What DO I Wear?!?! Cold Weather Comforts

“The spring, summer, is quite a hectic time for people in their lives, but then it comes to autumn, and to winter, and you can’t but help think back to the year that was, and then hopefully looking forward to the year that is approaching.” Enya

Highs and Lows

Here in the North East I feel like their is no real transition with temperatures. It is either hotter then Hades or colder then the Arctic. Rarely do we have a gradual decline of temps and this year it seemed especially stark. Perhaps it was because I was in Texas so coming back East I froze my digits off. Or maybe as I have gotten older, I have turned into a baby. Or I am just in denial.


Whatever the reason it has been cold and it is just getting colder! In fact Thanksgiving in many cities and towns was the coldest on record!

Ughhh I hate it!

Complaining over, (for now) dressing for the cold can make you feel like you are that kid from a Christmas Story. No one wants to be that kid or worse a walking snow-person.


What I am about to say might be considered sacrilege, but sometimes I don’t want to be fashionable. I just want to throw on some leggings and a hoodie and be comfy. That doesn’t mean that the two are mutually exclusive. It is why stores like Lululemon and Athleta are so popular. You can eat your weight in turkey (or tofurkey) and still be comfortable and stylish without your waist band being ridiculously tight.

//Leggings and Vest: Lululemon //Sweatshirt: Naketano //Boots: Macys //Bag: Louis Vuitton //Sunnies: Ray-Ban 


I admit to having an obsession with hoodies. I collect them when I travel, and I might have a slight Lululemon Scuba Hoodie addiction. (which I just discovered, Amazon sells!) And I have already mentioned my love for the Naketano hoodies. (which unfortunately have limited inventory on Amazon, but the CutieFox sweatshirts are similar in style.)


Sweatshirts, especially this time of year, are the perfect layering tool. They are cozy, warm, and comfortable. They can be worn alone, or they can fit under a heavy jacket for more layers. While you might think a sweatshirt might be a little to emo, the Scuba and Naketano hoodies are fashionable while still doing what they are suppose to do; keeping you warm and toasty when there is no fire or hot chocolate to do so.


I have been rocking my Naketano hoodie since I bought it in the summer. I adore the soft mint green color which is perfect year round, but especially adds some brightness during the winter months. The big cozy neck makes me feel like I am cuddled in a blanket and all the faux leather nautical details make it unique.



Gone are the days when vests were just for the prepster or the L.L.Bean aficionado. They are that perfect in-between, layering well over a sweatshirt for added warmth and if it isn’t to frigid out, even to wear as your final layer.


From the traditional Patagonia fleeces to more sleek vests from Lululemon, which made me rediscover my love of vests, there is an option for everyone. I run in vests a lot, but since I bought mine last year, (which they have in stock again) I have been wearing mine to coffee shops, to meet friends, and even on adventures. It is lightweight making it easy to carry and the fitted style creates a sleek look that still keeps me warm. I also love how it is longer in back, covering my derriere.


The Look

This could be a walking Lululemon ad, but legit they make the best leggings. (I have heard Aeries are very similar but haven’t tried them yet) Their Wunder Unders are life. Perfect for not just working out in, but wearing daily. (yes leggings are pants people) They have a big high waisted band that is comfy, are thick so you never have to worry about being cold, and it takes forever for them to pill. (if they ever do!)


I have lamented about my cold weather shoe struggle, preferring to be barefoot and free. But comfy boots are not just exclusive to Uggs. (which are comfy, but guys, let’s be real, they are not attractive) Thank you shoe Gods, I have been able to buy the same style boot, the last seven years from Macys. They have earned their miles around the cold Concrete Jungle without giving me any blisters which is a win. I love the subtle details on them, plus they go well with leggings and are not UGGly.


Leggings and hoodies might sound more like a uniform on a college campus then a look you would find in a magazine, but the fitted sweatshirt and boots creates a pulled together look. I love the color combinations of the mint and olive green tones. Finishing the look with a Love Your Melon Beanie (perfect for warmth AND bad hair days) and my Ray-Bans, (because sunnies are the most important accessory,) it is at once comfy, warm, and yes, still stylish.


What do you think of the outfit? How do you stay warm and fashionable during the cold months? 

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5 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Cold Weather Comforts

  1. So stylish – love the boots and vest and hoodie! How do you get your beanie to sit right, whenever I try to wear mine there’s always lots of room at the top but if I pull it down any further I can’t see lol x

  2. Love the outfit! I agree, sometimes I just don’t want to be fashionable and focus more on comfort. But a good of pair of boots easily makes a pair of leggings chic, and then lots of little layers like the vests you said. Now I just need to buy some hats! xx

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