What DO I Wear: Christmas Dudley’s

“It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” ~ W. T. Ellis

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Dudley obsessed

It is no secret I have a Dudley Stephens problem. AND that I am Christmas obsessed. But who woulda thought my two loves would collide? I certainly didn’t! I have shared Dudley Stephen’s many, many times. I admit I have a slight obsession and might need an intervention! But they are just so dang comfy while still being chic and that is literally everything that I am about.

For a refresher Dudley is a small woman owned business that not only makes amazing products but is also eco-friendly. They are definitely investment pieces, but pieces that will last you forever! You can wear them to the office, around the house, hiking, For the holiday festivities and bonus they add so much warmth, so you will be toasty for those tree lightings, sleigh rides, and fireworks on New Years Eve!

The White

One of my first Dudley’s was their classic Cobble Hill Style in Terry. I love this style because it is extra long and I can wear it with leggings. It also has pockets and is such a staple. Even after all these years it is still in amazing condition. The white is the perfect neutral color to wear year round, from the cold winter months to blustery beach days during the summer, it goes with everything and is the perfect base layer, or to make the focal point in your outfit.

Red Dudley

This red Dudley is a bold choice, but one that I rock often. I love red. Not just around Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but year round. The LRD (Little Red Dress) that I shared with y’all the other day, is just one of several I have. It is such a fun bold STRONG color that always makes me feel confidant when I rock it. And this Dudley is no different. It is actually the only Dudley I have in their original fleece, because all of the others are terry, and I really love it. It is SO cozy and soft for winter, and keeps me incredibly warm on walks along the seashore.


This might be my favorite Dudley ever! And one I coveted for YEARS! It only comes around once every spring, and in limited quantities. They have other green shades, but this kelly green or emerald green as it is also known, is the PERFECT green, it is also the perfect green for the holidays! Honestly it is just perfect all around! (can you sense my obsession excitement yet?) It comes in their terry fabric, which I love because I can wear into the warmer months while also rocking at Christmas time.

Making a Reel

I feel like I kind of lost Dudley Stephen’s street cred, because I didn’t realize until I started sorting and organizing my clothes as I was packing, that I owned all the Dudley Christmas colors, AND they were all in the Cobble Hill style! It really is fitting! I decided that not only did I have to do a blog post, but that I needed to make a reel which is what I did! And it was so fun to do! Dudley’s make great gifts and were featured on my gift guides this season. While it is less then a week until Christmas (HOW!?) you can still snag a gift card, which in my opinion makes the best gifts! And you can bet I will be rocking my Dudley’s on Christmas morning, I am just not sure WHICH color I should do?

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