEFINITELY wear again! They are perfect to wear for meetings or to dress up a pair of jeans.


Side note: Despite the five inch heels…I was STILL shorter then everyone…WTF?


We could choose our own jewelry and I settled on a pair of large clear tear drop earrings from Anthropologie, and a stacked ring set from Kate Spade. The bride had given us bracelets that represented our birth month from Alex and Ani. Being June, the light Amethyst stone went well with the dress and I slipped that on to my wrist as well.


Now hair and make-up I have had my own horror story in previous weddings. I was definitely nervous I would look A. Goth or B. like a clown. Both have happened before!


I had my make-up done first and with the exception of wearing my signature red lipstick, I wasn’t to picky, just no outrageous purples on the eyes. Lea, the make-up artist and I hit it off. The wedding Gods were looking down on me because she did an amazing job! I was so pleased with it, that I wish she could do my make-up all the time!


She gave me a soft dewy, yet striking look. My eyes were smokey without being to dark and as with recent trends, all the emphasis was with my lips. It was the perfect balance of subtle, without looking washed out or like a clown!



Next was my hair. I knew what I DIDN’T want. But was not sure about what I DID want. I know tough customer. I had literally Googled pictures the moment I sat down in the chair, to give the hair stylist an idea. I also showed her what I didn’t want which was a punk rocker look, I had been given the last time I was in a wedding.


She had actually laughed when I told her. Both she and the Lea could not believe I had looked like a poshed-up version of a Kurt Cobain groupie in the Eighties…But that I did!


Some how the very talented stylist was able to read my mind through my jumbled up instructions and gave me a look that I was instantly in love with! Perfectly creating side swept curls, that framed my face. Adding a bit of body without going to Texas, she pulled it all back into a loose but chic braided and curled chignon. It was perfection!


The Final Result 

Of all the weddings I have been in, THIS has been by far my most favorite wedding look. I felt beautiful, and as a result, I felt confident, and was at ease. Which is a good thing when you have hundreds of people looking at you, flashes going off in your face, and you are praying you do not face plant Lizzie McGuire style when you walk down the aisle.


Nope this is one bridesmaid look that definitely scored an A Plus Plus Plus.


What do you think of this look? Do you have any wedding bridesmaid horror stories to tell? Or were you happy with your look? 

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8 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Bridesmaid Fashion

  1. You look absolutely stunning! I have the same problem about being too short, even in heels. But I definitely think you’ll get some use out of this outfit again! Great post xx.

    1. Awe thank you so much beauty! Haha #shortgirlsunite! Usually I can fake it in pictures, but I went back and looked at them and there was NO faking it haha.
      I definitely will! It will be the perfect dress to wear during the winter to a gala! Thanks so much beauty! <3

  2. I think you looked so stunning that day!!! I love the close up of your make up they really did such a great job with it, its subtle but vibrant. Hair as well, that’s a total win!!!! Whoever did it, huge kudos to her she nailed it and you rocked it 😉 I totally agree being a bridesmaid is sooo hit or miss….luckily like you the weddings I was in the dresses we’re both cute and good colors so that everything was re-wearable, esp since those dresses are not cheap!!! Those dark, deep colors….the purple, royal blues etc…those are great colors on you!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Awe thank you sweets! They really did! I was nervous but no Morticia Adams here! ;p
      Yay that is awesome! You had a good bride! Lol. No they aren;t they are expensive! Thank you so much! I love blue, but I am slowly going out of my comfort zone with purple and other jewel tones. i use to shy away from them! <3

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