What DO I Wear?!?! Christmas PJ’s

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~ Charles Dickens

Christmas Morning

Nothing is cozier then donning a pair of Pajamas on Christmas morning. For many gifting a pair of PJ’s or families wearing matching pajamas is a holiday tradition as old and cherished as leaving cookies for Santa.


With the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning and the whirl wind and excitement of opening presents, you WANT to be comfortable.


I admit, despite my family having a TON of traditions, especially on Christmas morning, gifting cozy pajamas or twinning it has never been one that we follow.


In fact for full disclosure’s sake, I actually don’t own pajamas. In fact going full TMI, I don’t own much nightwear or lingerie period.




Despite being a fashionista, I am also extremely minimalistic. If you read this blog, you know how much I love clothing to be versatile. My PJ’s typically consist of yoga pants or shorts, and a sports jersey. Easy peasy and dual purpose that means I am getting my monies worth out of my clothes. Athletic wear is equally as comfortable in bed as it is to wear for a run.


Beckoning To Me

Heck I even try to make my Halloween costumes from clothing I already have. If I am going to break my minimalistic duo purpose rule, Christmas time is when I will do it. From Ugly Christmas sweaters, to red and green gowns for fancy Christmas parties, to even a coveted reindeer onesie to yes Pajamas, there is something about buying festive wear I absolutely adore.


There is something about “The most wonderful time of the year,” where reason flies out the window as you get caught up in the euphoria of the season. And with all the deals it makes it much more excusable to spoil yourself (Or at least that is what I tell myself.)   This year I decided I was finally going to splurge and buy myself some Christmas PJ’s.


While I had always thought pajamas were an unnecessary clothing item in my wardrobe (don’t shoot the messenger!), I couldn’t deny the festive patterns were beckoning my name as I ended up searching high and low for the perfect Christmas PJ’s.


The Romper 

Originally I had wanted red and black checked flannel PJ’s. Unfortunately for me, since I am vertically challenged with a Kim K tush, nothing fit right. I tried Aerie, I tried Victoria Secret, I looked at Soma, and I even ventured a look at L.L. Bean. Everything needed to be hemmed and nothing fit in the right places. #shortgirlproblems.

// Romper: Victoria Secret // Hat: Love Your Melon // Boots: Ugg // 

As I perused the stores, I was strongly remembering part of the reason WHY I loathed pajamas, (made for one body type) and if this idea stuck in my head was REALLY worth it. (Beginning to think it wasn’t)


When I had gone to Victoria Secret, a flannel romper had caught my eye. Despite being short, rompers have a tendency of NOT working. I have searched high and low for the perfect every day romper with little luck, so imagine my skepticism when I saw one in PJ form. I couldn’t deny that it was adorable though and at this point, I had nothing to lose (except maybe sanity) and so I decided to try it on.


I was shocked at how well it fit. It wasn’t tight, nor was it ridiculously short, which ironically is what I always have to worry about. It covered my derriere, so I wasn’t gong to be uncomfortable. The material was soft, and the buttons and tie drop waist made it a comfy and personalized fit.


I was ready to do a happy dance in the dressing room. Actually I might have. The checked flannel pattern was festive and exactly what I had in mind. And I loved that it was long sleeved creating a cozy feel. Because it is one piece, I don’t have to worry about losing either the top or bottom, making it super easy to travel with. My most favorite part of this romper, just might be it has pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets?


The pajama search might have taken years off my life as I spent hours looking, but ultimately I was and am super ecstatic with the romper. It pairs well with Ugg boots and a beanie for that ski lodge look. Despite being a fashionista, growing up in the White Mountains is a look I am quite familiar with and have no problem rocking from time to time. This romper really is perfect for that mountain Christmas and I can not wait to rock it Christmas morning. In fact I just might have to make this a tradition!


Do you wear pajama’s Christmas morning? Does your family doing matching PJ’s? 

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