What Do I Wear: California Vibes

The beach is definitely where I feel most at home. It’s my oxygen. I forget how much I need it sometimes when I’m away working. Behati Prinsloo


I am ALL about beach fashion, with Memorial Day, the unofficial kickoff to summer, behind us, days in the sun are here! If my previous What DO I Wear?!?! Column didn’t give you an idea that not only am I obsessed, but that beach wear isn’t just negated to swimsuits and cover-ups hopefully this one will let you in on that secret! It can and is cute to rock those sundresses, or maxi skirts in the sand ESPECIALLY if you are partaking in a merventure. Nothing screams beach wear more then the California Coast. I don’t know if it is the Hollywood vibes, or Malibu waves, but they pull off California cool as well as mermaid chic to a tee!

My skirt

I had bought this skirt last winter and only worn it ONCE. ONCE! It was a steal from Anthropologie. I wanted to buy it in another color…Alas they were all sold out!


The material reminds me of a soft coroudory, but is neither heavy nor hot. The high slit in the front not only adds a bit of sexiness, but you also have to be careful of having a Marilyn Monroe moment at the beach…unless you slip a bikini on underneath then Marilyn away!


This skirt is literally the skirt of the summer. I have been rocking it, not just in California, but everywhere I go. It is so versatile that I can dress it up or dress it down just the way I like it. I am all about those options peeps!



I bought this camisole at the same time I bought my skirt and it was also on sale. I love myself a deal and this was literally a steal. Unlike the skirt, which I had to save for warmer climates, I have been rocking this camisole NON-STOP.  (I just got Hamilton flashbacks) I literally got my moneys worth which almost makes me feel guilty…Not.


What I love about this, is it is such a basic camisole, yet still has detailing to make it pop. It has a crisscrossed back. While I love that added element, beware of funky tan lines! Of course since I am a runner, I think my back is forever subjected to funky tan lines! Sigh.


It has a sheer white V shaped paneling in the front for a bit of sexiness without being to obscenely and fitted without being formfitting that I can’t indulge in the drink of the summer! In fact this is the perfect bloat hider shirt! I love when shirts are duo purpose!


Hat Head

I have written about my love of hats and there isn’t a place that I adore more, then rocking a hat at the beach. Not only does it control those beach curls and hide ocean hair, but it also protects your face from the sun’s rays. I love the sun as much as anyone….BUT NOT on my face. I do NOT want wrinkles!


// Hat, Camisole, Skirt: Anthropologie // Jacket: J-Crew // Scarf: Lord and Taylor // Flip-Flops: Reefs // Bag: Alaina Marie Bait Bags // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs // Cuff: Lighthouse Studio Designs // 

Not in the mood to wash my hair and still rocking curls from my blowout, I decided to slip on this cream rancher hat with tan accents from where else? But Anthropologie. In fact confession time, seventy-five percent of my outfits are from Anthropologie…Yes I am an Anthro Addict. This hat literally goes with EVERYTHING.



While California tends to make you think ninety degree weather, many coastal beaches especially early in the season, are chilly in the morning before the sun has a chance to really warm everything up. As someone who gets cold easily, I threw my staple denim jacket on which is the perfect summer accessory as well as my scarf from Lord and Taylor which I jokingly call my Burberry knock-off. (It literally looks like it!)


I kept my jewelry nautical themed with a SeaMilligan necklace and my Light House Studio Design Cuff. This literally is my staple jewelry, especially in the summer!


In true beach fashion, I wore my flip-flops Reef which are THE best flip-flops. Seriously if you want quality flip-flops that last, I recommend Reefs. New York City concrete kills my shoes and I am always lucky if I get a season, my Reefs have lasted me years! Score!


The Look

The over all look was chic with a bit of class and most definitely beachy. This is one of my favorite looks to rock. It is effortless without being to much of a beach bum, and just a little bit of class. It is also incredibly comfortable!


What do you think of the look? How do you style Beach Fashion? 

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8 thoughts on “What Do I Wear: California Vibes

  1. Perfect merventure outfit (i love the new vocab words so much!!!) Maxi skirts are my jam, esp if they have the slit. I appreciate a little leg action and letting the breeze flow through on a hot summer day! I actually got a maxi skirt that had NO slits and as I was buying it I was already planning on where I was going to slice through it to create my own little slit- needless to say, its one of my most worn skirts to date! I’m in dire need of a cute floppy hat though, I think they are the cutest thing and totally helpful when it comes to sun protection….and God knows I learned my lesson when it comes to baking in the sun lol

    xo, JJ

    1. Yay!!! Your back! I have missed your comments! Bwahaha thank you! They are totally going to be the next en vogue words! ;p
      I love slits! They make walking much easier! No kick and step required lol.
      That is amazing! I love that you altered it you fashionista you! 😀 <3
      While I love Anthro (and have bought quite a few hats from anther ahem #hathead ahem 🙂 I have bought hats on the street both in New York and when I go to the beach. They are usually pretty cheap and still stylish!
      Awe huge hugs! I hope you are recovered from that! <3 <3 <3

  2. Yessss! California Vibes is SPOT ON. I am the same way with my camis- I usually buy them on a sale thinking I will wear them now and again, but end up wearing them all the timeee! Your hats are amazingggg- I never think to wear one for some reason, but I must invest. You have officially inspired me to get one! And I certainly thought that Burberry scarf was real. It’s lovely. I always get allll the tips from your outfit posts. Thanks for sharing, K!

    1. Hehe thanks sweets! I knew you would appreciate my continued odes to Cali (bring me back!!!) I live in camps, they literally are the best layering accessory! Awe thanks sweets! They are amazing when you do not want to do your hair…I mean my hair is always flawless…but…LOL. ;P Yay! I am glad! Thanks sweets! Everyone does! I love it! Awe I am glad! You have such a great fashion game sweets! I am still in awe of those shoes you wore when we met! You were and stylin’! ,3

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